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7 Effective Methods To Remove Hair Dye From Counter

Hair dying will have the best result when being done by a hair specialist at a salon.

However, when you want to save your budget, you can totally try it at home. It is not a hard trick, but you need to follow the instruction to achieve the best outcome.

The problem that most people have actually encountered might not be about how to dye their hair, but to clean up the mess of hair dye residue over the house. It can be on your bathroom and kitchen countertops, in a sink and bathtub.

Of course, you have nothing to do if you already cover your surroundings carefully before starting your dying process. But if you accidentally forget to do this, our  article will show you the way to get rid of these stains and bring your house back to its clean state.

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How to remove hair dye from marble surfaces?

Kitchen or bathroom counters are usually made from marble, quartz, or granite. These stones might have different properties, but they share a similar appearance.

So we would like to show you some typical methods to take the hair dye stains out of these shiny and smooth surfaces.

Fresh stains

Things you’ll need:

  1. An old cloth or sponge
  2. A bowl
  3. Warm water
  4. Soap powder


  1. In a bowl, dilute soap powder with warm water
  2. Dip a cloth or sponge in the soapy mixture and wipe the spills
  3. Rinse well with water
  4. Use another dry cloth to wipe again

Wiping out fresh stains is just a piece of cake. Therefore, try to remove them as soon as possible, and you’ll only need to clean with ease. 

Persistent stains

Things you’ll need:

  1. An absorbent pad
  2. An old cotton cloth
  3. Water
  4. Acetone or any other kind of alcohol


  1. Soak an absorbent pad into alcohol and squeeze damply
  2. Place over the stains and leave it about five minutes to loosen the stains
  3. Rub the pad until the stains are removed
  4. Use a moist cloth to wipe the places of those stains and the alcohol residue

Alcohol will be helpful to soften and loosen the deep and long-term spills. But be careful that nail polish remover can also take the external paint of the counter away, so you better give it a test at a small area first.

How to remove hair dye from wood surfaces?

Hair dye marks can also linger on wood surfaces, such as floors or wooden counters.

In this case, a regular dishwashing detergent can help, or familiar kitchen staples like vinegar and baking soda will be ideal to help you get rid of hair dye on wood.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Baking soda
  2. Vinegar
  3. Water
  4. A bowl
  5. An old cloth


  1. In a bowl, mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda to create a paste
  2. Use an old cloth to apply the paste to the stains
  3. Rub until the marks are removed
  4. Use another cloth to wipe the area of stains with warm water

You can also use the mixture of baking soda and dishwashing liquid or hydrogen peroxide instead of baking soda and vinegar. Apply the same method and you’ll wipe the hair dye stains away.

Baking soda is an effective leavening agent. People also use baking soda to remove hair dye, whiten white hair or get rid of hair dye smell.

How to remove hair dye from sinks and bathtubs?

The aforementioned methods can be used to remove hair dye residue from sinks and bathtubs. In case they don’t work, you can use a bleaching agent to get these spills out of the way. Since bleach is used to remove hair pigments, it also works on stains, too.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Bleach
  2. Toilet bowel cleaner
  3. Sponge
  4. Water


  1. Apply a bit of toilet cleaner and bleach to a sponge to damp it
  2. Rub the sponge to the stains until they are removed
  3. Rinse with water to make sure there is no chemical residue on your sinks or bathtubs

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to remove hair dye residue on any surface. Just test these methods on a small place of your countertops or floors to make sure the paint is intact. And remember that the sooner you wipe out these marks, the easier they are removed.



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