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36 Mohawk Haircut Styles & Ideas Anyone Can Rock

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Key takeaways:

  • The classic hawk has clean, shaved sides with a longer middle section, while faux styles have a burst fade.
  • Mohawks were first worn by Native Americans as a symbol of power and courage.
  • This cut likely fits square-shaped faces. It can be sported by people with curly, straight, thick, and fine hairs.
  • To do the classic cut, you only need to section the side and middle parts, trim, shave, and style.

Mohawk hairstyles have been around for ages. It’s quite a popular cut, not only for men but women as well.

Many celebrities, athletes, and famous individuals were spotted to sport a mohawk hairstyle, including Usher, Neymar, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden, among others.

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But BEFORE these superstars even started wearing the mohawk style, it had already been used by ancient tribes (Ireland Celts, Ukrainian Cossacks, Mali Mandinka Warriors).

Image Source

The term mohawk came from the Mohawk people that lived in present-day New York.

The hairstyle’s association with the group started in Hollywood when Drums Along the Mohawk was released (1939). However, history says that the Pawnee tribe were the ones who traditionally wore a mohawk.

A traditional mohawk hairstyle is described as a head with shaved sides, while the leftover section in the middle is styled to look spiky or upright.

This is DIFFERENT from the hairstyle worn by the Mohawk tribe, which leaves a square tuft on the crown. They also pull hair out instead of shaving.

But regardless of this debate, these facts already say that the mohawk hairstyle had already existed long before our idols wore it on fashion shows, concerts, or tournaments.

In fact, a 2000-year-old mummy in Ireland was identified to be wearing a mohawk hairstyle with plant oil and pine resin.

The mohawk style is a pretty bold, edgy look, and you can sport it in different lengths and haircuts.

If you want to know more about mohawk hairstyles, read on! We’re going to give you plenty of ideas to achieve great-looking hairstyles.

What Is a Mohawk Haircut?

A mohawk hairstyle is a unique style that will make people turn heads whenever they see one. Traditional mohawks are more intriguing, and it doesn’t usually fit with office dress standards.

To give a brief description, a classic mohawk involves shaved sides with noticeably longer hair in the middle

These haircuts have been used as a form of self-expression, and it’s highly associated with punk rock.

But before that era, this was worn by young men in charge of protecting their tribe because it was believed to intimidate their enemies. 

In World War II and the Vietnam War, some US paratroopers also sported this style with the same intent.

Aside from the classic mohawk style, a faux hawk also grew in popularity over the years.

A faux hawk has faded sides instead of shaved. Some stylists use burst fade haircuts to add an accent to the style.

The strip of hair left in the middle is also NOT AS LONG as the classic mohawk. A faux hawk is not as dramatic and bold and has an elegant and classy style

Regardless of the type of mohawk haircuts, we’re pretty sure you’ll get a low-maintenance cut that’s EASY to style.

You can color your hair or use any styling product to create a standout style, or you can leave it as is if you want a messy, effortless look.

List of 36 Mohawk Haircut Ideas

You might be wondering how you’re going to rock mohawk hairstyles. You may be thinking, “These haircuts may not suit my personality.”

Well, your ideas may be limited to classic mohawk haircuts.

There are actually different mohawks depending on hair types, length, and the style that you’re aiming for.

Allow us to help widen your perspective on mohawk hairstyles before you begin styling!

Traditional Mohawk Haircut

The traditional version of mohawk haircuts is the exact picture of the style we described earlier: shaved sides with a strip of hair left on the middle section from the hairline to the back.

This is the look that you can see in Native Americans. It’s also similar to those that are associated with punk rock.

Shaved Mohawk Haircut

The classic mohawk cut has plainly shaved sides with a quite thin section of hair left in the middle. You can sport this with short hair, but it can also go with long styles.

Mohawk Indian Haircut

Image Source

As we discussed in the previous sections, one of the first tribes who was found to wear mohawks were North Americans (Indians).

To symbolize courage, they shave the sides of their head and leave a long portion of hair in the middle. But in some tribes, their mohawks are shorter.

Faux Mohawk Haircut

The faux mohawk is different from the classic styles. As previously mentioned, a faux mohawk has burst fade sides instead of the traditional shaved sides.

It’s less shocking than its classic counterpart, and it’s usually sported by short mohawk haircuts.

This is a type of versatile mohawk that you can fit in any occasion and venue.

Mohawk Fade Haircut

A mohawk fade haircut exhibits a burst fade that starts from short hair, slowly fading out as it approaches the area near the ear.

Blended Mohawk Haircut

A blended cut is another kind of mohawk fade. But, the fade on this hairstyle blends in from the top towards the bottom, and slowly transitions to other facial hair (beard).

Low Mohawk Haircut

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The burst fade on the low mohawk starts at a lower height. But, it’s still narrowly defined at the bottom back area.

