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How to Fix Orange Hair with Box Dye?

We can all agree that sometimes the hair color we once adorned can fade over time, leaving us with a hair color we cannot stand.

There are also cases where an adventurous person tries a new color, and it turns out that it was not for him/her.

This may be the most common case every person has, trying out a new color and suddenly realizing that it was not her color.

Most of the time, people do not know what to do when they do not like their new hair color and instead fix them by applying another hair color, and they do it so roughly it brings tears to the eyes of hairstylists who see their hair.

Many may not know it, but there is a step by step procedure on how you should fix your hair without damaging it further.

Below, we will be listing the necessary procedures you can do when you want to fix your orange hair with box dye but cannot afford to go to salons.

But first, we would go through the factors that are the probable cause why your hair has turned orange.

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Factors Causing Your Hair To Turn Orange

The presence of pigments in our hair

Sometimes the chemicals present in the hair dyes we use may combine with these pigments giving us different results from what we expect.

Orange hair colors could also be caused by the lack of bleach you used

As you know, some of the hair dyes require the usage of bleach, which will be mixed with the hair dye.

Some hair dyes require a specific ratio of bleach to produce the color you want.

Not so good hair dyes can also cause orange hair colors

You may never believe it, but some box dyes can deceive your eyes, and instead of the wonderful color you’ve been wanting, it could turn to a different color all at once.

You should be aware of the ingredients used to make the hair dye before buying it.

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How to Fix Orange Hair with Box Dye?

As far as box dyes are concerned, you can fix your orange hair color by toning it.

You would also need to know that hairstylists have this theory called Color Theory, where you would pick a color that completely cancels out that brassy and warm orange color.

One-color that would completely cancel it is the cool ashy undertone; if you picked this one, you would have blonde hair.


Buy enough hair box dyes; remember to keep in mind what color to buy and how many you should buy.

The number of hair box dyes should align with how long your hair is, so you wouldn’t be able to leave some spots and be able to cover all of the hair.


Divide your hair into many and small sections, not just two or more, it may be a hard process, but it would help you to apply the dye to your hair evenly.


Be sure to mix the correct ratio of hair dye and bleach to avoid unexpected hues of the color in your hair.

Each hair box dye comes with instructions on how to start or how many minutes you should leave the mixture to your hair.

After the time has passed, do not forget to rinse your hair off thoroughly while moisturizing your hair so further damage would not happen.

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There are two ways you can fix orange hair: The box dye and the toner.

Even though we are focused on using box dyes as they are easier to use, when box dyes do not work, and you feel like crying, you could use it.

The alternative would be using a toner that would neutralize that brassy orange.

Here are the three possible options you could do when toning:

How to Fix Orange Hair with Toning?


The In-Salon Toner, of course, what better way to get it fixed than to get it to a professional hairstylist.

Using this option, they can mix up a formula on the spot, completely neutralizing that orange tone in your hair.


If you think that the orange hair color does not look that bad with your hair and that it has a much lighter hue than others, then you could use Hair Gloss.

This would eventually help you tone them a little.


Most of the time, brunettes have it rough due to the red and orange pigments in their hair. Because of this, a specific Blue Shampoo was created.

That’s right; just with its name, it contains blue hair pigments, which eventually tones down and neutralizes the red and orange pigments in your hair.

However, do not use it regularly; instead, use it a few times a week.

Aside from the blue shampoo, a Purple Shampoo has the same properties as the blue shampoo and would probably work the same as the latter.

To avoid you from choosing a not-so-good hair dye, here are some choices you could pick from to avoid further damage to your hair.

  • Clairol Natural Instincts is a brand that is known to have a lot of hair products at an affordable price.
  • There is also the Revlon ColorSilk, which is known for its efficiency in box dyes. Revlon has also been one of the most prestigious hair brands where you could be sure that the products are of high-class.
  • The last one being from L’Oreal Paris, which could be known as the best brand for your hair necessities.

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Final Words

Although the hair color orange can be a bit sore to others’ eyes, it does not mean that the orange hair color would not fit everyone else.

Some could pull off that orange hair color and would not need any toning or re-applying of hair color.

As said, you should still take care of your hair with the proper nourishing and moisturizing it needs to avoid further damage to your hair.

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