3 Ways To Remove Bigen Hair Color

Remove Bigen Hair Color

Bigen is a permanent hair color which is typically used to cover gray hair.

What makes Bigen hair dye great and special is it doesn’t contain any harsh chemical ingredients, such as ammonia, or hydrogen peroxide.

Therefore, the result when using Bigen hair color is likely to be more natural and rich. This also doesn’t leave dye smell on your hair like other dyes.

However, what if the color on your hair is not as expected, what will be the best way to remove Bigen hair color on your hair? This article will help you answer these questions.

How long does Bigen hair dye last?

How long Bigen hair color lasts on your hair will actually depend on your hair condition and how you treat it, but it will be around four to six weeks. Bigen is a permanent hair dye, so it is pretty long-lasting.

How to remove Bigen hair color?

Dying hair with Bigen hair color is an economical and safe way. However, you cannot guarantee that the result will be perfect as always.

When it comes to the unexpected color on your hair, the below methods will help you get rid of it.

Shampoo right after dying

Bigen is actually not hard to be removed, especially right after you have applied it to your hair. So if you see the wrong color, wash your hair immediately.

Using Colorfix

You can use a color-correcting product like Colorfix to lighten your dark hair if it’s too dark.

Colorfix actually doesn’t remove the hair dye from your hair, it’s still there, but you won’t see much of it because the Colorfix has lifted up the color to lighten it without creating any severe damage to your hair.

Waiting for it to fade away

The easiest and safest way to get rid of Bigen hair color out of your hair is doing nothing.

Really, Bigen color is prone to stay on your hair around four to six weeks. Therefore, be patient and wait for it to naturally go away day by day.


Is Bigen hair dye safe?

As already mentioned, this kind of color doesn’t contain harsh chemicals in its formula. Therefore, Bigen hair color is considered safer than other hair dyes.

However, people with sensitive scalp and skin should always be careful because Bigen hair color can still cause you some allergic symptoms to some extent.

Final words

Bigen powder hair color is great to cover gray, resulting in rich and natural dark hair. It is a favorite option because of the safe ingredients without any harsh chemicals.

However, when you want to remove the imperfect Bigen color resulting in your hair, there are some tips for you to do with ease, like shampooing, using Colorfix, or literally doing nothing and waiting. Hope you find this article helpful for you.

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