Semi Mohawk Haircut

A semi-mohawk cut also has a fade at both sides of the head. However, the mohawk on this style is not that obvious, given that the bottom back area is not narrowed.

Taper Mohawk Haircut

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A tapered mohawk is quite similar to the fade mohawk. But, instead of fading short hair to zero, a taper changes the hair length gradually from long to short.

Messy Mohawk Haircut

This hairstyle is an effortlessly stylish look. It shows off finger comb hair and a “woke up like this” vibe.

It’s quite similar to the other fade mohawk cuts. But, its middle section has more length to achieve a tousled look.

Short Mohawk Haircut

A short mohawk typically leaves a short portion of hair in the middle of the head instead of a long tail.

Short mohawk haircuts are also referred to as a faux mohawk by some people. Similarly, it’s a less shocking style. But, you can still look very bold with this cut.

Pixie Mohawk Haircut

A pixie mohawk is a type of short mohawk that is usually worn by females. YES! Mohawks aren’t exclusive to men’s hairstyles. Women can also sport a mohawk to change the vibe.

It may have shaved sides like typical mohawks. But, some prefer to have a taper or fade cut to pair their hawk with.

Buzzed Mohawk Haircut

A buzzed mohawk is just your typical buzz cut with a little length of hair in the middle running from your hairline to the back.

This hairstyle has shaved sides, while the middle section is cut with a length close to the skin.

Military Mohawk Haircut

In this military mohawk, the sides fade as it approaches the bottom while the top is parted neatly towards the side.

Wide Mohawk Haircut

A wide mohawk haircut is a more modern style. The shaved sides occupy a relatively smaller portion than the middle section.

Fat Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

This fat mohawk has a small portion of shaved sides, while the hair in the middle ends at the neckline. It’s NOT narrowed down like how you see it in other mohawks.

Flat Mohawk Haircut

A flat mohawk is what you typically see in people who have coily or thick hair types. Similarly, the sides are shaved near the skin, but the top is cut flat.

Long Mohawk Haircut

Long hair mohawk hairstyles are quite a thing for both men and women. It looks super bold and edgy, and it’s quite eye-catching too!

If you have long, straight hair and want to sport a new look to change the vibe, a long hair mohawk might be the style for you.

Mohawk Mullet Haircut

Image Source

A mullet is a type of hairstyle with short layers at the front and side and longer hair that falls down at the back. This can be sported with a mohawk by simply shaving the sides.

Mohawk Haircut for Women

Image Source

A long mohawk is usually a thing for many women who like a standout style while keeping their hair long.

The photo shows a half mohawk, where only one side of the head is shaved, and the other half is styled with big curls and a braid like a curly mohawk.

Viking Mohawk Haircut

A Viking-styled mohawk has a quite intimidating vibe. The sides of their head are shaved to the skin, while the middle is left long.

The top section is what makes this cut profound. Similar to a pompadour mohawk, it’s brushed up towards the back.

Mohawk Haircut Designs

A mohawk styled differently gives an even more INTENSE look. It sparks creativity in people, and it’s perfect to wear to concerts, fashion shows, parties, or music festivals.

If you want to be different from the others, you’re absolutely free to rock this on ordinary days.

Reverse Mohawk Haircut

The reverse mohawk is the most deviant in this styling routine. Instead of leaving a strip of hair in the middle, it’s strategically positioned on the sides.

It still shaves off the side parts of the hair. But, the middle section is shaved as well.

Spiky Mohawk Haircut

This spiky mohawk is probably one of the most eye-catching versions of a high mohawk.

The key to this is to cut the hair in similar lengths from top to bottom and make it stay upright by applying layers of styling wax to ensure a firm hold.

Lizard Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

The lizard cut is a peculiar-looking style. It seems like an actual gecko is hugging the scalp.

Instead of simply shaving, a lizard figure is sculpted on the hair, showing the legs, head, body, and long tail.

Lightning Bolt Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

This is probably one of the coolest mohawk styles. The shaved lines on the side form a zigzag pattern that looks like a lightning bolt.

Punk Mohawk Haircut

A punk mohawk cut usually has an edgy and spiky middle section, while the sides have a taper or fade haircut. Some people like to style it with hair color to make it appear vibrant and radiate energy.

Kids Mohawk Haircut

Kids can also enjoy mohawk hairstyles as many adults do. It’s a cool look you can consider for your kids who want to have a new haircut.

Faux Hawk Kids Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Parents and guardians don’t exactly like the classic hawk for their kids. So, their TOP CHOICE is a faux mohawk.

The sides are tapered, and only the top section is defined. The long hair at the back is omitted from this style. Instead, it has the same cut on the sides without narrowing it on the neckline.

Toddler Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Instead of shaving your toddlers bald, you can also leave a small section in the middle so you can style them whenever you want to.

Boys Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

This look is similar to the first faux mohawk for boys. But, instead of a taper, this look sports a fade haircut, and its back is narrowed down.

