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20 Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair + Top Tips!

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Key Takeaways

  • Afro hair from individuals of African heritage is known to have curls prone to matting with improper hair care procedures.
  • You must wash a child’s hair (afro-textured) in shampoo twice to thrice a week.
  • Regularly conditioning the curls with natural products is essential, as hairstyles like this often lack moisture because of their structure.
  • Comb babies’ afro hairstyle while it’s wet, as combing it dry will quickly damage the roots and break the strands.
  • For your little boys and girls’ first haircut, regardless of how thin or thick their strands are, you can always style it in twists, puffs, bows, headbands, beads, and cornrows.

As parents of a black baby girl with short hair, you need to ensure that their teeny weeny afro hair is always groomed and taken care of based on the proper afro hair maintenance and care guide, which we will present to you in this article.

Even television dramas like Grey’s Anatomy emphasize the importance of taking good care of your babies’ hair, especially if their strands are curly, as seen in the image below.

In this scenario, Dr. Derek Shepherd, or McDreamy, burst into anger as he thought people were staring based on color. Yet, Dr. Miranda Bailey said that people were staring because McDreamy has perfect hair, while her daughter’s hair is 31 flavors of wrong.

The reason behind keeping the black baby hair groomed is simple: to keep it from matting, drying, and dread

Afro-textured hair is prone to moisture loss and tangling, which can be painful and messy for your babies at such a young age.

For you to know more, this article will delve into the top tips and 20 black baby hairstyles for short haircut; read on!

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20 Infant Black Baby Hairstyles for Short Hair

As a new mother, you want to create sleek yet cute curly hairstyles for your daughter that she can rock during school and playtime.

Well, your infant, toddler, and preschooler baby girls with short haircut can have the style of their lifetime (with some matching outfits!) with these 20 black baby hairstyles for short hair.

1.) Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles With Beads

Sizzle your baby’s hairstyle with a braid and beads in one for their first haircut style! This fun hairstyle is perfect for keeping your baby’s strands away from their eyes to prevent eyesight issues.

Aside from girls, a baby boy can also play with cute hairstyles like this haircut!

2.) Ponytail Hairstyles Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

Presenting the curls in an adorable pony is the way to go when your baby girl has short shoulder-length hair. You can use hairstyles like this for your baby’s first haircut up to the nth one!

To make styles like this more creative, you can add cornrows on top and twist the curls. This style is also doable for a baby boy with longer loops.

3.) Braids Infant Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

Your daughter in her toddler years can also rock swirling cornrows for their first haircut styles. Also, put some cute flower clips on your child to make them more charming!

Nevertheless, for a baby boy, you can opt for plain clips or ties. Just ensure the clips don’t have sharp jaws to keep your baby safe.

4.) Mini Afro Puffs Infant Black Baby’s Hairstyles

Pop it, lock it, polka dot it! A preschooler will enjoy her first haircut style with pops of afro puffs over her head and a matching dress (in polka dots or other prints).

Your baby boy can also hop in the trend, as a mini child afro-textured puffs are for everyone!

5.) Short Hair for Baby Girl With Cute Headband

As a mother, you can never go wrong with a headband for newborns, toddlers, and even preschoolers for their first haircut styles.

However, always prioritize comfort. Choose headbands for your babies to wear with gorgeous types that fit perfectly and rest comfortably around their heads.

These fabric-made and crocheted headband styles can also be for your baby boy, as these are soft on the baby’s head. It also makes their playtime fun as headbands shove the twists out of the face.

6.) Adorable Loose Bun Short Hairstyles for Toddler

When your baby doesn’t want to stay still for their first haircut styling process, you can wrap their twists up in a big bun. 

Although the bun is rushed, it will still appear sleek and perfect for black baby hairstyles.

Even your baby boy can pull off different bun hairstyles as long as they have enough hair to brush up.

7.) Cornrow for Baby’s Hairstyles

Styling your black baby twists in cornrows is a MUST in a child’s life as it is an afro hair staple for both black baby boy and girl’s first haircut styling. 

However, you need to ensure to gently pull hair strands so that your baby will not feel head discomfort from the braids.

8.) Short Hairstyle With Cute Bow for Black Babies Hair

Design your baby’s afro strands by letting the defined curls show their prowess and adding a cute bow on top to keep it trendy, particularly after their first haircut.

Also, you can always elevate the hairstyles game for your baby boy by making the bow a part of his baby hairstyles!

