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Try These Brilliant Ways To Shower Without Getting Hair Wet

While nothing serious will happen if you frequently wet your hair without shampoo, there are still those who don’t like getting their hair wet in the shower.

Now we will find out some ways to keep our hair dry while showering. It’s actually a piece of cake.

How to shower without getting hair wet?

Just prepare yourself some easy-to-find hair products to do these following tricks:

Wear a shower cap

If you have short or medium hair, a regular shower cap can cover your hair while showering.

When it comes to longer and thicker hair, you can use a big hair clip or an elastic hair tie to tie your hair up before wearing the shower cap.

Use a handheld showerhead

You can tie your hair in a bun and use an adjustable handheld showerhead, which directs to your body instead of your head.

Thereby, your hair can be kept dry during the shower.

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Can I wet my hair in the shower without washing it?

Yes, you can wet your hair with just plain water in the shower. This is likely to happen more frequently with men rather than women.

Washing hair is essential to keep your hair clean and healthy. Giving your hair a wash means you’ll need a shampoo, water, and a conditioner to make your hair fresh and shiny.

However, it’s unnecessary and not recommended to wash your hair every day with shampoo. Sometimes, rinsing hair with pure water is enough to refresh your hair and scalp.

Anyway, as long as your hair isn’t that dirty, then you won’t need to wash it with shampoo. Getting your hair wet while showering will be fine if your hair is still clean enough, otherwise, you will feel a bit unpleasant and icky.

How often should you wet your hair in the shower?

You can wet your hair anytime you are under the shower.

Since you will have two or three days per week washing your hair with shampoo, you can just rinse it with water on the rest of the week.

Should you get your hair wet every day?

It will be fine if you get it wet every day. Because wetting hair with water only won’t strip the natural oils from your strands like washing does, it won’t cause any problem to your hair.

Some people find wetting hair under the shower is a way of relaxing, but remember that only lukewarm or cool water work great on your hair. Hot water can lead your hair to many unhealthy issues like moisture loss or dandruff.

Does wetting your hair everyday help grow?

There is no published study about the relation between wetting hair and hair growth.

Pure water doesn’t provide any essential nutrients and vitamins that help nourish the hair. Besides the washing days, wetting your hair with water will only make the strands look better and keep their natural oils.

A healthy diet, lifestyle and good hair products (eg Shampoos, Conditioners and Laser Hair Growth Devices) can help nurture and grow your hair from the inside.

But don’t forget that dirty hair and scalp cannot make your hair grow faster than a clean scalp and tresses. So always keep your hair fresh with washing and wetting days alternately.

There are some aforementioned tricks to keep your hair dry while showering, but nothing will happen if you accidentally wet it without a shampoo.

It would be fine if wetting your hair every day, but not washing with shampoo. Always listen to your hair and know what it really needs, and you’ll achieve healthy and fresh hair.



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