I’ve had this post prepared for such a long time, but never felt like posting it. Has that happened to you, my fellow blogger buddies?

So, this nail polish was bought in a Chinese store next to my apartment in Lisbon and it costed tops 2 eur (if not less) so I had to get it among with a gorgeous neon orange, kind of matte shade which I should rock as soon as possible.

The nail polish is minty with little pink, yellow, orange and blue ‘stuff’ in it. It looks so pretty in the bottle, but I was a little sad because I didn’t like how it goes with my skin tone.
You need 3 coats to make it opaque. It did last on my nails for a few days (like 4?), thanks to the ‘glitters’ and as you can imagine this was a horror to remove because of them. Another let down was that it takes such a long time to really dry. My pinky nail got smudged 3 hours after the application.

My final thoughts: If you don’t have a problem with drying slow and you think the shade would suit you, go for it! The orange neon polish I talked about before also dries slow, but I just love the shade so much that I suffer in silence for my nails to be pretty + You get a lot of product (15mL) for little money.