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How Can I Hide My Gray Hair Without Dying It? Here’s The Best Hair Colorant For Gray Hair

We all want to look different on some special occasions. Coloring hair is one of the easiest ways to alter your appearance and can show someone’s personality.

However, some hair dyes seem to be too brilliant and glossy for a certain group of people, who prefer subtle colors on their hair instead.

So what would be their perfect choice?

Have you ever thought about progressive color? Will it work better than other regular permanent or semi-permanent hair dyes?

It is known as an ideal for gray-covering, so let’s see how progressive color really works in our article below.

What is progressive color?

Progressive color is a type of permanent hair dye.

It works by applying to our hair on several treatments. The color will be then changed gradually after each application.

While other permanent colors contain ammonia, which will open the cuticle and allow the dye to penetrate to your hair shaft, progressive color doesn’t work the same.

It both coats and penetrates the hairline. Once it dries, your original hair color will be substituted with desired artificial pigments from the progressive color.

How can I hide my gray hair without dying it?

Dying hair would be the most effective way when you want to change your hair color for a long period of time. Other methods are just temporary.

However, we understand that not everyone likes to put those chemicals on their hair too frequently, especially when gray stands start visiting your hair.

There are actually some tricks to help you hide gray hair without dying your hair. That means your gray is still there, but it is just concealed.

Change your part

This method can be applied when your gray hair mostly grows at the temples and the part.

You should section your hair in a different side from the original one. By doing this, the gray will be covered underneath the black or another color hair layer.


Braiding can also help you hide your gray hair.

However, you better opt for a more complicated braiding type rather than a regular one. This will create more volume to your hair and the gray strands can be hidden under the plaits.

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Wear accessories

Wearing some accessories can be helpful in covering your gray.

For example, wearing a hat when you’re outdoor, or a headband to hide the gray strands.

A big pair of earrings can work too because other people will tend to pay their attention on these prominent accessories rather than on your gray hair.

Use a touch-up pen

This hack can cover your gray strands with ease. It’s like doing makeup on your hair.

Just dab the product on your gray hair to let it cover the roots or a small area of gray when your hair is dry

Use tinting hair products

It looks like dying hair, but tinting hair basically means you are coating your hair, especially your gray strands with a layer of color.

Thereby, your hair will be covered with a more subtle hue, but short-lasting.

What is the best hair colorant for gray hair?

When a hair dye product is considered perfect to cover gray hair, it should be long-lasting and can completely banish the unwanted gray color on your hair.

Now we would like to recommend some hair color brands, so that you can buy them and cover your gray hair at home.

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Creme

This product from L’Oréal is promised to entirely cover your gray hair without damaging hair. It also possesses a reasonable price, which is a plus.

Phyto Permanent Hair Color

The hair dye from Phyto brand will take your gray hair away from the first treatment. It will keep your hair in the healthiest state as much as possible.

Just remember to apply it evenly to your hair because the cream form might be a bit of a struggle.

Schwarzkopf Color Expert Omegaplex Hair Dye

A DIY dying process can still result in a salon-quality look with this product.

It helps cover your gray hair perfectly, and will start to fade away after at least seven weeks.

Clairol Natural Instincts Semi-Perm Hair Dye

What makes a lot of people like this product is the natural ingredients.

The finished color is subtle and even, making your hair look more natural.

Garnier Olia Permanent Hair Color

Despite the cheap price, this hair dye can surprise you with its perfect ability to cover gray strands. You can at least be more confident with non-grey spots for a while.

In addition to the above products,, you also can use blue shampoos for gray hair to wash out the undesirable warm tones.

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So there are actually many ways to cover your gray hair.

You can choose to live with them and just hide them with some suggested hacks mentioned above, or find a more effective way to banish your gray strands.

Progressive color or regular permanent hair dye from some favorite brands would be ideal. We hope our article has provided you with some useful and interesting information.

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