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10 NLE Choppa Dreads Haircut Styles to Rock

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Key Takeaways

  • Pencil-sized dreads from Bantu knots, high fade, shaved hair lines, and bleached ends characterize NLE Choppa’s dreads.
  • The American rapper NLE Choppa made this hairstyle famous as he styles his hair in his official music videos, photos, and events using this haircut.
  • It’s ideal to have an Afro-textured hair type to ace this look, but any hair type and face shape can rock NLE Choppa’s dreads, such as these styles: Bantu knots, purple, blue, braids, freeform, red, grey, and curly dreads. 
  • Choppa’s hairstyle is easy to recreate; you only need to wash, dry, part, section, twist, twirl in Bantu, and release the hair!

I wish everything I touch would turn to gold.

These NLE Choppa Shotta Flow starting lyrics turned into reality as this rap song became a hit in 2019, with his video garnering 203M views and 2.4M likes as of late, along with NLE Choppa’s rise to stardom.

NLE Choppa, a.k.a Bryson Lashun Potts in real life and previously known as YNR Choppa, is one of the famous new American rappers who became known particularly from his platinum single Shotta Flow.

Although this Memphis-born rapper started to build his name, he still carried his roots growing up, beginning with NLE, which stands for No Love Entertainment, a movement created by him along with hometown friends to make it a household name.

Adding to that sense of history, he also uses his childhood nickname, Choppa, as a professional rapper name.

Aside from having a hit rap single and a beautifully-made rap name, NLE Choppa is an inspiration among people because of his styling, particularly his dreads.

This article will delve into and explain the NLE Choppa dreads and the different styles you can make!

What is the NLE Choppa dreads name?

The NLE Choppa dreads are semi-freeform dreads which means they formed partly with maintenance and partly on their own, as naturally as possible.

Full and semi-freeform dreads lock the Afro-textured hair into different sizes and volumes, depending on how curly your hair is. The hair type and upkeeping will dictate the time length it would take for your dreads to form on their own. [1]

Nonetheless, before achieving the semi-freeform dreads, NLE Choppa’s curly hair is twisted in Bantu knots which would explain the ravishing cut. 

These Bantu knots are protective hairstyles used by individuals with Afro-textured hair. In this style, the hair undergoes parting into sections, twisting each group of hair, and wrapping the hair into knots.

The way Bantu knots are styled does not go far from the literal definition of Bantu, the blood relation or kinship among African languages, which reflects togetherness and harmony among the twisted hair sections. [2]

Moreover, after a few weeks, it is essential to start unlocking the Bantu knots to kickstart and create the NLE Choppa freeform dreads.

10 NLE Choppa Dreads Style Ideas

Now that we know NLE Choppa’s got a lot to give, not just in rapping but also in his hairstyles, we will take a closer look at 10 different dread haircuts in this section:

NLE Choppa Dreads 2022

The first on the list is NLE Choppa’s covered dreads for his December 2022 fit. Protecting the dreads in satin headpieces or by wearing beanies is essential because of these reasons:

  • Protect strands from breaking due to friction 
  • Lessen the chances of having frizzy styles
  • Keep the moisture locked in the dread styles

Aside from the protection it gives, as seen in Choppa’s look, it also speaks for a fashionable style that adds personality and variation to the overall look.

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REMEMBER: Before wrapping your hair, you can do a man bun or braids for the initial stage.

NLE Bantu Knots

A list of NLE Choppa dreads is only complete with the famous Bantu knots. As seen in the image above, Choppa twisted and wrapped his blue-colored strands in Bantu knots through a zigzag pattern.

It is a given that having Bantu knots will protect your Afro-textured hair as it keeps in moisture and locks the tips of your hair to prevent split ends.

But did you know that once you let the beautiful little ball loose, you will also get heatless curls and maintained twists?

Yup, as you start the process of unlocking the twists in knots, you will make a style of wavy, curly, or coily hair, and you can grow dreads like NLE Choppa’s!

PRO TIP: To make it more appealing, add some shaved styles!

NLE Choppa Purple Dreads

When you want to get in line with the theme of an event or like to express yourself through colors, you can always cop the purple dreads similar to NLE Choppa.

To do this, you can ask a professional stylist to give you perfectly dyed dread ends in the color you prefer.

