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19 Takuache Haircut – Stand Out with Unique Look

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Published by Aida Turner

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Key takeaways:

  • The takuache haircut is also known as the Edgar haircut, el cuh haircut, takuache cuh haircut, or a hood bowl. It became one of the trending hairstyles as meme content.
  • Its origin is traced back to Mexico, given its association with young Mexican men who love wearing expensive Mexican apparel, love pickup trucks, and listen to trap music.
  • Takuache cuts are characterized by straight bangs, sharp edges, faded sides, or tapered back
  • To do the takuache haircut, you only need to fade the sides or taper the back, define the straight bangs and edges, and style. 

The takuache hair is definitely a style for EVERYONE. Don’t let the haters stop you from getting this hairstyle just because it’s dubbed as the “most hated haircut.”

This haircut is fairly easy to style and goes well with all hair types and any face shape.

Takuache Haircut Styles & Ideas
Image source

You can style it with gel to keep the bangs straight or leave it as is, especially if you have wavy hair. You can also leave your locks messy if you want an effortless and carefree look.

Read on to know more about it and find the best variation for you!

What is a Takuache Haircut?

The takuache haircut is dubbed as the most hated haircut, and it’s known as one of the most controversial haircuts.

It was also popularized as meme content in pop culture. Hence, men and women alike try to ditch this haircut.

However, despite being the subject of memes, many people still love to sport this haircut. It receives a lot of love-hate treatment from the public eye.

Yet, before this haircut became a trending style, it’s believed that it was worn by a Latin-American tribe.

A few articles have surfaced on the internet saying that it’s similar to the style of young Native American men in New Mexico, Northern Mexico, and Texas.

The term takuache directly translates to the Spanish term “possum.” But it’s also the term used to refer to modern cowboys.

It’s also associated with young Mexican-American men who wear gold chain jewelry, boots, jeans, fitted hats, and belts. They also love driving huge pickup trucks and listening to trap music.

Aside from being a meme, the takuache haircut is also sported by a few celebrities in some films and series, like Leonard Nimoy in “Star Trek.”

star trek takuache haircut
Image Source

It similarly resonates with Cillian Murphy’s french crop in the iconic TV show “Peaky Blinders.”

If you also wish to get this controversial takuache hairstyle without looking like you’re taken out of a meme, read on! With this catalog of ideas, you’ll know how to ace this cut.

19 Takuache Haircut Ideas

We’re sure that you’ve already seen an Edgar haircut before. It’s characterized by thick and blunt bangs, crisp edges, and a curved temple fade.

The classic takuache haircut is just the same and has shaved or buzzed sides and back, while the straight bangs are styled with hair gel to keep it in place.

You can wear the takuache haircut with short hair length. It borrows its style from cropped hairstyles, like a crew cut.

However, some like to incorporate it with a tapered hairstyle or a bald fade.

Usually, the Edgar takuache is seen on straight hair. But it can also be sported by people who have wavy or curly hair. Instead of blunt bangs, you’ll get a blunt fringe and a textured top.

A takuache hair should NOT be feared. You can still sport this hairstyle without looking like the meme everyone scoffs at.

We’ll show you different ways to make your takuache hairstyle stand out, starting off with the fades:

Takuache Haircut Fade

As we all know, a fade is a cutting technique that layers the hair until it fades to the skin (also known as bald fade).

This is the most common technique we see in takuache haircuts, and they’re usually seen on the side and back.

High Fade Takuache Haircut

High fades are great to pair with a takuache haircut. It is a good way to highlight the top and blunt bangs, plus the razor-sharp edges.

But if you have a short mane (as seen in the photo), high fades will give you a clean and neat look. By wearing this cut, you’ll also give off an elegant and feisty vibe.

Low Fade Takuache Haircut

A low fade, on the other hand, turns the takuache into a bowl-like cut. The fade curves from the sharp edges in the front down towards the neck.

This bowl cut seems to be a more edgy version of the takuache cut.

Mid Fade Takuache Haircut

A mid-fade gives you the best of both worlds between low and high fades. It’s a clean look, especially with short hair. 

