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Folexin Vs. Nutrafol: Which One Is Better For Hair Loss?

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Those dealing with hair loss are always looking for the best hair supplement. Nutrafol and Folexin have a strong argument for being the best on the market. Nutrafol may have had more advertising, but Folexin has impacted the hair supplement market. The following comparison piece will assist you in identifying key distinctions, parallels, and selling points.

Furthermore, we’ll talk about the benefits, drawbacks, and overall effectiveness of Nutrafol and Folexin, as well as their reported adverse effects, cost, and quality of ingredients. Let’s begin!


Our Verdict:

When comparing Nutrafol with Folexin, it is evident that Folexin is the superior product due to its components, higher ratings, lower risk of adverse effects, and lower price. Spending $25 on a bottle of Folexin is more manageable than $100 for the same dose of Nutrafol.

Folexin Overview

What is Folexin

Folexin, known initially as Foligen, is a natural hair growth product that proudly incorporates numerous herbal ingredients in its formula. Since a lack of minerals and vitamins causes hair fall, Folexin ensures that its formulation’s base should consist of maximum vitamins and minerals. All the featured vital ingredients work in unison to fill in the nutritional gap in the body, while the rest of the ingredients help the body absorb these compounds accordingly. 

This high-potency fusion of herbal ingredients promises extraordinary results while showcasing minimal to zero side effects. The company states that Folexin helps give visibly solid and beautiful hair. The formula supports hair’s natural growth process and keeps hair thick and strong. Lastly, the product is made with imported and domestic ingredients manufactured within an FDA-registered facility.


Let’s go through some of the major benefits of Folexin.

Natural ingredients with botanicals

Folexin is highly transparent with its ingredient list and proudly unveils the natural ingredients present in the formula. All these high-grade ingredients are safe for consumption and are studied to work wonders for hair growth. The vital components like Biotin, Fo-Ti, Folic acid, and a varied range of Vitamins ensure that the supplement is filled with valuable ingredients. 

Additionally, inactive ingredients like cellulose and rice flour are plant-based and don’t harm the harmony of the digestive system. That said, the brand imports a few raw materials while the rest of the ingredients are sourced from the USA.


While Folexin is a bit pricey compared to plain supplements, it is relatively inexpensive in terms of high-quality hair loss supplements. Contrarily, many brands charge twice or thrice the base amount for the same quantity. One bottle of Folexin can cost between $25 and $44, depending on the number of tablets. Likewise, customers can always benefit from various bundle packs and coupon codes that slash down the price to half. 

Unisex formula 

Folexin’s unique natural formula is ideal for both men and women. Many hair supplement brands tend to curate two separate verticals for individual sexes with possibly different formulations. However, Folexin uses a blend of unusual ingredients suitable for all genders. A couple or family suffering from hair loss or hair thinning can easily share these supplements by buying combo packs, thus saving even more.

Straightforward and smaller serving size

The supplement doesn’t need any special diet to complement the routine altogether. Similarly, no topical application is required, as users can ingest two tablets daily and go on with their schedule without interruptions. Furthermore, the supplement’s recommended daily dosage is less than other hair supplements available on the market, making it more convenient with fewer side effects. 

how Folexin works


Here are some of the drawbacks you can expect from Folexin.

Contains allergens

Folexin’s formula incorporates a few known allergens that may flare up an allergic reaction, however severe or mild. The primary allergen in their formula is soy, followed by tree nuts, shellfish, eggs, peanuts, milk, and wheat. Thus, we request people with allergies to study the ingredient list with utmost detail or contact healthcare providers to avoid unwanted reactions. Additionally, the company imports a few international ingredients that may or may not suit your body’s internal functions. 

Slow results 

Folexin claims that the hair fall supplement isn’t a miracle quick fix or an overnight working serum. Instead, the product takes considerable time to fix the body’s nutritional needs from the inside for the desired results. Users shall start noticing immediate effects from the first or second month after using the product constantly. The results take their time and work slowly compared to other hair fall capsule supplements available on the market.

Strict return and refund policy 

The company allows people to return any potentially unopened yet damaged bottles within 30 days of the purchase. However, they prohibit refund transactions, especially on opened or used bottles. Similarly, the company has strict policies giving no guarantee for returns on products that cross their mentioned return window. 

Nutrafol Overview

About Nutrafol Pills

Nutrafol relies on natural ingredients only backed by scientific studies and approaches. All Nutrafol hair supplements are physician-formulated and clinically tested to support bodies of all ages and sexes fighting hair loss.

The brand states that one’s hair loss journey is tied to several underlying factors like stress, lifestyle, hormones, aging, metabolism, and nutrition. Nutrafol thus targets these factors to activate dormant hair follicles by simultaneously reducing hair thinning. 

