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How To Make Your Hair Grow In A Certain Direction?

Growing hair is a complicated task for both men and women. Sometimes, hair growing in different directions can cause a very irritating problem.

The multiple hair-growing directions pose a challenge when you style your hair. As far as we know, hair growth direction is natural or even decided before you were born.

In most cases, you cannot intervene in which pattern it will grow. However, people can still get their hair in a specific direction by training their hair daily.

After a short time of implementation, it will bring amazing results to you.

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How to train your hair to grow a certain way?

Changing up your hairstyle can be an exciting opportunity to express yourself and your style.

However, it can also be frustrating when trying to grow hair in a direction that it is not accustomed to.

Although you can never change the direction of growth inside the hair follicle, you can work with the hair to manipulate it in the direction you want.

You only need to persevere in performing a few inexpensive manipulations below, I guarantee after a few days of usual care and attention, your hair will start to get the shape you want.


  • A spray bottle
  • A comb
  • Hair gel or styling mousse
  • Hair spray (optional)
  • Bobby pins (optional)


  1. Step 1: Make your hair damp (not dripping wet) with a spray bottle or work on your hair right out of the shower.
  2. Step 2: Apply a comb to separate the part of the hair you need to work with and comb your hair in the direction you want.
  3. Step 3: If wet hair does not stay your hair when combing, you can apply hair gel or styling mousse. Please put them in your hair and comb again to keep it in the direction you want.
  4. Step 4: Keeping your hair dry undisturbed helps set it in place. Shouldn’t touch or adjust your hair throughout the day, and try not to sleep on that portion of your hair at night.
  5. Step 5: Repeat the hair’s wetting, apply the gel, and combing daily to condition hair to do what you want until your hair naturally gets into the way you want.

Note: Depending on the style you are aiming for, it may take several attempts and several days before your hair can follow what you want.

Next, you can use an extra secure hold hair spray or bobby pins to position your hair and maintain it from moving back to its previous pattern or direction (if needed).

Why does hair grow in a certain direction?

As I mentioned at the top of this writing, your hair direction may have been decided before you were born.

Three parts determine the direction of your hair: angle to skins (below the skin), direction (where the tip points), and tilt.

When you are just a womb, your hair follicles are already formed, and it grows at an angle to the skin. This method results in your hair growing in a certain direction.

How do you train your hair for a certain way for men?

There are two ways that you can try:

  1. The first way: You need a cap and put it on your head; assuming your hair is lying down, you will use it to pull your hair back. This is a fairly rudimentary way, but after a long time of repetition, it will cause your hair follicles to stay in the position you want permanently totally.
  2. The second way: After showering, you can try combing and letting it dry in the way you want (can use a hairdryer). Combined with some types of hair styling products will give you better results.


In this article, I have provided you with a reasonably easy-to-implement natural method to make hair grow in a certain direction that you desire for women and men.

It works, but it takes a long time for the hair to get used to the new direction. I hope that this post has been helpful to you.

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