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How To Save Used Hair Dye? What Can You Do With Leftover Hair Dye?

At-home hair coloring is the solution of many people looking to save on salon bills.

You might experience the situation that you can’t use a whole amount of hair dye and concern about how to keep the rest hair dye for later without any spoiling, which can result in a range of hair disasters.

So in this article, we will explain to all of your remaining questions about this particular subject and give you the most efficient saving method. 

How to save hair dye after opened?

Most at-home hair color kits include two different bottles of product, the color and activator, which must be mixed together and then applied to hair.

After the box being opened, the leftover hair dye and activator must be closed up tight for storage. The air causes the hair dye to oxidize and lose its effectiveness.

Double protection inside a plastic bag, then keeping it in a cool dark place (a refrigerator is best) is an excellent idea to keep hair dye fresh and ready for action next time.

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Can you save hair dye after its mixed?

Never save hair color after it’s been mixed with activator. After the activator is mixed with the color, oxidation occurs. 

You may save what is left for a short period of time, perhaps an hour, but after that, the mixture will not be effective enough to have a positive effect on your hair or even cause explosion and damage to your hair.

So the best way to deal with the mixture is by throwing it away.

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What to do with leftover hair dye?

In case you have a lot of leftover hair dye remaining in the bottle, and you are pretty sure that you don’t use it later, so what way can you discard the leftover hair dye?

You may not realize it, but the chemicals used to bind color to your hair strands are actually classified as hazardous wastes.

In addition to being suspected or known cancer-causing agents, some of these chemicals are also harmful to the environment.

So the solution is to find your friend who fancies the same shade as your choice in hair color or donating the dye to the local hair salon.

It will be the best way to use the whole leftover hair dye to avoid detrimental effects to the surroundings.

But if you don’t have any solution to choose, just carefully discard it into the sink under the running water.


We hope that you can find the solution for your leftover hair dye, whether storing it or passing it to other people, remember to fully use the hair dye to avoid environment damage.

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