The formula is tested by several research bodies to create a potent blend with high efficacy levels. Some premium ingredients include Saw Palmetto, Tocotrienol Complex, Ashwagandha, Apple polyphenols, Kelp Minerals, and Resveratrol. The company also brings forth four verticals named: Nutrafol Men, Nutrafol Women, Nutrafol Women’s Balance, and Nutrafol Postpartum that target hair fall, shedding, and hair growth.


Here are some of the major advantages of Nutrafol. 

Gender-specific formulas

Nutrafol is manufactured by keeping gender and its specific needs in mind. The brand has four verticals that target men and women of different ages. Their “Nutrafol Men” formula is designed to improve hair by giving visibly thicker hair growth. It also positively affects the scalp by working towards achieving appropriate scalp coverage. 

The “Nutrafol Women” range enhances hair growth by giving visibly thicker and stronger mane. Nutrafol’s “Postpartum” series works to prevent and lower the shedding rate while giving fuller hair growth. Lastly, the “Women’s Balance” formula improves hair growth peri and post-menopause. 

Additional consultation service

Upon your subscription, individuals get access to a dedicated team of naturopathic doctors that help in guiding throughout the hair journey. Users can easily book their consultation and, with the help of a selected doctor, sketch out a personalized plan. The doctors even assess the hair’s needs over time and suggest various tests and analyses. The consultation service is easy to book and has helped many customers lead a healthy hair growth journey. 

Clinical studies

Nutrafol ensures that each product the brand develops undergoes several clinical studies to support the promised claims. Since many hair product supplements never perform clinical tests, Nutrafol gets the upper hand for being one of the selected few performing clinical tests. The brand follows a triple verified product research path wherein the formula is peer-reviewed and published, clinically tested with the ingredient list. Their patented Synergen Complex®, a potent ingredient blend, is backed by clinical research.

Allergen free

The Nutrafol formulation is free from all the common allergens that may cause mild to severe allergic reactions. You won’t find traces of gluten, soy, dairy, and artificial additives. Additionally, all of their product range is GMO-free with no addition of drugs or hormones. Most supplements with added hormones and drugs tend to affect the user’s libido. However, in the case of Nutrafol, the user base is free from such issues.

All the pros and cons about Nutrafo


Below we’ll go through some of the disadvantages of Nutrafol.

Steep price 

The most paramount con of Nutrafol is its steep price. The men’s most basic hair fall supplement starts from $90 -100 per month. Given all the options available in the market, Nutrafol belongs to a higher price point. Similarly, since the product takes a comparatively long time to work ( 3-6 months approx ), the overall cost of this recurring can be on the pricier side.


The inclusion of Ashwagandha can be problematic if you’re going through a hair loss journey because of autoimmune causes like Alopecia or Lupus. This ingredient is an excellent key element to pump up or improve the immune system; however, the product can worsen the hair fall problem for people with autoimmune issues. 


Numerous people starting the Nutrafol journey noticed severe breakouts soon after their first few doses. The intensity can keep increasing if the person fails to stop taking the pills on time. Many people also noticed that their acne breakouts had a specific target area around the eyes and mouth. Side effects such as severe acne can be troublesome, especially for buyers already suffering from chronic acne.

Frequent doses

Nutrafol’s dosage recommendation is slightly higher than all the other supplements in the hair fall domain. The brand suggests taking four capsules daily to get the treatment’s most desired results. However, many people weren’t entirely happy with the dosage, as four capsules can feel excessive for 24 hours.

Folexin Vs. Nutrafol Compared

Folexin Vs. Nutrafol Compared

Folexin and Nutrafol feature a wide range of product features exclusive to each brand. Both these brands are available to purchase over the counter without a doctor’s prescription, and customers can thus select the best-suiting hair fall treatment based on their USPs. For instance, Folexin has a universal formula that works for both genders. However, Nutrafol follows individual formulations that cater to different genders undergoing various phases of their lives. 

Buyers must note that neither brand outright claims to speed up the hair growth or completely stop the hair fall; instead, they claim to support the individual’s body in re-filling the needed deficiencies. 

Thus, to get the most accurate comparison, we have taken four standard features and compared them with each other. The results from this comparison shall indubitably help you get closer to your dream hair fall treatment. 


List of ingredients

Both brands use a selected range of natural ingredients of vitamins, minerals, and ancient botanicals for their formula. While Folexin has a comparatively herbal base, Nutrafol focuses on lab-processed natural ingredients. Let’s compare the formulations based on their ingredient list, starting with Folexin

  • Proprietary Blend: Nettle Extract, Fo-Ti, Bamboo, Horsetail, Saw Palmetto, etc.
  • Vitamins: Folic Acid, Vitamin A, B1, B3, C, D3, E, Biotin, etc.
  • Minerals: Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, etc.

The proprietary blend is a mix of researched-backed ingredients known to reverse hair loss while improving hair density. Similarly, Folic acid helps cell growth and tackles underlying folate deficiencies, and the Biotin in the formula increases hair thickness while assisting in keeping a sharp metabolism. Lastly, the star ingredient- Fo-Ti, is a traditional Chinese ingredient with outstanding results in areas like graying of hair loss. Similar to Folexin, Nutrafol has divided its ingredient list into three groups.