If you have a full beard, the takuache cut in the photo is a good option to have a neat appearance. It’s also a great haircut to sport if you’re going for a classy aura. 

Drop Fade Takuache Haircut

Incorporating drop fade in this hairstyle greatly represents a classic takuache haircut, and it similarly mimics a hood bowl cut

The fade before the ear starts at a higher angle, which accentuates the thick fringe bangs in front. It slowly goes down toward the back to blend in (like a neck taper), making it a less dramatic look.

Takuache Haircut Fade Edgar Cut

This classic Edgar haircut sports a fade on the side. As you can see, the short fringe bangs and the top section of the hair look neat and prominent

Even if it lacks the thick hair in front, it still has that sharp edge that serves as the takuache’s trademark. 

Taper Fade Takuache Haircut

Taper is another popular hair technique in men. But, instead of going for a bald fade shaved to the skin, it just gives variation to the hair’s layer

Of course, let’s not forget about the straight fringe line in front.

Edgar Haircut Takuache

The Edgar haircut is another term used to refer to a takuache. Hence, you can’t see any difference between the two styles. 

As previously mentioned, this cut is popular with most young men. Take a look at this Edgar haircut for boys, and see how it’s styled with a modern touch.

Edgar Haircut Takuache Boys

This Edgar takuache cuh haircut still sports the classic straight fringe line and skin-fade sides. But, instead of letting it lay flat, it’s styled with spikes on the top section.

Takuache Cuh Haircut

The Takuache cuh haircut is said to be the Mexican counterpart of a french top. Generally speaking, it’s just the SAME as the classic takuache haircut.

In the Mexican-American community, “cuh” is the slang term used for cousin, but some takuache boys use this slang to refer to their friends. 

Taper Fade Mexican Takuache Haircut

This cut is similar to the Edgar cuh taper fade. It has layered sides, but it’s not shaved to the skin. But, as you can see, the bangs are prominent, and the hair is similar to a bowl takuache haircut.

Mexican Takuache Haircut

This Mexican takuache style still has the classic fringe line that mimics very short bangs and faded sides. 

Takuache Haircut Designs

You’re also free to modify the takuache haircut for a bold fashion statement. Like other styles, takuache haircuts are also versatile. 

Getting a hair tattoo, hair color, or incorporating other styles with takuache haircuts is totally fine, and it won’t ruin your look.

Takuache Haircut With Cross

In this photo, you can see that aside from the sharp edges and mid-fade sides, the hair is also styled with a cross-hair tattoo

Takuache Haircut Long Hair

As we said in the previous sections, a takuache style is NOT exclusive to people with short manes. You can still sport this with lengthy hair if you wish.

Others like to get the takuache haircut called mullet takuache or mullet takuache undercut.

Doing so will make the takuache cut LESS prominent. It won’t be the main highlight of your hair because it blends with the long hair at the back. 

Takuache Haircut Mullet

A Mexican mullet + taper fade is what you can see in this photo. As you can notice, it still has the signature bowl takuache at the top. But, it’s tamed by the long mane at the back. 

Aside from a takuache haircut, mullet is also known as one of the most controversial hairstyles for men. But sporting these two to create a mullet takuache makes a super cool cut

Medium Length Takuache Haircut

We must say, medium-length hair is a GREAT CANVAS for a bowl takuache. It makes the bowl-like hair at the top stand out, mimicking a mushroom cut. 

Takuache Short Haircut

This short takuache haircut is to die for, especially if you’re aiming for a neat and elegant look. It also gives off that sporty, street fashion vibe.

This is not as bold and edgy as the other takuache cut. So, if you want your takuache hair to stay low-key, this is the style that you should go for.

Takuache Haircut With Curly Hair

Remember when we said the takuache cut is versatile? Well, whether you have straight, thick, or curly hair, the takuache haircut will sit perfectly with you.

With textured hair, the thick fringe in front may be missing. But the sharp line is still there, as it’s neatly trimmed.

