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4 Steps To Get Motor Oil Out Of Hair

Oil is known as a staple natural hair care product. Vegetable based oils are perfect for your hair to nourish it from the inside out, keeping your hair away from being dry and have a shiny look.

Due to this reason, some people suppose that any kind of oil is ideal to take care of hair, even motor oil.

So what is the truth behind this belief and what would you do if you have motor oil in your hair? Let’s figure it out in this article.

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Is putting motor oil in your hair bad?

Sadly, yes. Putting motor oil in your hair is definitely not a good idea. Motor oil belongs to car and motorbike engines, not your hair.

It doesn’t work like olive oil or other natural oils. Therefore, never consider motor oil as a substitution for other plant oils to nourish or smooth your hair.

The other situation is when you don’t proactively put motor oil in your hair, but still have this annoying motor oil in your head.

For example, mechanics, who usually work under the cars, can easily have motor oil stuck in their hair accidentally while working.

And they definitely need treatment for their hair to get rid of greasy and dirty hair.

What happens if you get motor oil in your hair?

The good news is if you accidentally get motor oil stuck in your hair, there won’t be any severe problem to the hair structure.

So if you are worried about whether oil can make your hair fall out, the answer is no

Your hair will be as greasy as when applying other oil types to your hair. The only problem is it leaves an unpleasant odor and is pretty hard to remove motor oil from your hair.

You might need some tips and tricks instead of only using water and regular shampoo to take motor oil away from hair.

Let’s check the below section to figure out how to properly and effectively get motor oil out of hair.

How to get motor oil out of hair?

It would be best to be more careful when working under the cars to prevent motor oil from sticking on your hair. However, motor oil removal is not a tricky step.

Our four aforementioned methods can help you get engine oil out of hair with ease and leave no damage to your hair.

Things you’ll need:


  1. Saturate motor oil in your hair with a kind of vegetable oil by massaging the affected hair.
  2. Sprinkle some cornstarch to absorb the excess oil in your hair.
  3. Run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to remove any lumps created by cornstarch and oil.
  4. Wash your hair with regular shampoo then condition with a conditioner.

The bottom line

Now you know that motor oil should never be applied to hair. It doesn’t provide your hair with any nutrients, but the greasy look and uncomfortable odor.

If you accidentally have motor oil stuck in your hair, don’t panic.

Our suggested instruction above will help you remove oil from your hair with ease, using some simple ingredients which can easily be found in your house. Good luck!

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