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The Best Hairstyle For Curly Hair Dreads And How To To It

While some people prefer having smooth and silky hair, others want to spice up their hair with a special hairstyle that looks a bit messy and dense, called “dreadlocks”.

Dreadlocks, or dreads, can mostly be found in some ethnic groups of African populations, but today, it can actually appear anywhere in the world.

These rope-like strands bring to their owners a cool and unique look.

If you wake up one day and would like to refresh yourself, a new hairstyle like dreadlocks will be ideal.

Don’t miss our article because it’s what you need before preparing yourself this interesting hair.

Can curly hair get dreads?

Yes, you can dreadlock any kind of hair. Curly hair is even a plus in this case as it is considered the most suitable hair type to get dreads. 

With straight hair, the preparation and steps will be a little more complicated than curly hair.

These curls are easier and faster to be formed into the cylindrical shape of the dreads.

How do you lock soft curly hair?

As already mentioned, curly hair is the best hair type to dreadlock. The simple twist technique will be applied, and you can have your hair dreads in a short time effortlessly.

Things you’ll need

  1. A rat tail comb
  2. Hair wax or gel


  1. Divide your hair into equal sections using a rat tail comb (the size can vary, but 1”-2” parts are recommended)
  2. Take one section and split into two equal parts
  3. Twist these two pieces of hair around each other from root to tip
  4. Use a bit hair wax or gel while twisting to hold your hair in place
  5. Palm rolling the twisted hair into dread
  6. Repeat step three and four with other sections

Remember to never use beeswax or petroleum for dreadlocks because they are very hard to be washed out.

Thereby, the dirt and glue are gradually built up overtime and turn your dreads into terrible trash.

How long does it take for dreads to lock with curly hair?

The time to lock your dreads can vary from person to person. It will actually depend on how curly your hair is and how you take care of your dreads.

However, the average time for most people would be at least two months (or eight weeks). In some cases, it can take even six months to completely lock your dreads.

Are dreads bad for your hair?

The short answer is no. But they might ruin your hair if you have a bad habit to get and maintain this hairstyle.

Dreadlocks are known to be a way to protect your hair if done properly.

Coiling hair like this will diminish the chance of contacting and scrubbing with the surroundings.

Therefore, a dreadlocks hairstyle requires less care than usual. Once or twice shampoos per week are enough, and there will be no more or less chemicals on your scalp and hair.

However, if your hair’s roots are pulled too strong and tight, it can cause hair loss.

Additionally, these strands are likely to lose moisture, so you need to occasionally moisten them. Otherwise, what on your head are nothing but real ropes.

What is the best hair type for dreadlocks?

We already know that any hair type can get dreads, even straight hair. However, some can be made with ease, while others require a bit more.

If you are possessing one of these following hair types, that means you are ready for a new look with dreadlocks:

Curly hair

It would be easier for naturally curly hair to form in dreads and lock themselves. The softer your curly hair is, the more effortless the process is.

Coarse hair

While it’s not an everybody-dreaming hair type, coarse hair will be great for dreadlocks.

You might get troubles with brushing and detangling your rough hair, which turns into advantages in dreads.

Thick hair

The more hair you have, the better your dreads look. The reason is you will have more chances to style your hair with plenty of dreads.

We hope you find this article useful. Remember that dreadlocks are not a dread as long as you understand your hair. It’s awesome and good-looking at any hair type, and anyone.



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