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How to Make Natural Hair Curly and Soft?

Admit it! You’ve been caught several times absentmindedly drooling over some soft, curly, and radiant hair over the streets.

At that moment you were wondering how to make natural hair curly and soft, right?

It has consistently left you cringing and feeling devastated. Considering how your dry, wiry, matted, and unkempt natural hair look, it may seem impossible ever to rock that style.

Transforming your hard natural hair to curls and beautiful waves doesn’t require rocket science. Soft and curly hair has that burly look that leaves you feeling energized and fired up.

Curly hair tends to let you feel freer hence lifting your spirits and alleviating your moods. Curly hair styling is a magical exercise.

If you are looking to transform your boring, frizzy, and unhealthy natural hair to a more fashionable and trailblazing style, then you are in the right place.

Let us dig in and find the best and friendly ways of making your natural hair curly and softer

Creating springy curls from natural hair

This is the best style of creating curly and wavy hair, especially for natural kinky hair.

If proper maintenance is accorded to the curls, then treating them once a week will work wonders for you. 

Clean your hair using warm water

Heat is not a friendly thing to hair, especially the natural ones. Excessive heat can cause damages to the hair.

Using relatively hot water or simply warm water to wash your black kinky hair should be the starting point for a healing hair journey.

The rate of grease formation should guide you on your hair cleaning rendezvous. For some, it can be twice a fortnight or once in 10 days.

Moisturize using shampoo

After cleaning your hair, proceed to hydrate with a moisturizing shampoo. Natural hair appears greasy and shiny especially when it lacks oils.

A moisturizing shampoo hydrates the hair strands. Natural hair without oils is a mess, it has a shiny and greasy appearance.

Massage the required size of shampoo to your hair. Rinse with warm water for proper treatment.

Apply Conditioner 

By applying a leave-in conditioner, proper hydration of the scalp and hair is guaranteed.

Using a conditioner on your natural hair leaves it with a smooth texture, a sure path to getting soft curly hair. 

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For wet hair, you are allowed to touch it only when you are detangling or when applying hair products.

Comb through the detached hair for the styling process to begin. Remove muddled hair and any greases to avoid turning it frizzy.

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Apply heat protectant 

After cleaning, shampooing, and conditioning your hair, heat treatment follows. Blow dry to dry the hair.

You must protect your natural hair from the effects of heat as you work towards a perfect curly hair search. 

Make knots

Make loose Bantu knots on your hair after a thorough blow-dry. You can choose to wrap it or leave it in two twisted strands. 

Allow curls to form 

Allow for the wavy curls to form. It may take 30 minutes to even 3 hours depending on the amount of time at your disposal.

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Oil-free products application

Soak out excess amount of water using a t-shirt. Apply the conditioner and other styling gels for perfect curl and soft formation.

Partition hair for easier application. Spread out hair using a fine-toothed comb for even distribution of oil. Don’t use oil on wet hair.

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Untwist and fluff 

Unravel the Bantu knots and muddle up your hair for wavy curls to form on your head. Close any opening parts to ensure uniform curl formation on your head. 

Get the perfect haircut to enhance your curls. Go out, feel good, and take lots of pictures for your social media platforms. Don’t forget to send some to your best friend.

How to make natural hair curly and soft with Flexi rods?

Have you ever heard of flexi rods before? If not, grab your pass and get them from your nearest beauty shop. Better yet, just grab your phone to order some online.

This is the fastest method to make your natural hair curly and soft.

Flexi rods are easy and flexible sticks that come in different shapes and sizes. They make stylish patterns around the hair to leave exuberant curls. The number of Flexi rods and the size of the curls formed is directly proportional.

For perfect curl and soft formation using the Flexi rods you might need a complete set of the following items: Leave-in conditioner, Flexi rods, water atomizing bottle, and comb.

Follow the steps below to make natural hair curly and soft:

  1. Start treating kinky, emaciated, and grimy hair, for perfect hair curls. Dry hair is good as it does not shrink. 
  2. If your black hair is long, partition it using the tail comb. Partition hair and clamp the upper and lower sections with a hair clip. 
  3. Apply a little moisture over your head. Use the water bottle to apply moisture to your head. Watch to avoid soaking your hair wet. 
  4. Rub leave-in conditioner around the top and bottom sections of hair partitions. The conditioner leaves your hair soft. It improves hair texture.
  5. Enclose your hair around the Flexi rods. Stroke your hair around the Flexi rods until you reach the roots and bend backward to lock them. Decide on the proper size of the Flexi rods to use. The smaller the Flexi rods, the smaller the size of the curls that will be formed.  

For tighter curls, use small Flexi rods. You can also slide a bobby pin through the rods to help secure hair.

  1. Proceed to work around every section of your head, repeating the above process all over the head. For bulkier, curls work on your hair by being consistent with the hair size you secure with the Flexi rods.
  2. Begin the process of drying your hair. If you don’t want to lose time, a hairdryer would work wonders at this point. Make sure to apply low-heat for the safety of your hair. 
  3. Remove the Flexi rods later on. Once it is moisture-free, remove the rods for the curls to set in.

Finally, you will acquire bouncy curly hair for a good hair look to rejuvenate your atmosphere. Flexi rods work wonders to give you the perfect soft and curly natural hair.



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