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10 Fabulous Lisa Rinna Haircuts and Hairstyles to Try Out

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Key takeaways:

  • A Lisa Rinna haircut is fashioned in short and long hair styled in layers to emphasize the facial features and add to the illusion of the hair’s volume and piecey texture.
  • This hairstyle is sported by the American actress Lisa Rinna in the 90s before debuting in the Days of Our Lives and, until today, in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion (Season 12).
  • The styles under the Lisa haircuts are for every face and hair type, yet, it is perfect for those with a square-shaped face and thin hair.
  • Lisa’s hairstyle is easy to refashion; all you need are layers, highlights, and a volumizing product.

When she pouts, the whole world falls for her charm. When she talks, everyone is filled with laughter at her sense of humor.

Who else do you think best suits these lines? Of course, no other than THE Lisa Rinna!

Born Lisa Deanna Rinna on the 11th of July 1963, this Newport Beach, California native-born has made her way to the limelight for her excellent acting skills and timeless beauty.

Since she started her television journey when she was 21, she has made a ring for her name in television dramas like the Days of Our Lives as Billie Reed, Melrose Place as Taylor McBride, and in the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Moreover, she has also made rounds in the industry for her iconiclips, which she got filtered in the 90s. She also made a lipstick line out of it.


Nonetheless, a Lisa Rinna look is not complete without her truly fabulous hair style. We know you love to sport her visuals (along with many women).

With that, we’ll start with all the Lisa Rinna hairstyles (with photos) in this article. Read on!

What is Lisa Rinna’s haircut called?

With her name on it, her varying hairstyles are all called the Lisa Rinna haircut. Under this haircut are styles like shag, pixies, blonde, feathered, choppy, bold, with and without highlights, and more.

This Beverly Hills star even has a perfect hairstyle with updos and those of different lengths.

But, what’s remarkably similar for all these is the volume and the piecey texture that comes with the Lisa Rinna hairstyles. These two features will surely blow your mind away!

With that, we don’t want you to wait any further. In this section, we will present 10 of the Lisa Rinna hairstyles; no one will stop you from getting some quick inspirations from the list!

Short Lisa Rinna Hairstyles


If there’s one thing that makes an all-time star out of Lisa Rinna’s hair, it would most probably be the short hairstyle.

Her short hairstyle has always given her a good photo appearance, like in the Carousel of Hope Ball 2018, because the different short hair styling patterns enhance her facial features, especially her sharp jaw and piercing eyes.

She has styled her short hair in a layered haircut with highlights, tapered silhouette, feathered, and shag haircut with light brown and golden highlights.

Here are more examples of this hairstyle:

Short Layered Haircut With Highlights


This haircut is characterized by layered cuts from the cheekbone level of the hair with beautifully-cut tresses and dark brown roots. With this Lisa Rinna hairstyle, you will have more defined cheekbones and a youthful glow with bouncy hair.

How to Achieve the Layered Pixie with Bangs

  • Cut: Ask for a pixie cut with longer layers on top and soft, side-swept bangs.
  • Styling: Use a styling cream or pomade to add texture and shape to the top layers.
  • Maintenance: Frequent trims to maintain the bangs and overall shape.

Feathered Hairstyle


A feathered hairstyle with light brown streaks and dark roots will give you volume, texture, and a shiny finish! 

The fly-away effect, where the hair flicks away from the face, makes you look perky, like Lisa’s look at the 2014 Veronica Mars LA premiere worn with a black and gray dress.

How to Achieve the Feathered Cut

  • Cut: Ask for feathered layers that start at the cheekbones and flow down.
  • Styling: Use a blow dryer and round brush to create volume at the roots and flick the ends out.
  • Maintenance: Regular trims to maintain the feathered layers and avoid split ends.

FUN FACT: She portrays Lynn Echolls in Veronica Mars.

Shag Haircut With Brown and Golden Highlights

The shag haircut, one of the Lisa Rinna hairstyles, looks like a combination of layered and feathered hairstyles.

What keeps this Lisa Rinna look unique is the addition of razor styling! This means razor-cut tresses and sides, volume at the crown, and some golden brown touch that makes her sassy and glowing under the sun.

How to Achieve the Classic Shag

  • Layers: Ask your stylist for choppy, uneven layers that start at the cheekbones and taper down.
  • Styling: Use a texturizing spray or mousse to enhance the layers. Blow-dry using a round brush to add volume and shape.
  • Maintenance: Regular trims are necessary to keep the layers looking fresh and avoid split ends.

