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How To Grow Dreadlocks From Short Hair?

Have you ever been left awestruck when someone with dreadlocks walked past you? You were probably left wondering what they did to achieve that look, weren’t you?

Dreadlocks (which is quite similar to locs hair) have become one of the most stylish and fashionable hairstyles won all over the world by various communities.

Are you curious about How to grow dreadlocks from short hair?

You have probably asked yourself many questions already; do you leave them to grow naturally, or should you have them twisted out?

Grow dreadlocks from short hair
Grow dreadlocks from short hair

You can start with mini dreads to set an easier pace to grow out full locks.

Using the right materials and right tips to grow dreads on your short hair, you will naturally achieve long dreads effortlessly.

To form beautiful dreads on your short hair, you will need the following:

  • Dread sponge

The dread sponge is specially made for dreading rough hair. It is highly recommended for starting dreads with short hair.

It works better than the soft bristle brush.

  • Rattail comb

The rattail comb is mainly used in the twisting method of dreadlocks. You can also use it to comb through, part, pull, and twist hair.

  • Soft bristle brush

The soft bristle brush is an essential tool used in all the methods of making dreadlocks from short hair, but it’s mostly needed for the brushing and sponge method.

  • Dreadlock cream

This cream is essential for the successful locking of dreads. It keeps the hair knotted and holds it together.

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How to grow dreadlocks from short hair?

Brushing method

  • Step one

Brushing is the best method to form dreadlocks on your short hair. It even works for less than 3 inches of hair length.

Use a soft bristle hairbrush or a dread sponge. Starting with a portion of your hair, brush your hair in circular clockwise motions for about one or two minutes.

Once your hair starts forming balls move to another section. The sponge holes assist in creating partings and gathering hair.

dread sponge
Use dread sponge to form dreadlocks on your short hair
  • Step two

After sections have been created, apply cream or dread wax to each of the balls. The cream helps with moisturizing and holding your hair in place.

Put some of the wax on your hand and rub it into each dread. The popularly used wax brands that you can use to hold the dreads are lime locking gel and Jamaican mango.

  • Step three

Use elastic bands or small hair clips to secure the dreads.

Hold each ball near the root of the hair using your elastic band. Loosen the band so that you don’t create discomfort.

If you tightly coil your hair or it has a naturally rough texture, then it won’t unravel.

  • Step four

The final step to grow dreadlocks from short hair is: Let your locks sit and dry for about three hours. Note that do not play or sleep on your locks or else they will become loose.

Use a hair drier to dry your locks completely. After that, you will be able to see visible dreads.

Continue using your dread sponge, and you will see great progress after a few weeks of growth.

Twisting method

Twisting to grow dreadlocks from short hair
Twisting to grow dreadlocks from short hair

Twisting is a more manageable and easy method to grow dreadlocks from short hair because you use a comb to part the hair and not clumping it with a brush.

It can be used for hair that is up to 2 inches. The twisting technique is, therefore, perfect for short hair.

  • Step one

Start by wetting your hair to get knot out. This is not necessary, but it simplifies the process.

Work in small sections and with the help of a comb make inch sized squares.

Secure the endings of your hair using a rubber band, though this is optional if you applied enough cream.

  • Step two

Create sections using your hand. Comb through the sections and apply a locking gel or cream.

Rub each section thoroughly with the cream before proceeding to the next one to grow dreadlocks from short hair.

  • Step three

Insert a rat tail comb at the root of your hair and twist. Carefully pull the hair by twisting the comb until you reach the end of your hair. Ensure that the hair remains at the comb teeth while you twisting.

Once you finish a section, it should be twisted out in small dreads.

Use rat tail comb to grow dreadlocks from short hair
You’ll need a rat tail comb to twist your short hair
  • Step four

Work horizontally and space the dreads at least one inch from one another. Continue making very nice and neat rows.

Move in this organized manner from one portion to another until all your hair is dreaded.

  • Step five

Leave your hair to dry for at least three hours without touching it. Use a blow drier to remove moisture from the dreads.

Palm rolling

Palm rolling to grow dreadlocks from short hair
Palm rolling to grow dreadlocks from short hair

Another method to grow dreadlocks from short hair is palm rolling.

You need to roll your dreads back and forth in between your palms, apply downward pressure, and work your way from top to the bottom.

It is essential to palm roll after every wash. Doing this continuously separates and shapes your dreadlocks.

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Clockwise rubbing

Rub in a clockwise direction at the hair’s roots to allow the newly grown hair to be locked.

Tips to help you grow dreads with short hair

Stay on top of your hair game with the following tips:

  • Develop a hair regime

Having a maintenance schedule for your dreads is essential. Have a regime to ensure that your locks are clean and healthy.

  • Always twist in the same direction

You may find yourself in need of a twisting top up multiple times because your hair is growing.

Make sure you twist them in the same direction. Twisting in the opposite direction will quickly unravel the hair.

You can brush but do not comb through the locks. Keep your dreads clumped together using a bristle brush.

  • Keep a good hair gel or cream

Your dreads will be in perfect condition if they are regularly nourished, which would be come from a good hair cream.

A good hair cream will leave your dreads clean and healthy. An example is the Jamaican black castor oil.

(You can also use Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and Jamaican Black Castor Oil Conditioner to strengthen damaged strands and minimize breakage and shedding)

  • Cover your hair properly at night

Cover your hair with a dread sock while sleeping to keep it soft.

By covering your dreadlocks, you also avoid messing it up while you roll around the bed at night.

Final thought

You can achieve longer dreads from short hair faster by adjusting your diet, using hair-boosting supplements and the right shampoo & conditioner for dreadlocks.

Ensure that you are having a properly balanced diet so that your hair gets enough nutrients to keep it healthy.

Use caffeine hair shampoos (eg Botanical Green Care “Hair Loss Therapy”) during your wash days to nourish the roots and boost hair follicle growth.



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