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5 Quick And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Waves In Your Hair

An initial wavy haircut can give you confidence. But if you have wavy hair you know the hard work of caring for it.

Wondering how long it takes to get a wave and how to take care of it so that it can last? When wavy hair dries out due to a lack of moisture, it absorbs moisture in the air, making it lift and frizzy.

For some, they don’t have a natural wavy hairstyle, but this hairstyle makes them worry. Therefore, it is very urgent to have a method to help regain straight hair.

Removing hair waves and getting a smooth, straight look is easy with the right tools and techniques. However, you can also use the home treatments we offer below.

Why is my hair suddenly wavy?

Many people are born with wavy hair, but there are also people whose hair suddenly becomes wavy.

Several theories have shown that the reason your hair changes texture is related to your hormones.

Hormones, stress, and aging are considered common causes of quality changes and the activation of the curly hair gene.

Wavy hair is indeed a recessive gene for straight hair. Although the gene is recessive, the curly hair gene is not completely dominant.

That means you may have the curly hair gene but until it’s activated, your waves and curls will be dormant too.

So if you suddenly notice significant changes to your hair texture, talk to your doctor to check your hormone levels.

What causes waves in hair?

As we have presented above, hair has a certain pre-programmed shape that’s all based on your DNA.

For most of the people of African descent, the shape of the hair develops into a spring-like pattern that is a coil or curls very early on.

However, for most Europeans, the texture of the hair is inherently straight, and when hair reaches a certain length, by puberty or hormone changes, their hair can begin to bend and curl.

How long do waves stay in your hair?

According to the famous beauty salon, it is difficult to say how long the wavy hair will last.

This also depends on many factors such as waving techniques, the skill of hairstylists, the type of waving, and especially the post-waving care method.

On average, if you use the technique of cold waving (usually applied to long hair), the waves will last about 3-6 months.

Besides, with the hot waving technique (applicable to all hair lengths), wavy hair will keep for over 6 months.

Do waves ruin your hair?

It’s a pity to admit that waves can create a negative effect on your hair, so you need to wash your waves.

But make sure you don’t wash your hair too often as this will wash away the essential oils your body produces. Instead, you can cut your washing cycle down to once a week.

You can also use conditioner to wash your hair to help remove and grime without completely removing essential oils that keep your hair healthy, strong, and shiny. In particular, always moisturize immediately after washing.

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How do you remove waves from hair?

While wavy hair can give you an elegant look, there are times when you need to change and style your hair differently. This is when you want to get rid of your hair waves.

There are many ways to get rid of hair waves and make your hair look naturally straight without the help of hairstylists.

In some ways, you may use tools like a blow dryer while for others you just need some tricks.

5 quick and effective ways to get rid of your hair waves

Flat iron

This is one of the most effective tools for getting rid of the waves from your hair.

First, wash your hair with a straightening shampoo and apply a heat-resistant serum.

Then blow-dry your hair and divide it into thin layers. Now is the time to flatten your hair and remove the waves.

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Lemon and coconut

Make a mixture of fresh lemon juice with coconut milk and let it sit in the refrigerator for a few hours to allow a thick layer of foam to form on top of the coconut milk.

Apply this foam the length of your hair and scalp and apply regularly to remove the waves in your hair.


Blend the celery leaves mixed with a little water and extract its juice.

Keep it in the refrigerator for a day and then massage onto your hair so it is straight and free of waves.

You can store it in a bottle for regular use.


Because milk has many moisturizing properties, it can help reduce the waves in your hair. Simply fill the spray bottle with cooled milk and spray it on your hair.

Then, let it sit for at least half an hour before washing your hair off.


With a good vegetable oil like this, you use it to massage your hair and scalp. It not only helps the hair shine but also helps it straighten.

In case you want to get vegetable oil out of your hair, check out the link.

If you are bored with wavy hair and are looking for instant straight hair then going to a hair salon is the best choice.

However, if you want to use natural ways to reduce hair waves over time then you can try the natural remedies we provide above. These methods not only have no side effects but also nourish your hair.

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