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6 Steps To Take Dreads Out Easily At Home

Dreadlocks are a cool hairstyle that is worth a try at least once in a lifetime. However, it is not ideal to keep these locks on your hair forever.

When it comes to dreadlocks that are loose over time, or you feel your hair needs to be relaxed after being knotted and tangled for a while, it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite locks.

Unfortunately, taking dreadlocks out is not an easy task. If your method is improper, you might have to cut your hair down.

So what would be the best way to remove dreadlocks and how to do it? You’ll find your answer in this article right now.

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Can dreadlocks be taken out?

In short, yes, locks can be unlocked. Just like working on knots on natural hair, the removing dreadlocks process will require much more effort and time.

It might take more than one day to completely take the locks out of your head.

Normally, cutting your hair will be the fastest and easiest way to clear the dreads away.

However, not everyone dares to sacrifice their hair. Fortunately, your dreadlocks can be taken out while you can keep your hair length with different methods.

How do you loosen tight dreads?

If your dreads are too tight and hurt the scalp, but you don’t want to take them out, this is when you should loosen your locks.

Below are some typical ways to release the tension on your locs.

Using moist heat

Warm water will help open your hair shafts, thereby making your locks softer and smoother. Treating your dreads with warm water will loosen your tight dreads and make them more elastic after several times.

You can choose among taking a shower with warm water, using a hair steamer, or wrapping dreads with a hot towel for 30 minutes to an hour.

Using leave-in conditioner

Applying leave-in conditioner is also a great way to loosen tight dreadlocks. Natural oil is a great substitution, too. You can gently massage your scalp and the dreads from root to top with vegetable-based oil or leave-in conditioner.

This will not only help your tight locks loosen but massaging your scalp daily also promotes blood circulation, which is good for your natural hair.

How do you take dreads out without cutting them?

The easiest and fastest way to remove dreads out of your head is cutting them, of course when your hair is long enough, or you’ll need to shave your hair off. However, it should only be used as the last resort.

Besides cutting hair, you can comb the dreads out just like how you remove knots and tangles on your natural hair. Keep in mind that this method will take a few days, so be patient.

Things you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle of water
  • A hair clip
  • Conditioner
  • A small-tooth comb


  1. Separate your dreads into individual locks
  2. Work on single loc each time and use a hair clip to hold the others
  3. Saturate the end of your lock and use your hands to apply the water evenly to make sure your dreads are wet
  4. Apply conditioner to the wet end of the dread to moisten and soften your hair
  5. Use the comb to brush out the dread from the end upward (do it gently and outward until your hair is completely separated and detangled)
  6. Repeat all the process to work on other locks

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Final words

When it comes to removing dreadlocks, patience is the key if you want to keep your hair’s length. The instruction is pretty easy but will require a few days to bring your hair back to the natural status.

Remember that never work on dry locks because it might cause hair loss or breakage.

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