Medium Length Lisa Rinna Haircut


A Lisa Rinna hairstyle compilation is not complete without her medium-span haircut. What sizzled this hairstyle up was when Lisa Rinna painted it blonde!

However, it was not a full blonde for Lisa Rinna. She had an ombre effect for her hair with darker roots and a lighter tip that looked shining when touched by sun rays.

This Lisa Rinna cut’s span is two to three inches from the neck, which is a perfect hair span for those with thin hair.

Lisa Rinna Haircut Back View

The Lisa Rinna hairstyle is good when looking at it from the front. But did you ever think of how beautiful and stunning it looks from the back?

This photo shows how the famous Lisa’s shag layers look from the back with a shorter hairstyle span in the nape area. Also, the messier it gets, the more volume it entails.

feathered Hairstyle From the Back

The fly-away makes the Lisa Rinna feathered hair an instant hit, as it adds personality and character to every strand of flicks (with the fancy earrings, too!). From another perspective, this back view of Lisa’s feathered hair gives it a healthy-looking glow.

Lisa Rinna Haircut Fine Hair


You need a sassy Lisa Rinna hairstyle when you have fine hair, depicted by thin and light hair strands.

It doesn’t matter if you have short or long hair; make sure your stylist gives you the dimensions and LOADS of it.

You can opt for a feathered hairstyle, a medium wavy hairstyle with local highlights, the ever-wonderful shags, and a touch of fringe.

Lisa Rinna Pixie Haircut

This time Lisa Rinna presents her signature hairstyle – the Lisa Rinna Pixie hairstyle!

When you say Lisa Rinna, the pixie cut is almost an instant response, along with the tapered silhouette. 

This cut is detailed by a short hair span (ears-level or neck level) and dimensions for an edgy look that emphasizes the jaw, the eyes, and the cheekbones.

Even though Lisa Rinna sported this ears-span look for so long, this has also been made famous by Audrey Hepburn and Jean Seaberg.

As told by an article, the pixie cut is not just a style that brings a miracle to a beauty like Lisa Rinna but also a statement that supports women’s empowerment when worn.

How to Achieve the Layered Pixie with Bangs

  • Cut: Ask for a pixie cut with longer layers on top and soft, side-swept bangs.
  • Styling: Use a styling cream or pomade to add texture and shape to the top layers.
  • Maintenance: Frequent trims to maintain the bangs and overall shape.

Lisa Rinna’s Haircut for Curly Hairstyle

Lisa’s short waves are arranged in an updo. Having a Lisa Rinna hairstyle like this means emphasizing the shape and color of your natural eyes and even highlighting your eye makeup.

Lisa Rinna doesn’t have naturally curly hair, but she surely aced this hairstyle (and the updo) with style as she made her roots dark, arranged the curl-like style at the top, creating a vision of bigness, and the tips a little lighter.

For sure, if you have naturally curly hair, you’ll rock this short waves hairstyle!

Who is Lisa Rinna’s hairstyle suitable for?

You can sashay away with any of the Lisa Rinna hairstyles with your oval, square, triangle, heart, or round-shaped faces. Also, you get to ace these looks regardless of how thick, thin, long, or short your hairstyle is.

Yet, for a more specific reference, Lisa’s face shape was square with a very defined jawline, as you can see in her side profile photos.

Moreover, as mentioned, you do not need to worry about having thin or thick hair as these Lisa Rinna hairstyles will look sassy and sexy with whatever strand thickness.

  • If you have thin hair, the textured nature of a Lisa Rinna hairstyle will put volume on your hair.
  • While having thick hair means the hairstyle, with its innate hair flicks, will tone it down and make it look livelier from the crown to the tips.

How to get the Lisa Rinna hairstyle?

With all these Lisa Rinna haircuts right in front of your eyes, you surely want the same hairstyle. Yet, a question remains: How?

