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3 Quick Ways To Get Sand Out Of Hair

Whenever summer comes, the beach is a perfect destination. Although it’s great to have fun out the sun and sand, the biggest problem after that is sand in your hair.

Sand is a stubborn substance and hard to remove once it lingers your hair. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot get rid of sandy hair.

In this article, you’ll be enlightened with some useful methods to say goodbye to annoying sand in your hair.

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What happens if you leave sand in your hair?

Luckily, sand doesn’t give your hair any structural damage. However, it can cause an unpleasant scrappy feeling, and looks like dandruff.

It will be tough and rough when running your finger through your hair.

Therefore, nobody wants their hair with sand on it. The below section will show you some typical and effective methods to 

How do you get sand out of natural hair?

Getting sand out of your natural hair is a trick, but it actually just requires patience.

Refer to three simple methods below and you’ll figure out that the sand removal process is not that hard.

Taking a shower

Taking a shower right after you get home from the beach will be good to remove sand from your hair.

Standing underneath the shower and shampoo normally to let the cold water flush out all the lingering sand on your hair.

Using baby powder

When showering doesn’t seem to work, you can use baby powder to absorb moisture and sand out of your hair.

You can shake your hair before and after applying baby powder to your hair.

Massage your hair and wash thoroughly with your regular shampoo to remove the excess powder on your hair.

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Using vacuum

This method sounds weird but vacuuming your hair with a mini vacuum will be ideal to suck up sand on your head if other ways don’t work.

Remember to keep the nozzle away from your scalp for at least a few inches, or you’ll get troubles with tangled and damaged hair.

Final words

Summertime memories should be only loaded with beautiful beaches and tan.

Sand on your hair or body is unavoidable after returning from the beach, but there are actually several methods to get rid of it.

It’s better to protect your hair before having fun on the beach by wearing a hat, a ponytail hairstyle instead of having your hair fall naturally.

However, baby powder, vacuum, or showering can still help you remove the lingering sand on your hair. These methods will work, or at least after several times trying.

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