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6 Ways To Get Eyebrow Wax Out Of Hair

Eyebrow wax is commonly used to remove excess hair on your eyebrows, hairline, or even your body.

Despite the amazing use, nobody expects the wax residue on their hair.

Eyebrow wax is made of beeswax and rosin, therefore, it requires more than just your regular shampoo and water to remove because it’s waterproof.

This article will unravel any of your concerns about how to effectively remove eyebrow wax residue left on your hair. Let’s check it out!

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How to get eyebrow wax out of hair?

The good news is you have various ways to remove eyebrow wax from your hair. They are quick and easy to do, so that you can do it your own at home.

Cutting the wax area

The easiest and fastest way to get eyebrow wax out of  your hair is cutting the section of hair which has wax on it.

However, it is only applied when you have just a little wax on the tip of your hair. Thereby, cutting a bit of hair will be just fine.

In case the wax is sitting in the root, or there is a large amount of wax on your hair, you better refer to the below methods to thoroughly remove the wax without cutting hair. 

Using olive oil

Olive oil is perfect to break down the wax, making it easier to get the eyebrow wax out of your hair.

You should apply olive oil only on the affected areas, so that the whole head will not be too greasy.

Remember to gently massage the oil a few minutes to soften the wax before pulling it out and washing with a grease-cutting agent. 

Using apple cider vinegar is not only a staple in the kitchen, but also useful to remove excess wax on your hair.

Apply and let apple cider vinegar sit on the wax for a few minutes to loosen it, then pull and rinse well with water.

Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in: closing hair cuticle and making your hair shiny and smooth, removing vaseline from your hair and fixing brassy hair at home.

Using clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a good candidate to eliminate build-ups on your hair, including eyebrow wax.

You can shampoo several times until the wax is removed.

Soaking the affected area of hair with warm water before washing with clarifying shampoo will quickly result in a better outcome.

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Using ice

This method works the same way as to remove gum on hair.

Take an ice cube and place it over the wax residue for a minute. The coldness will harden the wax and make it easier to pick up.

Using alcohol

Soak alcohol in a cotton pad and place it on the wax to dissolve and remove the eyebrow wax from your hair.

Alcohol also helps take any build-up away from your hair, and get rid of lice.

Treat your hair with a hot water compress

High temperature will soften the wax. You can soak your hair in warm water, or apply a cloth in hot water then place it in the affected section of hair with wax on it.

A conditioner will also be helpful in this removal process. You can run a comb through your wet hair to take the wax residue away.


Eyebrow wax is great to remove excess and unwanted hair.

The wax residue is usually unavoidable, and once you have it left on your hair, there are numerous tips for you to get rid of the annoying sticky wax.

Refer to our suggested methods above to help you remove eyebrow wax on your hair with ease and without damaging your hair.



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