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How Do Dreadlocks Form? 3 Ways To Make My Dreads Grow Faster Naturally

Different from having normal hair, it’s hard to recognize the growth of dreadlocks in a short amount of time such as three to six months. Don’t be discouraged because of that.

Learn how dreads form and the ways to make them grow faster in this article, so you won’t have a painful journey with your locs.

How Do Dreadlocks Form?

In this context, we talk about how locs will naturally form, instead of being created by using methods or tools.

When you leave your hair alone for a certain amount of time without doing many actions on it, your hair will tangle by itself and form into knots. That mass of tangled hair is called a dreadlock, a loc or lock.

When having a closer look into a dread, you will see that the structure of a loc is similar to a rope of yarn.

Your hair texture is the main factor affecting the growing speed of dreads since different hair texture has different lock and matting rate. Curly and kinky hair can create locs easier.

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How Fast Do Dreads Grow In A Year?

Compared to the normal hair, dreads have a different growing pattern, that’s why the time dreads takes for growing to a certain length will usually be longer than the normal hair.

There are several stages of the growing process:

  • The Starter phase: In the first three to six months, the locs are still young and easy to get loosen. Your hair will also grow at that stage but you might not notice the changes in the dreads’ length.
  • Budding phase: This phase happens when your locs are from six to twelve month-old. The growth is recognizable since the coils will get thicker and not easy to loosen after shampooing.
  • Teen phase (12 – 15 months): Locks start to plump up and develop their form at this stage, you can try to decorate your locks with accessories like beads, scarf, or head wraps, and so on.
  • Maturity phase (15 – 18 months): You know your locs reach this phase when they are firm and not detangling easily.
  • Rooted phase: Now your locks are considerably long and heavy, you should pay more attention to nurturing and taking care of their look. You should consider using a stocking cap or sleeping cap when sleeping, use a scarf to cover it to prevent environmental elements and give them hot oil treatment if possible.

To sum up, the average length that dreadlocks can grow in one year is about 6 inches, and most of the growth happens at the Budding phase.

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What Makes Dreadlocks to Grow Faster?

Not mention to dreadlock extensions, to grow natural dreadlocks faster, nutrition is one of the most important things you can’t ignore.

Talking about the nutrition, you can either choose to provide natural nutrition or choose to go with the shortcuts: hair care products, especially biotin.

Biotin plays an important role in stimulating hair growth speed. You can consider taking biotin supplements, either in tablet or pill form.


How Can I Make My Dreads Grow Faster Naturally?

Besides accelerating your locks growing process with hair care products, there are several natural ways to nurture your locks by taking good care of your health and body as well.

#1. Get more vitamin by eating healthy food

One simple way to increase your vitamin and protein intake is to eat more healthy food.

Food contains a lot of vitamin A like fish oils, eggs, fruits and vegetables are great. Also, grains and nuts are excellent sources of protein.

#2. Give them good massage, using hot oil treatment

Massaging your scalp just a few minutes a day will stimulate blood flowing, which pumping the nutrients to the hair follicles and makes them grow faster.

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#3. Protect it from the environmental elements

First thing to remember is to keep your hair clean and detox dreadlocks regularly.

Using residue-free shampoo, massaging the scalp and dreads properly then rinse them thoroughly are recommendable. Clean dreads are happy and healthy dreads.

Secondly, giving your dreads good protection is also good for keep them healthy and speed their growth:

  • Cover your dreads when you’re outside to prevent them from getting dust and mild
  • Cover locks by satin cap or stocking cap is good for protecting them from breakage while keeping them moist. Using a satin pillowcase is also recommendable for reducing the frictions caused.
  • Also, you should consider getting your locks a swimming cap to keep them safe from chemicals in the pool.

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Final Words

We hope these tips can help you in the journey of having dreadlocks. The most important tip to maintain a healthy look of your locks is to keep a healthy lifestyle.

Your locs will not always look nice in every stage so you should learn how to deal with and give them the love they deserve even if they are messy.

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