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How Many Packs of Hair for Box Braids?

Box braids are unbelievingly the most fashionable sought-after hairstyle for women of color. They are unchallenging to maintain and, they come in different styles.

Black women have always rocked box braids since the times of Janet Jackson and Jada Pinkett Smith just like other exemplary television stars in the ’90s.

Box braids
Box braids (Image Credit : Nylon.com)

Box braid is one of the most protective hairstyles for modern-day women.

  • They are low maintenance as entirely the ‘get up and go’ style proves very ideal for industrious career women.
  • They are long-lasting and they can serve you up to 3 months if well preserved.
  • Furthermore, box braids provide a non-stop growth of hair. It does this by creating a barrier to constant touch from your hands.
  • Box braids provide an infinite opportunity for styling.

It is generally a versatile hairstyle that allows you to rock it in a short ponytail or a high bun.

What are the box braids?

Box braid is practically three strands of hair made from box-like sections.

That’s where the name emanated from. No matter the shape of your head, box braids will always assume four corners.

Perfect box braids can be achieved using natural hair or extensions of hair for breadth, increased volume, and length.

Knotless braids may not show the box-outline since they assume the person’s ordinary hair look. However, regular box braids styling is different.

A noticeable knot forms the base for braid extensions hence the name box braids. For this reason, traditional box braids are old-fashioned as they present the original African hair styling.

To avoid damaging your hair, fix your braids appropriately.

Box braids styling protects the hair compared to other hairstyles as it reduces the use of chemicals present in hair relaxants. Besides, it further prevents the overuse of heat on your hair and persistent manipulation.

The other common types of braids include: Poetic justice, Ghana, and Crotchet braids.

Crotchet braids
Crotchet braids (Image: cosmopolitan.com)

How many packs of hair for box braids? 

The number of packs to wear on your head to get desirable box braids largely depends on the shape of your head. Besides, it is a matter of individual preference.

While some people prefer fewer packs, others prefer a little bit more packs. Additionally, the number of packs will not only depend on how thick or thin your hair is, but also on the duration you plan to rock them.

For standard and shoulder-length braids, use about 7-8 braids.

However, the size of your head should guide you. Generally, size and the length you are fixing dictate the number of braids to use.

For example, you can use up to 10 packs of kanekalon braids. In case you want to wear expression braids, consider using up to 6 packs.

  • If you prefer waist-length and long braids, 10 packs of braids will do.
  • Additionally, you can use up to 14 kanekalon braids for that perfect waist-length.
  • For expression braids, use 7-9 braids to wear long braids. Consequently, use 8-10 regular braids for medium and moderate-width braids.
  • You can also use 7-9 expression braids for the perfect medium height braiding.
  • Finally, make use of up to 8 packs of kanekalon braids and 6 packs of expression braids for short braids.

Be careful not to strain your hair strands by adding more weight than they can sustain.

The perfect size for box braiding for you to use should be medium height and medium width.

The number of micro-braids for the box braids

Micro-braids are tiny brands crucial for box braid hairstyling.

They are uncomplicated to wear. Ideally, you can wear them any day at any time.

Micro-braids don’t add undue pressure on your hair, therefore, proving ideal for your box braiding as well as giving room for easy styling.

Use 3 packs of micro-braids depending on the length you need. An increase in length automatically calls for more use of braids.

You may even use up to 7 micro-braids as dictated by the hair length.

3 simple steps on how to do braids

Step 1: Hair preparation 

For flawless braids, you need to prepare your hair and get rid of dirt and twists.

  • Comb your hair while simultaneously paying closer attention to minimize friction so you can avoid hurting the hair roots.
  • Further partition and section your hair before braiding by use of a comb.

Have the right number of braids depending on the size and length of hair you desire to have.

Step 2: Install hair extensions 

The next step involves you installing the synthetic or natural hair extensions.

  • Generate box-shaped sections and part them depending on the braid size you will choose.
  • Part 1 inch for standard-sized braids. Part 2 inches for jumbo box braids, and half an inch for micro-braids.
  • Use a rattail comb parting immaculately from the top to the rear of your head. Ensure to use a hairpin to secure the hair and avoid it fusing with other sections.

If you are doing the customary box braids, form a knot and start fixing the hair on your scalp as you braid. If you are doing knotless braids, fix the hair and attach hair strands at the ends of your actual hair.

Keep braiding until you achieve the desired length.

Step 3. Seal the ends

Use hot water or elastic to secure the ends of your hair to prevent the box braids from untwisting.

Hair specialists recommend the use of hot water to minimize fizz and hair blow out.

Hot water also helps to seal braids. Dip in hot water and, you are good to go.

Caring for your braids

Caring for your braids
Taking care of your braids (Image: Glamour.com)

Taking care of your braids should be the easiest thing for you.

To avoid destroying your hair at night, cover it with a scarf. You can use satin, which prevents the harmful effects of friction on your hair. It also prevents hair fall and grease formation on your hair as you sleep.

Wash hair regularly. Shampoo for perfect hydration. A good shampoo revitalizes the hair roots for healthy hair growth.

Use a conditioner to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy.

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Don’t wear your braids for a longer time. Consider changing it during the 8th week as new hair growth begins at this point.



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