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Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers – What is the best for you?

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Both short and long layers are increasingly becoming popular among women of all ages. For decades, layered hairstyles have continued to be popular.

Even now, there is no sign that they will be going out of fashion. On every single red carpet, the short and long layers still carry the day.

To be able to get this hair that is everyone’s dreams, you must get a crystal-clear understanding of the difference between Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers.

You look best on Long Layers or Short Layers?

  • Short layers look best on women who have a long face. It makes their face appear rounder.
  • Long layers look best on women who have a round face. It help women with round faces to “elongate” the shape of their face.
  • Even better is the fact that women with oval-shaped faces can enjoy both short and long layered hairstyles.

The placement, shape, and type of layers you are rocking on your hair is what makes them unique.

Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers gives the hair extra texture; they create a fresh and modern look and get rid of the extra weight.

On the other hand, one length of hair is just plain and outdated.

Hair Short Layers
Long Layers suits girls with thicker, curly hair (Image: eastcoastdaily.in)


  • Girls with thicker, curly hair can get away with longer layers
  • Girls with fine hair, should stick with shorter layers.
  • The textured bob is an exception though because it can make all hair types and lengths look amazing.

You must also think of the placement of the layers.

  • The Jennifer Aniston look where the layers get shorter progressively towards your face is called “face-framing layers”. If you want a long hairstyle that can show off all your pretty facial features, then these layers will suit you perfectly.
  • When you have layers from the front of your hair to the back of your hair, then that’s all over layers. Kerry Washington and Kate Middleton are classical examples of the all over layers look.

You must also think of the texture of the hair.

  • Creating layers with a razor blade or a pair of scissors will result in different looks. Layers cut using scissors have a clean finish.
  • On the other hand, razor-cut layers will look wilder and freer. Some stylists are dedicated to one technique or the other.

For this reason, you must talk to your stylist to get a better understanding of what she or he recommends for your facial structure, hair type, and length.

razor-cut layers
Razor-cut layer looks wild and free

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The differences between Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers

A hairstyle can be an excellent way to express your personality. That’s why taking the time to choose the right hairstyle is very important.

Being very popular, the layered hairstyles are often combined with other styles to create unique looks. For this reason, it is important to understand how short and long hairstyles differ.


When talking about long layers and short layers, it is not in reference to the length of the hair, rather it is about the height of the layers.

Short layers mean that the difference between the longest hair strands and the shortest hair strands isn’t much, probably just 1-2 inches.

On the contrary, long layers are more dramatic because there are several inches between the longest and the shortest ends of the hair.


When styled, short layers and long layers will look very different. If you want to have multiple styling options, then short layers will be the best option.

Shorter layers are usually subtle, giving you many possibilities for partitioning and styling your hair without making it look too heavy or thin in one distinct area.

Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers looks different
Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers looks different (Image: gettyimages)

Meanwhile, when you have long layers, changing the parting and styling your hair differently can be a bold move.

You risk leaving your hair looking too thick on a single side without the balance needed on the other side.

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If you want to add more layers to your hairstyle, then short layers will be great for you better than long layers.

As they move towards the end of each strand, hair tends to flick out. For this reason, short layers always tend to look more voluminous.

If you want to reduce the overall volume of your hairstyle, then long layers are the way to go. Of course, this is without having to compromise on the length of the hair.


For a more subtle hairstyle, short layers are best. Long layers are perfect for an overt style.

If you are interested in getting a subtle haircut, talk to your stylist who can then recommend a short-layered hairstyle that will perfectly meet your needs.

Hippy hairstyling

The hippy long layered hairstyle
The hippy long layered hairstyle

For any girl who wants to try our hippy hairstyles, long layers will be the best alternative.

Long layers have a tendency of drying out into soft waves naturally, giving your hair a real bohemian look.

The hippy long layered hairstyle is perfect for fun outdoor activities or just chilling out at the beach.

On the contrary, short layers will help give you a more polished, high-end look that is perfect for the office.

The truth is long layers work best on longer hairstyles partly because cutting longer layers on short hairstyles is practically impossible.

With the other hairstyles, the hair is simply not long enough to create a distinct definition between the lengths of the layers.

Short layers always look good on any length of hair. It’s possible to create short layers in pixies and crops for a whole new experience with your hair.

Advantages of Hair Long Layers and Short Layers

Although Hair Long Layers vs Short Layers has differences, it still has some of the following general benefits:

  • Layers can create a distraction from your facial imperfections. This is because they have the power to shorten, lengthen, and slim your face depending on the layer type you choose. Not only can they hide your wrinkles and scars, but layers also boost a strong jawline and bring to life your best features.
  • Layers will add volume and shape to your thin, boring, and lifeless hair.
  • You will be able to play around with your hair. You can have new hairstyles every other time even with the same length. Layers are a perfect idea for people who want a fresh hairstyle without having to cut their hair.
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