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5 Ways To Get Marshmallow Out Of Hair

Marshmallow is a sweet confectionery that is made of sugar, water, and gelatin. It is a favorite snack of all ages during camping.

Marshmallows can be directly grilled over the fire, or work as a staple ingredient in the classic and delicious S’more recipe.

It might sound ridiculous to have marshmallows stuck on your hair, but this situation actually happens frequently in real life, especially if you have kids.

They are sticky and definitely not cool when being in hair, therefore, we need to figure out how to thoroughly remove marshmallows from hair without damaging our hair.

You’ll have your answer in this article.

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While marshmallows sticking on your hair is annoying, the removal process is actually pretty easy.

Since marshmallow is made of gelatin and sugar, it can be easily melted by hot water. Therefore, you shouldn’t handle them with an ice cube like how you do with gum.

The coldness will harden marshmallows, making it harder to pull off.

Vegetable oils and vinegar will also be helpful to loosen marshmallows before you take them off your hair.

Another way to get rid of marshmallow remnants on hair is just shampooing and conditioning as normal under warm water, then these hair care products will do their jobs and result in clean and smooth hair with no more marshmallow.

How to get marshmallow out of hair?

Basically, marshmallows are easy to handle. You have various ways to get them out of hair, like using hot water, oil, vinegar, or simply your regular shampoo and conditioner.

The below section will show you how each method works.

Using hot water

If marshmallows are stuck on the tip of your hair, you can soak your hair in a mug filled with hot water.

In case marshmallows are around your head and the root, you can soak a towel in hot water, then place it on the affected areas for a few minutes to allow the heat to soften and melt the marshmallows.

Avoid applying hot water directly to your scalp because it might cause skin burnt.

Note: You also can use hot water to get super glue out of hair

Shampoo and condition

Marshmallows can be removed with your regular shampoo and conditioner, or at least after several times trying if you have too many marshmallows left on your hair.

Shampoo under warm water will help gradually take the marshmallows out of your hair, but there might be tangled and knotted hair after that. This is when your conditioner works.

Using vegetable oil

Vegetable oil will help the marshmallow remnants on your hair less sticky, making it easier to pull off.

However, the only minus thing is it will leave a greasy feeling on your hair. Therefore, you should wash your hair thoroughly after applying this method.


Using vinegar

Soaking the affected section of hair in vinegar is an effective way to remove marshmallows stuck on your hair.

However, you better dilute vinegar with water because vinegar is likely to make your hair and scalp dry.

Moreover, you should also rinse your hair with plain water after using vinegar to get rid of the strong odor of vinegar on your hair.

Note: Vinegar is also an effective way to get dried blood, beeswax and vaseline out of hair.

The last words

It would be best to be more careful when roasting and eating marshmallows to prevent them from sticking on your hair.

However, marshmallow removal is not a tricky step. Our four aforementioned methods can help you take the marshmallows away with ease and leave no damage to your hair.

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