9.) Jingle Jangle Inspired Short Black Baby Girl Hairstyle

In Jingle Jangle, Journey had this mohawk hairstyle but in buns. This hairstyle is a catch for your black baby boys and girls’ first haircut, as it’ll make babies head festive, cute, and neat.

Also, you’ll be assured of a happy baby boy and girl as they’ll surely want to sport their favorite character’s baby hairstyles!

10.) Newborn Baby Hairstyles for Photoshoot 

In a newborn photoshoot, you don’t need extravagance for babies’ first haircut styles. All you need is a headband with pretty flowers for your babies!

Licensed newborn photographers can even help you by giving your babies a fun pose, like when they rest their head on their hands.

11.) Headband on a Big Afro on Baby’s Hair

Wrapping your black baby twists in a headband is one of the go-to hairstyles. You don’t need a braid, a twist, a cornrow, or a first haircut. Just let the afro-textured defined curls rest comfortably within an adorable printed headband with a bow!

12.) Simple Haircut Ideas for Black Baby Girl

Curls are cute, but with some styling, it becomes irresistible. One way to do this is by having simple big puffs hairstyles.

If your baby boy hasn’t had his first haircut, this simple black baby hairstyle may be a snatch for him.

13.) Adorable Middle Part Hairstyles for Black Babies

This middle part is a timeless definition of fun and cute. Aside from the parting, spice things up with a braid and your baby boy or girl’s favorite cute bead colors to show off their baby hairstyles with confidence.

14.) High Ponytail With Ribbon for Black Baby Girl Hairstyles

Black baby hair with a ponytail, a cute ribbon, or a headband to top it is enchanting! Also, it will look good if you just let your black baby curls fall in a pony.

You can also do the high pony haircut for your boys, but you can use a plain thin tie if they don’t like the ribbon.

15.) Short Mohawk for Black Baby Girl and Baby Boy

A classic mohawk for a black baby curly hair doesn’t include shaving; just putting your curls up and lining them in a mohawk style with some bobby pins.

Of course, for a baby boy, you can opt for the classic shaved mohawk for his first haircut. Yet, if you want to keep your boys’ long hair, this one is a black baby hairstyles must-have!

16.) Mini Afro Puffs & Leftout Curls Baby Hairstyles for Black Baby

Other than the curl, a cute thing to add to your black baby mini afro puffs is bangs, where you will let a few strands fall at the center like curtains.

If you think this haircut is only for girls, then you’re wrong! Little boys can also rock this hairstyle for small afro puffs.

17.) Criss-cross Baby Hairstyles for Black Baby’s Hair

Nothing is more fun than a criss-cross braid with a bun on top. Look at the image; it screams originality and creativity.

Not just that, a criss-cross braid like this will make your black baby twists stand out from the rest. Your baby boy and girl can surely wing this look anytime and anywhere.

18.) Top Knot Baby’s Hairstyles for Black Babies

Top knots are cute ways to make super mini afro puffs for your little one (boy or girl!). This look is great for when they play, as it will not fall off easily and will not consistently distract them.

Black baby hairstyles like this are also a good match for your baby boy, mainly if his hair is longer and thicker

19.) Sideswept Short Hair With Braids Baby Hairstyles

What is a classic without some side-swept box braids? For your babies, elevate their styles by doing this.

Make sure you don’t pull hard when making braids for your boys and girls. Also, ready your bucket of patience, as this will be challenging for you when you have little ones in terrible twos!

20.) 10 Month Old Baby’s Hair

For a 10-month-old baby, boys or girls, you can do cute front puffs to prevent them from eating their hair and limit the hair strands’ contact with the baby’s eyes before giving them their first haircut.

What Are the Characteristics of Black Baby Hair/Afro Hair?

Looking from afar, you can already see if a child’s hair is afro or not because it has distinct characteristics.

The identifiable visual signs are curls, dryness, and brittleness. Here’s a specific description of these black baby hairstyles’ characteristics:

Tight Curl and Twist in a Black Baby

An afro-textured haircut in a child’s hair is characterized by coil-like strands which are known for their rough patent texture if not appropriately maintained.

Yet, this texture is not that apparent in a newborn baby’s hair, as they commonly have thin strands of curls.

Nevertheless, a study revealed that a very curly afro haircut, associated with those individuals with African heritage, is apparent to 94.9% of Africans. [1]

Dryness in Short Curly Hair

The dryness in black baby hair’s caused by the curls, as its structure limits the flow of the protective sebum, restraining most of it from reaching the tips of the hair.

