Guest Post: Eeverything You Need To Know About Hair Brushes

Today we have a special guest here on the blog. Amy is one of contributors at High Style Life and today she is bringing you all about hair brushes!

When the time comes for you to go out and buy a new hairbrush, you are likely to get confused and bewildered in the hair care isle. What appears to be an insane number of hair brushes of all shapes and sizes can easily confuse even an experienced professional, let alone an average person trying to buy a hairbrush. When your hair seems to be crazy and untamable, it might be happening because you have been using the wrong brush to style it. Before you buy a hair brush, know why you need it and then set off to find the perfect one.


Hair brushes come with natural bristles, synthetic bristles, and can also be found as a combination of both. Natural bristles are usually derived from boars while synthetic ones are derived from nylon. Synthetic ones are better for fine hair, but those with thicker hair should opt for natural one instead. Natural bristles are easy on the scalp and they help clean it and reducing static at the same time. Regardless of what type you choose, quality should be your number one priority. Mason Pearson brushes are among the highest-class hair brushes in the world, and by choosing a high-quality brush, you will ensure that you have healthy hair as well. My personal favourite brush is the Mason Pearson, and I use Theorie hair products to make sure my hair stays shiny and healthy all the time.


Paddle brushes can be found in variety of shapes and sizes, from small ones which are incredibly convenient when you’re on the go, you can also find large ones perfect for styling in the comfort of your own home. As for the shape, you can find them in squares or they can be round. Paddle brush will not help you maximize volume of your hair, but it’s perfect for flattening out frizz and smoothing. If your hair is medium length and rather fine, this brush will be perfect for you, but if you have longer and thicker hair, paddle brush should be used only for rough blow drying, and for additional styling you should use round brush.


When you need help to detangle and tame that wild frizz, vented brush rushes to your aid. If you’re in a hurry to blow dry your hair, once again, vented brush is your best friend because it has those lovely vents placed right behind bristles. What is more, it adds volume and reduces heat damage because you will need to spend less time treating it with blow dryer.


Simple round metal hair brushes will add volume to your hair while you’re blow drying it. Depending on the look you are trying to get from your hair, you can choose the size of the brush: the smaller the brush, the tighter the curls you will be able to make. Big brushes are also used for straightening medium and long hair.


Before there were hair products such as conditioner, women still managed to get beautiful, shiny, healthy hair. Ever wondered how that was possible? It was all thanks to boar bristle brushes and their incredible ability to improve hair texture and make it shine. The unique structure of the brush makes it possible to transfer some of that oil from scalp all the way to the end of the hair shaft. Even dry hair gets enough oil to become healthy once more, and you will not have to use as much hair conditioner as you used to. It also stimulates blood flow to the scalp and helps hair grow faster.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for hair brush only for detangling and daily brushing, or you need to style your hair certain way: sculpt and mold curls, or smooth and straighten texture, knowing your hair brush will ensure that your hairstyle is always on point.