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12 Nipsey Hussle Haircut Styles and Braids for Men & Women

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Key Takeaways

  • Cornrow braids, a middle part, and well-defined sectioning characterize the Nipsey Hussle hairstyle.
  • The Hussle braid was made famous by the rapper Nipsey Hussle, which he solely used a few years before his untimely death, including when his album Victory Lap got nominated during the 2018 Grammy Awards.
  • Any hair length, type, and face shape can rock the Hussle braids for as long as you part, section, and braid them well.
  • It is straightforward to recreate; all you have to do is to wash it, part and section it with combs, do the braids, apply some oil, and style it with accessories.

Hearing the lyrics to every Nipsey Hussle music is a joy, not just for every Angeleno but also for African-Americans.

Airmiess Joseph Asghedom, commonly known as Nipsey Hussle, was an American rapper, entrepreneur, and social justice advocate that established his name for giving music that speaks on ending systemic societal problems like inequality, among others.

He left a significant mark on Los Angeles residents and every African-American who loved his harmony and persona before he passed away on March 31, 2019.

Yet, it was not just his character and rapper identity that made him adored by many. It was also his known braids.

In celebrating the life of Nipsey Hussle, we don’t just end with saying all the good things he has done; it’s equally essential to talk about one of his legacies, the Nipsey Hussle braids.

This article will delve into the intricacies and details of his hair that became history in itself!

What is the Nipsey Hussle haircut called?

The Hussle cut is called the Nipsey Hussle braids, as depicted by his iconic four-row vertical cornrows.

When you have the Hussle braids, you get to have a versatile styling that can pass in any casual and formal events because the style holds these characteristics:

  • Sleek
  • Modern
  • Neat or messy
  • Low-maintenance

Nonetheless, cornrows have been in this world since the existence of Nok from Nigeria, an ancient civilization, and have since been part of the African culture. [1]

Cornrows are not just a hairstyle; it’s a political statement symbolizing the struggles of African-American people from the era of slavery, the success after the Black Rights Movement and the years after that, and the marital status of ancient African-Americans.

This history resonates with what the Hussle braids, and his rapping, have been known of and cherished – fighting for what is right and representing his cultural identity.

12 Nipsey Hussle Haircut Styles

With all mentioned in the previous section, we know you are more than excited to dig into the intricate and detailed styling of the Nipsey Hussle braids and other hairstyles.

We want to ensure you get started quickly, so we present the 12 easy Nipsey Hussle hairstyles below:

1) Classic Nipsey Hussle Braids (Cornrows)

Starting the list of Nipsey Hussle styles and cuts is the classic cornrows. As mentioned earlier, cornrows are significant in African culture as it symbolizes both struggle and power.

With that definition, it makes recreating this style more meaningful. To refashion the cornrows just like Nipsey Hussle did, you must part them in the middle and section them in four equal parts.

His cornrows are medium-sized, but the clean partition and detailed tight braiding against the scalp are highlighted more in the styling.

2) Hussle Ponytails

You’re mistaken if you think Nipsey Hussle is only about the braids. He also sported a low ponytail look, but it had to have his signature middle part.

A low ponytail is efficient in keeping your longer-length hair away from your neck during hot days and even on light to extreme physical activities.

3) Hussle Double Braids

Another style in the Nipsey Hussle braids list is the double braids, fondly known as pigtails.

The following hairstyle characteristics represent pigtails:

  • Middle part
  • Double low ponytail (left and right)
  • Braids

Pigtails with braids represent a youthful aura and a neat, professional-looking appeal for men, women, girls, and boys.

4) Nipsey Hussle Afro Hair

Before the longer hair type, Nipsey Hussle exhibited his natural curls – his Afro-textured hair.

With Afro-textured hair, you can explore different styles, from braids, twists, cornrows, pigtails, and more. Yet, the good thing about this is you can always let it be, as the natural waves are already a beauty on their own when let loose.

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5) Hussle Edgy Look

If you want to exude some edgy-looking vibe, Nipsey Hussle got your back with this faded hairline, braids, and scalp shave-styled beard look.

A fade elevates the definition of modern style and is compatible with any face shape and hair type.

If you have Afro-textured strands, you can always combine your curls and braids with a fade, like Hussle in the image.

6) Nipsey Hussle Middle Part Braids

We have seen middle parts, double braids, and ponytails from Nipsey Hussle. Yet, what about all of these in one look?

As seen in the image, Nipsey Hussle parted his hair in the middle, put single braids on each side, and sealed the deal with a pony.

What is nice about the braids in this specific style is that they’re simple to do but very visually appealing, as they look immaculate. This can be sported by both girls and boys, too!

7) Nipsey Hussle Long Hair in Double Buns

A list of Nipsey hairstyles will only be complete with his double buns look. This looks like pigtails, but instead of presenting it with tails, he made it into a bun.

