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4 Essential Steps To Prepare Hair For Box Braids

Box braids are a popular braiding hairstyle. This typical hairdo used to be only common in the black culture.

However, today, people are more open-minded and you can easily see many white people wear this hairstyle, too.

Box braids not only look interesting and beautiful, but they are also known as a protective hairstyle. 

It’s not a trick nor a piece of cake to possess this gorgeous braiding hairdo, but you’ll still need to gain some knowledge about box braids before getting them on your hair.

In this article, we will enlighten you with useful information regarding box braids, so that you can prepare yourself with the best.

How do you prepare your hair for braids?

A braiding hairstyle in general and box braids in particular are meant to stay a bit longer on your hair than other hairdos. That’s the reason why it is considered a protective hairstyle that requires a little maintenance.

So before really getting these boxy plaits, there is something you need to prepare.

A clean scalp and hair

You don’t want to frequently wash your locks while wearing box braids because it might cause your hair to frizzy and messy if done improperly.

Therefore, let’s start with a clean scalp and hair by washing it right before you intend to box-braid it.

Protective night-time routine

Prep yourself a satin pillowcase and scarf when it comes to box braids. These will ease the irritation between your hair and other surfaces when you sleep.

Occasional moisturizing

Your scalp and your hair need to be conditioned even when you are wearing box braids.

Most people use synthetic braiding hair to achieve a voluminous box braids hairstyle.

This fake hair is likely to lose moisture more than your natural hair, so it’s more necessary to condition it occasionally, so that your plaits will look shiny and soft as much as possible.

Let your hair rest

Always keep in mind that your hair needs a break after being kept in shape of these box braids.

So after seven to eight weeks, or when you want to change the style, just let your hair relax for a few days.

What to know before getting box braids?

What are box braids?

If this is your first time getting box braids, you will need to understand this hairstyle. So how can it be made?

Box braids can be worked on natural human hair, or synthetic hair extensions for a thicker and longer result. They are three-strand plaits that are divided into square-shaped sections.

Are box braids expensive?

If you have a friend who can help you do box braids for free, that will be great.

You might still need to throw a small amount of money to buy hair extensions, anyway. However, when it comes to box braids made by a hair stylist, the price will be totally different.

How much this hairstyle costs will depend on your hair length, size, and how famous and professional the hair stylist is.

If you visit a high-end salon to achieve box braids, it can probably cost you around $200 to $300.

Do box braids damage your hair?

Generally, they don’t damage your hair, unless they are treated improperly.

Why improperly?

Because if your natural hair is weak and thin, but you let it cover a bunch of hair extensions that are voluminous and heavy, this might cause hair loss.

On the other hand, a careless routine to take care of your hair before, in, and after wearing box braids like no wash, no condition, no rest, will also pose a risk to your hair.

How long do box braids take?

You should have a day off when you are about to do box braids.

The time that this hairstyle takes can vary from person to person, depending on the quality of the hair stylist and your hair type. On average, it will take four to eight hours.

A beginner or unprofessional person might take 10 hours to have box braids, while a quality hair stylist can do it within four hours.

With short hair, you can read this to do box braid.

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Should I blow-dry my hair before braiding?

It’s recommended to start braiding your hair when it is at its natural condition.

Therefore, it’s not a good idea to blow-dry your hair right before doing box braids. Just let it naturally dry if you have just washed it.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that blow-drying hair before braiding will cause a serious problem. If you did it properly, it will be just fine.

Can you do box braids on wet hair?

No, never braid hair while it is wet.

The reason is wet hair is much heavier than your natural dry hair. So when being braided, these plaits will pull your hair down by its bulky weight, which can damage your hair.

If you don’t want to face hair loss or breakage situations, so don’t do box braids or any other braids on wet hair.

Should I do protein treatment before braids?

Of course, you should do protein treatment before doing box braids. This is even one of the essential steps you need to do prior to braids.

A protein treatment will nourish your hair from inside and ensure it is strong enough to handle the weight of the upcoming braids.

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Final words

In conclusion, your hair needs proper care and maintenance before, while, and after wearing box braids.

This hairstyle is a great way to protect your hair and bring a new look to you. Always treat it gently and appropriately, and your braids are beautiful and healthy as always.

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