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How to Fix Over Toned Hair?

Have you ever sat in the hairdresser for hours only to be disappointed with the results and wish know How to Fix Over Toned Hair?

After paying a few hundred dollars for the service, you look yourself in the mirror and realize that your hair is left with different shades of grey, purple or blue. It’s always a nightmare.

If you are a culprit of over toned hair, your hair will be very porous, you probably over toned your hair, or the toner you used is too strong.

You may not have the luxury of waiting for your toner to fade away, and you need to fix your hair immediately. You can try these simple methods to fix your over-toned hair.

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How to Fix Over Toned Hair?

Using Clarifying shampoo

A clarifying shampoo has an eliminatory effect on the artificially absorbed color.

The first step of removing toner from your hair is by washing it multiple times using a clarifying shampoo.

Do 2 to 3 washes using your shampoo. Massage it along the length of the hair strands and fully rinse it out.

Most toners are not permanent so this method will gradually remove the unwanted color. Use a deep conditioning treatment after washing.

Scrubbing with a dandruff shampoo

Apart from removing excess oil and dirt from your scalp and hair, try using an anti-dandruff shampoo to strip color from your hair.

Wash your hair three times using a dandruff shampoo and condition it afterward using a deep conditioner. For this reason, you should never miss a dandruff shampoo in your bathroom.

After shampooing your hair, use baking soda to get the best results. Take one to two tablespoons of baking soda and massage it on your hair. Leave it for two minutes and rinse.

Another procedure of using baking soda is by adding one tablespoon of baking soda to your shampoo.

Shampoo your hair naturally and rinse out properly, ensuring not to leave any baking soda. Follow with a deep conditioner.

Dishwashing liquid

A dishwashing liquid is a very clarifying and strong ingredient for fixing over toned hair.

Just like your shampoo, take a small amount of the liquid and lather up your hair.

Leave it for a few minutes and rinse it out. Your hair will be left dry and brittle so follow up with a deep conditioning treatment to bring back moisture.

Hydrogen peroxide

To strip off unwanted shades from over toned hair, use diluted hydrogen peroxide.

Dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water and spray on your hair.

Leave it for a minute to minimize the damages. Rinse out and apply a deep conditioning treatment.

Using conditioner and lemons

Using conditioner and lemons to fix over toned hair
Using conditioner and lemons to fix over toned hair

As soon as you realize you don’t like the color of your toner, you should remove it immediately because the longer it sits on your hair, the harder it is to remove it.

For good results, do this method within 24 hours of toning your hair.

Take three parts of lemon for short hair and six for longer hair. Squeeze the lemons to get the juice and mix with one amount of the conditioner.

Apply the mixture to your hair, working from the root to tip. Make sure that you saturate every strand. After you are done, cover your hair with plastic wrap.

Leave the mixture for at least three hours or overnight to get the best result. The conditioner will help in minimizing damage while the acid in lemon juice assists in removing color.

Finally, is shampoo and deep condition on your hair. You can use heat, for example, the sun or hairdryer if you want faster results.

Hydration mask plus heat

If you have damaged or weak hair, this method will work perfectly. First, get your supplies, a hair mask that contains keratin, and an aluminum cap.

To get the best results, avoid using a head wrap or nylon bag.

Make your hair moist and apply the mask with heat to accelerate the process. Ensure that all strands are completely covered from roots to end.

Leave the mask to sit in for twenty minutes and rinse. You can repeat the process until you get rid of the toner.

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Before you bleach your hair, ensure that it is perfect because this method is a bit aggressive. (You can check out my post about How to Bleach Hair Blonde Without Damage?)

The bleaching process here is not as intense as the traditional one.

The materials you require for this process include a container for mixing your products, protective serum, bleach powder, and 20 volume developer cream.

Once you have all the materials in place, prepare your bleach mix. Mix one part of bleach powder with two parts of twenty volume developer cream in your plastic container.

The resulting mixture should be smooth. Apply the mixture to your hair, starting with the ends to the roots. This is because the roots bleach more quickly.

Let it sit for five to ten minutes and rinse using warm water. Dry your hair using a blow dryer and apply the anti-frizz serum.

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Chelating is a process that is usually done to remove any grease and product build-up from your hair. Before dying your hair, you typically chelate it.

You can also do this to remove unwanted toner.

Wash your hair with soap and rinse. Squeeze lemon on your head and let it sit for two minutes. Rinse off the lemon juice and follow with a deep conditioner.

What color to use after removing the toner?

After following the above procedures, you end up with the color of hair you had before you toned it.

However, some colors such as blue or red are intense pigments and may reappear even if you completely removed the toner. Use dye to neutralize the colors that may reappear.

For example, if the toner left a purplish color, you apply a color that ranges between yellow and orange after removing it. i.e. 7.4 or 8.4

If your hair was left yellow after applying toner, use purple after removing the toner. i.e. 8.2
If the toner left your tinted green after applying it, apply a red color after removing i.e. 6.5

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Now you knew How to Fix Over Toned Hair.

If you don’t like the toner applied to you by your stylist, ask him or her to re-tone it to a different shade.



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