Nevertheless, if you want to recreate the image as it is, you can have your dreads in thin sections first and let the stylists do their magic for the dye.

NLE Choppa Blue Dreads

Other NLE-dyed dreads include thick dreads in color blue tips.

Even though the dreads style is similar to the previous one, what makes this specific blue-dyed hair different are the high fade and slick hairline.

You can also add bling, tattoo, and other accessories to accompany or highlight the dreads and hair color.

NLE Choppa Dreads (Braided)

NLE Choppa’s hairstyle versatility includes the two-section braids with a front hairline cornrow-like style.

Braids like this are low-maintenance and can get you a precise and neat style for two to eight weeks.

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NLE Choppa Freeform Dreads

When you want to achieve a versatile hairstyle for men without having loads of manipulation, rocking freeform dreads is a great option.

All you need to do is to do some hair parting and twisting of each of the sections. After that process, just let your dreads grow.

NLE Choppa Red Dreads

Similar to the purple-dyed hair, this red dye in thin dreads laying perfectly on both sides is a better option to elevate the dreadlocks game for men.

NLE Choppa Dreads Grey

Nowadays, what makes hairstyles great is their ability to look clean and stylish simultaneously, and this is precisely what NLE Choppa’s grey dreads will give you.

The color choice is essential as it complements your strong angled hairline with its soft and elegant vibe.

Curly Dreads NLE Choppa

If you have long hair (shoulder-length), other things that can make your dreads neat and exciting is to twist, maintain, and stretch them in long curls.

Moreover, to make the long hair visuals appealing, you can always part it in the middle and leave a smooth and polished center hairline.

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NLE Choppa Without Dreads

Last but not least from this list is NLE without the dreads and in short hair length. Although you can still see his curls, it is maintained in a way that there are no visible dreads.

You can also add stylish caps, necklaces, and earrings if you want to keep the rappers’ brand intact!

How to get dreads like NLE Choppa?

If you are hyped up to get the style of NLE, just follow this easy step-by-step guide:

  1. First, wash and lather your hair and scalp with Old Spice Shampoo and Conditioner set.
  2. Second, towel dry with a YoulerTex Microfiber hair towel.
  3. Third, part your hair using Goodofferplace hair rat tail combs and the HH&LL alligator style sectioning clips.
  4. Fourth, section your hair in preparation for the dread buns with the African Pride Black Castor Miracle Extra Hold and the rat tail comb, and twist the strands.
  5. Fifth, wrap and twirl the sections using your hands and palm to create little balls.
  6. Sixth, clean the edges of the hairline using the comb and the extra hold gel.
  7. Seventh, leave your hair in Bantu for two to eight weeks and maintain it by spraying the SheaMoisture for Frizz Control Coconut and Hibiscus with Shea Butter.
  8. Eight, release the Bantu from the head to actualize the NLE Choppa dreads.
  9. Lastly, you can get the dreads’ ends bleached (e.g., blonde) after this process using the Keracolor Clenditioner Hair Dye.

PRO TIP: You can also get your dreads bleached before wrapping and twirling your hair in buns.

Watch this YouTube video if you need a visual guide:

How much is the NLE Choppa dreads haircut?

Getting the style of NLE will cost you $30 to $150. Yet, this can still go a bit higher depending on the following factors:

  • Length of your hair
  • Hair type
  • Bleached or not
  • Hairstylist’s skills
  • Place where you’ll get your haircut


We know you have some questions in mind about NLE Choppa’s dreads, and we are here to answer them:

What type of dreads does NLE Choppa have?

NLE sports semi-freeform dreadlocks as its initial stage involve twisting and twirling from the roots into Bantu, which later on progressed and grew naturally with a bit of dread support involved. 

How many dreads does NLE Choppa have?

He has over 50 pencil-sized dreads on his head that are styled in different braiding, tying, and bleaching techniques.

Final Words

Now that you know what the NLE Choppa’s dreads are and how they are made, you can surely start this year with beautiful and fantastic hairstyling.

Just remember these 3 things, and you won’t go wrong in pursuing this great hairstyle to start the year: twirl in Bantu, twist in dreads, and hair care!

Now, turn on the music, speak to your trusted barber or hairstylist, and get the NLE Choppa’s dreads today!

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