These are the steps you need to follow to achieve sassy Lisa Rinna styles on your head:

  1. First, let your hair grow to your desired length (e.g., ears, shoulders) depending on what Lisa hairstyle and hairdo you want to mirror. You can use the Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam to help grow it faster and keep it healthy.
  2. Second, cut your hair in different lengths to create a textured hairstyle. You can add bangs swept to the side to top your hairstyle. Any of the Equinox Professional Hair Scissors is a good scissor to use in achieving Lisa’s flicks.
  3. Third, enhance it with highlights. Your highlights can be local highlights or reddish highlights, depending on your preference. The L’Oreal Paris Couleur Experte Color has different shades of brown and blonde and is a safe formulation for your hair.
  4. Fourth, add some volumizing products. This styling product, like the SexyHair Big Powder Play Volumizing Powder, will help you keep in place the Lisa Rinna fringe and out-flicked sides and give you a shiny finish.
  5. Fifth, make it fun with a hairdo. It doesn’t matter if you use an updo, a half-down, or a full-down, but for a more authentic Lisa Rinna signature hairstyle, an updo will do the magic for you. A ghd Ceramic Vented Round Brush is a great round brush to work with.
  6. Sixth, add some fancy earrings. Fancy gold earrings are the cherry on top for the right hairstyles that speak Lisa Rinna.
  7. Lastly, focus on your lips. It wouldn’t be a Lisa Rinna hairstyle and look without the lips, and her very own Rinna Beauty Icon Lip Kit will help you make the Lisa Rinna dream come true.

Tips for Choosing the Right Hairstyle

When selecting a hairstyle inspired by Lisa Rinna, consider the following tips to ensure you choose the best look for you:

  • Face Shape: Different cuts and styles complement different face shapes. Consult with your stylist to find the most flattering option.
  • Hair Texture: Some styles work better with certain hair textures. For example, curly hair might suit a bob or layered cut, while straight hair might look best in a sleek, blunt cut.
  • Lifestyle: Consider your daily routine and maintenance preferences. Shorter styles like pixies require frequent trims, while longer styles like lobs might need more styling time.
  • Personal Style: Choose a hairstyle that aligns with your personal style and makes you feel confident.

Former hairstyles of Lisa Rinna

Aside from these short and medium-span hairstyles, Lisa Rinna also had her long-length hairstyle stint before finding the right hairstyles that would be with her along her journey of being an actress.

Lisa Rinna had long and wavy, straight with some bangs, and a long updo. Of course, these descriptions are not enough.

So, here are more details of the long (and long gone) Lisa Rinna hairstyles:

Long and Wavy

Lisa Rinna surely knows what variation means as she poses in style with her much longer hair. Of course, it’s not a full Lisa Rinna look without the volume.

With this, you can put on some curls starting from the ear like Lisa’s, lift the tresses, preserve the crown, and sprinkle in some reddish highlights.

Straight Hair with Bangs

In one of her interviews, Lisa Rinna displayed some long straight hair and fashioned it with bangs. To establish the volume, Lisa Rinna ensured that the texture remained by adding different hairstyle lengths.

Long Styled in Updo

A great look that will define sexy on a different level is shown in the photo when Lisa’s hair is styled in an up hairdo, where the long straight hair is bunned.

It highlights her features like the jawline, eyes, nape, and lips, making it a sexy photo-perfect finish.


We bet you have something in mind that you want to ask. No worries because we have answered some frequently asked questions in this section!

How to style like Lisa Rinna’s haircut?

You can achieve Lisa’s level of sexy by recreating her hairstyle. You can do this by exploring the following:

  • Using big curls
  • Adding some waves
  • Straight hairstyle with highlights
  • Short with bangs

However, you should always keep two things in mind to achieve Lisa’s look: volume and texture, and you can achieve this by layering your hairstyle.

What does Lisa Rinna’s haircut diagram look like?


This haircut diagram shows how a short hairstyle should be. It is cut in layer dimensions to achieve volume and texture. A cut like this is similar to how Lisa Rinna prefers her hairstyle; short and layered.

Did Lisa Rinna Wear Wigs?

Yes, Lisa Rinna wore wigs to add variation to her haircut, aside from the highlights. She does this to freshen up her 20-year-old look, as mentioned by celebrity hairstylist Chaz Dean.

Who Cuts Lisa’s Truly Fabulous Hair Style?

In a 2019 interview, Lisa Rinna revealed that she has worked with Sally Hershberger for her shag haircut.

As featured in this article, Lisa had the shag styled with golden brown streaks to define the movement of the multiple-layered hairstyle.


With these Lisa Rinna haircuts, you can surely search for the best one that suits your features, face, and hairstyle type.

The good thing is that Lisa’s hairstyle and hairdo match all hairstyle types (thick, thin, and fine) and face shapes for women (round, triangle, diamond, heart, and square).

After picking the right one you feel comfortable with, you can strut under the sun with oozing confidence. Don’t forget to add some highlights and top it all off with a flattering dress!

Go get those flicks with the best Lisa Rinna hairstyle for you!

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