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5 Steps To Make Your Hair Look Nappy At Home

“Nappy hair” is a signature hairstyle owned mainly by Africans. In addition, people from Oceania and some parts of Southeast Asia also have this unique hairstyle.

Nowadays, nappy hair is not only popular among individuals, but also known as a fashion statement.

Start exploring this post, you will learn more about the origin of “nappy hair” and how to make your hair look nappy.

What does Nappy mean?

Nappy hair
Nappy hair

In various Post-Columbian as well as Western communities, they often use terms as a negative description of very tightly coiled, and kinky black hair previously.

In earlier times, these terms were reflecting Afro-textured hair. This name has historically been considered a discriminatory title.

Therefore, today, you need to pay attention to how to use it to avoid making the people facing you, especially the Africans, feel like they are offended.

Where did nappy hair come from?

The term nappy is proven to be around at least the 1880s. The word “nappy” has been recognized that it comes from the word “nap” – the name of the small cotton balls inside of a cotton plant.

Later, the word “nappy” was born because it resembled the texture of unkempt Afro-textured hair.

Regardless of how this hairstyle appeared and was perceived in the past, it is now welcomed by many people around the world as a unique and personalized fashion symbol.

What is another word for nappy hair?

Because “nappy hair” is a somewhat sensitive term related to a racial factor, several alternative names are used to refer to this hairstyle as well.

When speaking about the hair of black people, besides the term nappy hair, this hair texture has gone through a lot of names, such as curly, kinky, or coily.

So, you can be flexible to choose suitable words when you want to talk about this hairstyle in front of an African.

How to make your hair look nappy?

“Nappy Hair” seems to be a trend that makes every lady jealous. Styling a haircut like tantalizing supreme power isn’t all that difficult.

However, it is necessary to take conventional measures to make it look attractive. Here are the steps to make this hairstyle:

Things you’ll need:


  1. Step 1: Use a volumizing gel to damp your hair.
  2. Step 2: Begin at the sources from where the hair starts and go your way to the tips. Then, you can use medium- to small-sized curlers to rotate your hair. Separate the hair into sections to insert in the curlers until completely dry.
  3. Step 3: Eliminate the curlers and particularly flip your head upside down. Sprinkle a light volumizing hair spray.
  4. Step 4: Flip your head back up and smoothly work your thumbs through any sections that resemble overly complicated.
  5. Step 5: Use a teasing comb to tease the origins of your hair, creating a lift for the hair.

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Afro-textured hair now plays an important part in African history and culture. African women can be proud and celebrate their nappy natural hair type.

One of the best things about this hairstyle is that there are so many unusual styles that other women can’t wear.

Experience this special hairstyle with the simple and effective instruction we provided. Good luck!



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