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How To Bleach Synthetic Hair At Home?

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Dying natural hair is just an easy task with the support of numerous hair care products. However, things change with synthetic hair wigs.

Coloring your hair wigs or extensions will be a trick because they are totally different from natural hair.

So when you want to try out a new vibrant color without applying any chemical to your hair, you might think to do it on your synthetic hair instead.

And the question that pops up to your mind will be does it really work to bleach and dye fake hair? Take it easy, because you’ll find the answer in this article.

Can you bleach fake/synthetic hair?

For your information, sadly, you cannot bleach synthetic hair. So don’t try to figure out how to bleach your synthetic hair wig.

The reason is any bleaching agent won’t work on synthetic hair. It won’t remove any hair pigment to lighten them.

Synthetic hair is composed of fine plastic fibers, so the heat during the bleaching process will ruin the hair.

So bleaching artificial hair wigs is not only not working, but also damages the quality of your wig.  

Can you dye synthetic hair?

You cannot bleach synthetic hair doesn’t mean you cannot dye it. Of course, you will need to bleach it when you want to go for a lighter option.

So in case you want your synthetic hair color to be darker, it’s totally possible.

Therefore, you should start with a white, silver, or pastel synthetic wig to easily darken it.

Remember that fake hair is technically different from real human hair, so regular hair dyes won’t work.

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What should we do to change the synthetic hair color?

So you have two options when it comes to changing the initial color of your synthetic hair.

Go darker

You can only apply this way when you are expecting a darker shade on your recent light-color fake hair wig.

You might need the help of fabric dye, a marker, or a diluted composition made of tinted shampoo or tonics with water.

No matter what method you’ll stick with, your artificial hair when being dyed will become weaker and vulnerable.

Buy another one

This straightforward way is actually the best way when you want to swap the color.

Synthetic hair wig is now widely sold in the market with a reasonable price, so instead of buying colors or something to dye it, why not throw the money on the new one with your desired color, right? 

Will peroxide bleach human hair wigs?

Since human hair wigs are made of real human hair, therefore, it can be bleached.

This is good news as compared to synthetic hair, wigs made from human hair are much more expensive. So you cannot just throw one and buy another when you want to bleach and change the color.

Moreover, human hair wigs are also likely to be drier after bleaching due to the lack of natural oil produced from our scalp.

You will have to keep your eyes on your human hair wig more frequently with proper care.

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What is the best synthetic hair brand?

We would like to introduce some favorite brands for synthetic hair wigs. They can easily be found online or at any hair beauty store.

Raquel Welch

This brand is owned by an American actress. It is perfect for any hair color so feel free to dye it when you want to change to a darker hue.

Forever Young

Forever Young produces a variety of colors on their wigs.

The synthetic hair from this brand is also heat-resistant, so this high-quality hair wig will be a little more expensive than the other counterparts from other brands.


Gabor wigs are versatile in color and hairstyle, usually short styles. If you don’t want to cut your growth hair, these short and pixie wigs are for you.


The lace wigs from Envy won’t disappoint you with its quality. This is one of the synthetic brands that provide wigs with the closest natural look to human hair.

Final words

In conclusion, we want to emphasize that trying to bleach your synthetic hair wigs won’t have any result. But it does work on human hair wigs.

Consider our suggested synthetic hair brands to stick with whenever you want to change the wig’s color. 

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