The sebum functions to keep the hair and skin of your toddler moisturized. It also protects your baby’s hair from harmful bacteria and inflammation. [2]

Black Babies Hair is Brittle

The brittleness is especially prominent when your little one’s hair is not correctly moisturized. In fact, research shows that African hair is prone to rapid hair fall and slower hair growth than other hair types. [3]

The same study showed that the curls and the texture of an afro hair only contribute to an average of 40 hairs centimeter density, which is much lower than other individuals with wavy hair.

What Month Can I Start Braiding My Baby’s Hair?

A braid is a fun and creative way to give your baby boy and baby girl neat yet adorable hairstyles before having their first haircut.

However, there’s a certain period when you can start braids as a haircut for your baby’s hair, and it’s the toddler stage, between two to three years of age. 

By this age, your toddler can already take on the tedious process of making braids and the slight discomfort that comes with it. 

How Often Should I Wash and Shampoo My Baby Girl’s Hair?

Experts say washing your baby’s hair must be done at least twice to thrice a week with baby shampoo and mild soaps that are paraben-free, formaldehyde-free, and fragrance-free. [4]

Moreover, knowing your baby’s short hair shampoo is essential as it will prevent such a young age from having skin irritations, inflammation, and rashes.

Do I Need to Use a Conditioner for My Child’s Hair?

You can use a conditioner for baby boys and girls to help detangle the curls and hydrate the skin for swift long hair or short black baby hairstyles. 

After all, a study defined hair conditioners as products that promote hair manageability. [5]

However, you MUST always be mindful of the ingredients, as a similar study showed commercial conditioners contain these components:

  • Surfactants that can cause hair fiber damage [6]
  • Fatty alcohols as thickeners which can dry baby boy or girl’s gorgeous hair
  • Synthetic oils, colors, and fragrances may cause hair loss and irritation
  • Parabens that can irritate a baby’s skin and can change the hormone activity 

What Are the Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Afro Hair?

The best shampoos and conditioners for your baby’s afro hair should be healthy and safe, like the Aussie Kids Curly Leave-In Conditioner and the Attitude Curl Moisturizing Shampoo.

Also, these products have these characteristics:

  • Natural ingredients. Your baby needs a gentle formulation for their natural hair that will not harm their skin, hinder hair growth, or damage their eyes.
  • Fragrance-free formula. It would help if you remembered this because synthetic fragrances may cause skin irritation in your toddler, which will make recreating hairstyles difficult.
  • Hydrating components. The light hydrating elements from fruit oils, like the miracle fruit, can be used for your baby’s hair as it needs to be moisturized daily to prevent tangling. [7]

How Do I Care for Black Baby Hair for My 3, 6, 9, and 12-Month-Old?

As moms, taking care of your baby’s hair (black baby boy or girl), may it be after their first haircut, with short haircut, or longer hair, takes patience and knowledge.

With this, here are some tips on how you should take care of your black baby hairstyles:

  • Lather and rinse your baby’s short hair or long hairstyles two to three times a week
  • Use natural and baby-friendly shampoo and conditioner
  • Gently untangle the curls by gradually combing while wet or with conditioner to prevent hair breakage
  • Use gentle shampoos and mild conditioners for black baby curly hair
  • Consult your pediatrician on the best black baby curly hair product to create a safe environment appropriate for your baby’s age
  • Don’t comb dry curls, as it may cause mild to severe hair strand damage

What to Avoid When Dealing With Afro-Hair?

Your baby’s safety always comes first before the adorable child hairstyles. For you to do this, you must avoid the following ingredients on shampoos and conditioners for your kids’ afro hair:

  • Alcohol. This lessens the hair’s moisture and, in turn, makes your baby’s afro-textured hair dry, with brittle strands.
  • Allergens. These can cause dermatitis and other skin irritation problems. [8]
  • Parabens.These are irritants for your baby’s scalp and can also disrupt the hormones from the endocrine system.
  • Phthalates. Thiscan cause congenital disabilities, be a trigger for obesity, and raise cardiovascular problems [9]

Final Words

Whether you’re a mom or dad, you can now incorporate all these tips on making your black baby boy and girl’s curly hair stylish and fun into your daily hairstyles routine before and after their first haircut.

Remember that the afro-textured hair of your black baby has tight, dry, and brittle strands. With this, never forget to use shampoos and conditioners for curly hair made from all-natural hydrating ingredients and fragrance-free

Also, keep in mind to avoid getting black baby strands in contact with products that have alcohol, allergens, parabens, and phthalates.

Now, as you put all of these facts in mind, have fun giving your black baby cute and fashionable hairstyles!

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