This pigtails-inspired haircut is beneficial for those with longer hair as it provides comfort and trouble-free styling without having to deal with messy strands.

8) Fresh and Casual Nipsey Hussle Braids

If you want to keep looking fresh in casual shirts, you can cop these Nipsey Hussle braids in long cornrows.

What makes it different from the previous cornrows is how this hairstyle paraded the mid-part horizontal braids. It is done similarly to how the classic rows are made, except for the orientation.

Moreover, although this hairstyle is suggested for individuals with longer hair, shorter hair of all genders can always strut the streets wearing this braided hairstyle.

9) Nipsey Hussle Braids With Accessories

What elevates the Nipsey Hussle hairstyle? The accessories!

As we have noticed, Nipsey is a master in sporting a similar braiding look, but what makes each different are the accessories (a lot!). Here are some of them:

  • Tattoos
  • Layers of jewelry pieces
  • Silver rings
  • Big earrings

Sometimes, he also accessorizes his hairstyle using caps, bandanas, and other headpieces that make him stand out among the crowd.

10) Clean and Professional Nipsey Hussle Braids

Nipsey Hussle braids are not just for street style; they’re also very appropriate to match formal events (look at what he wore at the annual Grammy Awards!).

As seen in the image, the full beard and the braiding perfectly blended with the bow and suit; they also hold such a pleasing aura.

To add style, you can mix and match color dyes with your hair if you don’t want to stick with the usual black and white.

11) Nipsey Hussle Single Low Bun

Nipsey is very flexible in hairstyling as he also rocked a single low bun hairstyle. This hairstyle is suited for simple looks, as it’s very laid back.

More importantly, this look is timeless and matches the rapidly growing and changing hair culture.

12) Hussle Buzz Cut

An old image from a long time ago speaks that Nipsey also rocked the buzz-cut look with very defined, angled, and shaved hairlines.

A buzz cut is low maintenance and is a perfect solution to protect curly hair from continuous pulling and tying through braiding.

How to get the Nipsey Hussle haircut?

We know how you are greatly influenced by Nipsey, so in this section, we’ll tell you the process of getting his hairstyle:

  1. First, wash your hair and lather using the TRESemmé flawless curls shampoo and conditioner set. Rinse.
  2. Dry your hair using a soft head towel or the Wadodo professional ionic hair dryer.
  3. Brush your hair with the Brushzoo detangling brush. You can also brush and dry simultaneously.
  4. Part your hair with the Wapodeai detangling rat tail comb. Part it halfway, then go through the sectioning.
  5. Use the Sndyi professional hair clips to efficiently section the hair and make it as clean as how Nipsey does his braids.
  6. Braiding begins. To make the braids look more creative, use the Twist weather-up gel around the hairline or parting line (near the crown), comb it, and do the braids.
  7. Apply the Old Spice leave-in conditioner on the hairstyle after the braided process. Make sure to evenly spread it from the crown to the tip of the locks.
  8. Cover it in a satin head towel and have the patience to wait for the moisture to settle in for about five to ten minutes.
  9. Add some The Good Stuff leave-in frizz-control hair oil from the scalp to the hairstyle braid ends to prevent frizziness and promote moisture to the Nipsey Hussle braids.
  10. Lastly, accessorize your new hairstyle similar to how the Nipsey Hussle braids look.

You can also check out this YouTube video to get started:

How much is a Nipsey Hussle haircut?

The Nipsey Hussle braids cost $60 to $200 on average, but it can change from time to time depending on the following style preferences and conditions:

  • Hair length
  • Number of cornrows (preferably four for Nipsey braids)
  • The intricacy of design from scalp to tip of hair length
  • Style longevity
  • Stylist fee


We’re aware you might have some things in mind you want to clarify. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How long do the Nipsey Hussle braids last?

The braid can last from four to six weeks. Yet, the time period of the braid depends on the process it was made and how you take care of and maintain it.

Who can wear the Nipsey hairstyle?

Any strand type, length, and face shape can wear the braid as it will look and feel compatible and suited with anything.

You can choose to do the braid with your Afro-textured, straight, medium, or long hair. Moreover, hair extensions can always make it a lot easier for you if you have short strands.

TIP: You can try these pre-stretched synthetic extensions for your Instagram-worthy look.

Final Thoughts

To Nipsey’s fans, his death was not the end of his influence; instead, it was the start of another era of his hairstyle look and trend

Nonetheless, without thinning your patience too much, we hope your search for the best hairstyle you can recreate is over after reading this article.

Everything is easy to recreate if hair, equipment, and braiding technique are ready.

Once all have been accounted for, you can rock that new hairstyle as a tribute to the legend – the Nipsey Hussle haircut!

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