Wavy Takuache Haircut

Wavy hair makes great takuache haircuts. It has enough volume to it, and the bangs in front look so full

The cut on the photo is quite similar to the mullet takuache carved on a wavy canvas. 

Fluffy Takuache Haircut

Similar to the wavy takuache hair, this style is also voluminous. This is ideal for people with lengthy hair, may it be long or medium length. 

Messy Takuache Haircut

Like we said earlier, takuache haircuts are easy to style. Drenching your hair with gel or pomade or leaving it as is are both fine. 

This messy takuache look is both stylish and effortless

Takuache Haircut With Hat

Most men who sport takuache haircuts also like pairing their overall outfit with a cap or hat for street fashion. No matter what accessory you pair this haircut with, you’ll still look fine.

Takuache Haircut for Kids

Adults are not the only ones to wear trending styles. Kids can also slay this awesome haircut, and they’ll look ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! 

If you want a less dramatic takuache cut and keep your kid’s short mane, the style in the photo is a great reference. It also added a modern touch to it with the spikes on top. 

How to get the takuache haircut?

Now that you already have a picture of what takuache hair you should wear. It’s already time to go to your good old barber friend. But, if you’re bold enough, you can also do it by yourself.

A takuache haircut is super easy to do at home. There are a bunch of videos on the internet that you can follow through. 

But, for this article, we won’t stop by giving you a list of hairstyles. We’ll also teach you how to do the takuache hair. Cut through this section, and let’s get started!

To do the classic takuache haircut, you need to do these three steps:

  1. Fade or taper. Grab your clippers and create a fade on the sides or taper towards the back. Make sure to clean them neatly as you follow the shape of the head. 
  2. Clip the bangs and sharpen the edge. Once you’re done with the sides, comb the top section neatly towards the front. Using the clippers, cut the bangs into a straight line at your desired length, and define the edges. You can use some scissors to add layers to the top as you prefer.
  3. Style. If your hair is wet, dry it using a blowdryer or your towel. You can also use hair gel or pomade to keep the bangs straight and in place. 

How much does a takuache haircut cost at a hairdresser?

If you want to get your takuache professionally done at the salon, you’ll need to pay an average of $40 to get this hairstyle. 

We recommend finding a good barber to get it done, especially if the look you’re aiming for is complicated or you don’t have good hair-cutting skills.

It’s fairly easy to ask for a takuache. You can simply show a reference photo to your stylist and let them do the magic for you.

What are takuache beard styles?

Takuache is not only exclusive to hair. Men also use this technique to achieve a neat beard. It still has the sharp edges that shape the beard, as seen in the photo.

What hair type is best for a Takuache haircut?

A Takuache haircut can be achieved on any hair type, but it works best with straight, thick hair.

How do I maintain a Takuache hairstyle

To maintain a Takuache hairstyle, you should visit your barber regularly for trims and keep your hair well-groomed with a good quality pomade or hair wax.

How can I style my Takuache hair differently?

There are many ways to style your Takuache hair differently. You can try combing your hair back, sweeping it to the side, or even curling it. It all depends on the look you’re going for.

What is the difference between a Takuache haircut and a Pompadour hairstyle?

A Takuache haircut is characterized by a side-parted, slicked-back hairstyle with a long fringe, while a Pompadour hairstyle is characterized by a swept-up and back hairstyle with a high volume on the top.

How long does it take to grow out hair for a Takuache haircut?

Generally, it takes about 4-6 months to grow out hair for a Takuache haircut.

Can a Takuache hairstyle be achieved with curly or Afro-textured hair?

Yes, but it may require more styling and maintenance to achieve the desired look.

How can I make my Takuache hairstyle look more modern?

You can try adding a fade or undercut to the sides, or experimenting with different hair colors or highlights.

Final Words

Takuache is among the most talked about hairstyles in the industry. While many people hate the classic cut, it still receives A LOT of appreciation from the public. 

If you don’t want to go for a very dramatic look, you can always sport different variations of the takuache

Takuache or Edgar hair is a great versatile style anyone can wear. This is your sign to choose the best cut and have a fresh makeover!

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