Girl Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Little girls may also want to hop on the trend. This look follows a pompadour mohawk that has a lengthy top section brushed towards the back.

Adding hair color totally changed the vibe. But, make sure to use organic products on your kids’ hair and shy away from bleaching to AVOID damage.

Mohawk Haircut for Black Man/Woman

The black mohawk is a style that’s been popular over the years for black hair. They can wear it with a coil or curly hair type without worrying about their natural curls looking unruly.

Others even sport their curly locks and braids with a mohawk for a clean yet edgy vibe.

Check out these hair ideas for black men and women:

Curly Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

This is a simple mohawk fade haircut that leaves a thick chunk in the middle. This curly mohawk has great definition and volume to it, and it’s very easy to style.

Sponge Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Usher’s hairstyle is called a sponge mohawk fade haircut. To achieve this look, you need to use a hair sponge and rub it onto your hair in a circular motion to make twists from coil hair types.

Box Mohawk Haircut

Box mohawk braids are a cool way to define the style of your hair. You only need to shave off the sides a process to braid the middle part as you wish.

Spanish Mohawk Haircut

People with Spanish blood usually have thick hair. Hence, a short mohawk is definitely a good option to create a clean look.

It’s also relatively easy to style and doesn’t require too much styling product to keep the hair in place. A medium hold is already enough for this cut.

Mexican Mohawk Haircut

This Mexican mohawk, for example, has a fade on the sides, while the hair in the middle section is trimmed short while still having that faux mohawk look.

European Mohawk Haircut

European cuts are known to have a lengthy top and short backs. It’s loved by a lot of people because it’s versatile enough for a European’s facial features,

Puerto Rican Mohawk Haircut

Puerto Ricans also have thick hair like Mexicans. Hence, sporting a short mohawk with a clean fade on both sides makes your hair look neat.

Baseball Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Mike Trout is one of the many baseball players who wear a mohawk.

This style is a type of short mohawk with a neatly narrowed back and sides. The crown section is lengthy enough for styling as well.

Soccer Mohawk Haircut

Image Source

Neymar is also known for his mohawk cuts, along with other soccer players. This look is quite similar to the mullet minus the very long tail that goes all the way back.

Modern Mohawk Haircut

A modern mohawk doesn’t go with the usual shave on the side. Some people already include hair tattoos where the sides are styled with cool patterns.

Half Mohawk Haircut

A half mohawk is similar to what people call a side shave. Only one side of the head is trimmed off while the rest is parted to the other side. This iconic look is sported by Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mohawk Haircut With Beard

Mohawk with full beard styles is also very popular. The fade on the side slowly transitions towards the facial hair, while the middle section can be lengthy or short.

How to Do a Mohawk Haircut?

To do a classic mohawk, follow these easy steps:

  1. Make a blueprint. Make sure you already have a style in mind before cutting your hair. You should also ensure that your hair is long enough for this style (at least 1-inch long).
  2. Section. Carefully section the middle and side parts using a comb. Make sure to leave enough hair in the center, and the line should be precisely straight because this will be the focal point of your cut.
  3. Buzz off. Slowly buzz the sides with a hair clipper. You can start with a #2 or #3 guard (or higher) first, especially if it’s your first time. Also, keep in mind if you want to shave it off completely or aim for a fade or taper.
  4. Style. Once you’re done, you can style your hair with a styling wax or gel for a firm hold. A medium hold may also suffice short cuts. You only need a little product for a medium hold. If you have a lengthy middle section, you can try to blow dry hair with a brush dryer for a sleek pompadour look. You can even add hair color if you wish using the Garnier Olia Ammonia-Free Dye. You can choose to leave the darker roots to create a gradient effect.

How Do You Maintain a Mohawk?

A mohawk is fairly EASY to maintain. You only need to trim your hair every 4 to 6 weeks, especially if you want the sides to be fully shaven.

You should also take care of your hair by using organic shampoo and conditioner to keep a soft, bouncy texture. This is an important step, particularly for mohawks with color.

If you wish to keep your mohawk upright, you may need A LOT of styling wax or gel to ensure a firm hold. Try trimming the center section as well so that it’ll be easy to style them.

How Much Does a Mohawk Haircut Cost at a Hairdresser?

The price of a mohawk is similar to other cuts at a hairdresser. On average, you may need to pay at least $28 to get a haircut.

But, if you wish to get it colored and styled, you’ll need to pay additional charges between $50 to $70.


Let’s try answering some questions before we wrap things up!


The mohawk is a great style for both men and women to wear. While many people only know about the classic version, you now have the idea that there are several ways to style a mohawk.

If edgy is not your vibe, you can choose a more toned-down look that goes with every occasion and place. It’s also low maintenance, unlike other cuts, and very easy to design.

So, wait no further! Go ahead, level up your vibe, and choose the best style from these mohawk ideas.

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