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How to Put on a Wig on Long Hair?

Whether you are new to wigs or not, putting on a wig when you have long hair can be a daunting process.

Sometimes you may just be having a bad hair day, other days maybe you wish to change your hairstyle or have a selfie photoshoot, but your wig is not only working out.

People who are blessed with long biological locks find it harder to wear wigs. No one wants to put on a wig that will not look natural.

Sometimes you have struggled to keep your hair together for the wig only to realize there is a conspicuous lump underneath the wig.

Cutting down your hair is also not an option. If you are trying out wigs with long luscious locks, maybe you consider using the following methods to Put on a Wig on Long Hair.

Prepare to Put on a Wig on Long Hair

Method 1: Wrap braids around your hair

Braiding your hair is the easiest way to contain it. 

Wrap braids to put on a wig
Braiding your hair (Image Credit: oykristen.com)

Step 1: Divide hair and tie each of the pieces

Depending on how thick your hair is, divide it into 4 or 5 portions. You would want to divide the portions further if you have thicker hair.

Tie each of the pieces with a loose hairband.

Step 2: Loosely braid each of the sections

Ensure you start braiding from the base of your scalp.

Divide each portion into 3 sections to braid it, the right, middle, and left. Bring the right section to the middle, then the left section to the middle.

Continue bringing the three in an alternating manner until you have braided to the end.

After you have reached the end, tie it with a hairband.

It is important to note that you need loose braids. If you make it too tight, you may have lumps on your head when you wear the wig.

Step 3: Wrap each braid around your head

Take one of the braided hair and wrap it around your head. Secure it at the back of your head with a hairpin. Wrap it around your head until it has fully rested on your scalp.

Plus, remember not to wrap the braid finger-lengths distance from your forehead if you do not want it to show on the front of the wig.

Put bobby pins around the braid until it stays in place on your scalp. Always ensure to start with the braids at the back.

Step 4: Do the same for the other braids

Take one braid at the back but start wrapping from the opposite side. Wrap the braid around your head and pin it with bobby pins as you move towards the front.

Ensure that the braids don’t overlap as that will only create lumps when you wear the wig.

Who would want that? Everyone that put on a wig on long hair needs it to appear as natural as possible.

Wrap the remaining braids around your head so they all fit. If you find that bobby pins are a little smaller and would like a better grip, you can choose to use hairpins.

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Method 2: Make cornrows

Cornrows Style
Cornrows Style (Source: Youtube)

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  • Step 1:

Divide your hair into rows.

Take a comb, divide some small pieces of hair from front to the back of your head.

Ensure the section you are dividing isn’t big. It should be about one to two inches thick.

Start from one side of your head, either the right or the left.

  • Step 2:

Start braiding the divided section by dividing it further into three sections.

From the front part, pass the right section under the middle section and do the same for the left section.

  • Step 3:

From the row you are working on, pull in hair to add to the left section. It is just like the French braid, the difference is, you are not using the hair above.

Ensure you add small amounts of hair as you go; maybe not more than half an inch.

  • Step 4:

Continue braiding until you reach the base of your head. After that, make a regular braid then tie, then end with a small hairband.

You are supposed to use the smallest hair band to avoid creating a lump when you wear the wig.

  • Step 5:

Repeat the process in other small sections. The result should be neat cornrows running from the front of your head to the back.

Secure each one of them with a small hairband at the end.

Twist the cornrow ends together, then wrap them around your head. Use large bobby pins to put them in place.

If your cornrows are a bit thicker, you would want to pin them separately.

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How to Put on a Wig on Long Hair?

Grab the wig cap, which basically has two holes in it. Start at the back of your head. The front part is elastic so that you can pull it to your forehead.

Other wig caps have only one hole. Just ensure you cover your hair at once with them. Carefully pull the cap over your hair.

Do not pull the elastic side past your forehead. Using your fingers, tack the sideburns into the cap as you pull the elastic side behind your ears.

If you are not using either of the two types of wig caps described above, just ensure you tack all stray hairs under the cap.

From the base of your head, draw up the bottom side of the cap. Have the back hole on your hand while doing this. Continue drawing it to the crown part and secure it with pins.

Using your fingers, stretch the wig over your head. Use bobby pins to attach the wig to your head. Alternatively, use double-sided fashion tape to put the wig’s edges in place.

If you want the wig for long-term, consider using glue to make it stick.

However, if you have never tried using glue before, you should seek professional services to avoid having glue all over your head, and then you’ll have to remove it from you hair.

Additionally, ask the professional to recommend the best types of adhesives.

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Putting on a wig on long hair can be challenging. It, however, should not be with clear instructions.

Ensure to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo to help remove product leftovers from your hair if you are putting up your head for long-term wig wearing.

In addition, you also need to take care of your wigs by using specialized shampoos and conditioners for wigs such as:



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