  • Synergen Complex: BCM-95®, Ashwagandha, Marine Collagen, Saw Palmetto, etc.
  • Nutrafol Blend: Resveratrol, Horsetail, BioPerine®, Capsimax® etc.
  • Vitamins & Minerals: Biotin, Vitamin A, C, D, Zinc, Iron, etc

The ingredient list tends to differ slightly based on the Men’s or Women’s formula. However, a few common ingredients like Saw Palmetto works as a hormone-regulating ingredient to lower the DHT levels linked to male and female pattern baldness. 

Similarly, the addition of Ashwagandha helps to balance the stress hormones, thus supporting a healthy growth cycle. Lastly, the horsetail extract containing immense levels of silica is essential for strengthening the hair while reducing breakage. 

Comparing both, we can see that Folexin takes the route of more classic ingredients while Nutrafol aims to include lab-based, tested, and processed ingredients. However, Nutrafol features a massive downside in the ingredient transparency section.

The brand mentions an overall rough blend but fails to specify the exact percentage of ingredients in their Synergen Complex. That said, Nutrafol also uses a high potency of Biotin, which, when combined with the 4-times-a-day dosage, may cause an overload, giving rise to unwanted side effects. However, Folexin features all the ingredients in safe amounts while providing a precise percentage of each product included in the formula.


Both hair fall supplements get equal points when we talk about effectiveness. Since both brands have a well-curated ingredient list that mainly focuses on natural ingredients, users are bound to see and notice good results. However, even if both the supplements are effective, their result-showing time varies.

Nutrafol states that their formula usually takes between 12 to 25 i,e, 3 to 4 months to start seeing the results. While Folexin, on the other hand, requires 10 to 15 weeks for users to begin noticing the budding effects. That said, since Nutrafol requires buyers to ingest the capsules four times a day, the gradual change should ideally start sooner. 

Both products get equal points because they eventually end up showing results. However, Folexin receives an extra point as it gives maximum results in a lower period with fewer dosages. Thus, it is apparent that if you’re seeking comparatively fast results, then Folexin should be your first choice.

Side Effects

Folexin and Nutrafol side effects

Because both brands take a natural approach towards hair loss, you will experience comparatively lesser or milder side effects. You may notice a selected number of users going through mild side effects based on the product’s ingredient list. Buyers using Folexin have experienced stomach bloating; some even encounter diarrhea or constipation. The primary reason behind this gastrointestinal side effect is the excessive amount of B-Vitamins incorporated in the formula.

Similarly, people suffering from borderline high blood pressure should be extremely wary of their blood pressure levels. Nutrafol, on the contrary, gave headaches and brain fog, possibly because of the high levels of Biotin present in its composition. Additionally, many people experience muscle soreness, especially people that have had musculoskeletal injuries. 

Looking at the severity, Folexin gets an additional point as the side effects are common and do not last long. The main reason behind lesser side effects can be directly proportional to the dosage quantity. Since Folexin has a 2-capsules per day recommended as opposed to Nutrafol’s four daily tablets, the side effects are slightly milder. 


Folexin and Nutrafol are both OTC supplements that do not require a prescription.

A single bottle of Folexin is priced at nearly $25, while the same bottle costs $80 – $100, depending on the range. Both the bottles last for 30 days, but the pill number varies because of their dosage.

Folexin supplements require a 2-capsules per day regimen, while Nutrafol needs you to establish a 4-capsules per day approach. Even with the increased numbers of capsules in mind, Nutrafol is three times more expensive than Folexin. Buyers can, however, take advantage of their bundle packs based on the subscription model to reduce the prices of both brands. 

You might also end up saving a few dollars when purchasing bundle packs. Customers must also note that this treatment needs to be followed for quite a few months, so pricing will indeed matter in the long run. Thus, Folexin is relatively more affordable than Nutrafol, which charges four times more, catering to the high-end side of the hair fall supplement arena. 

What Do Customers Say?

Customer opinions about Nutrafol and Folexin

When compared, Folexin has the best overall review rating as the brand features a 4.1 rating across Amazon and excellent 5-star ratings on their website. Nutrafol also has similarly good ratings and reviews across multiple platforms.

Since the brand has an extensive product range, each hair fall treatment range has numerous testimonials, giving the brand advantage. However, when reading the reviews, it is discernible that the negative reviews suggest harsher side effects than Folexin. Nutrafol’s website doesn’t showcase review stats on their website. Instead, the company has posted a few reviews showing extremely positive testimonials for their buyers.

One of the most significant factors influencing people’s opinion about any hair supplement is its working timeline. Most people are on board with spending a little more if they see faster results. But when brands like Nutrafol ask to continue for a minimum of six months with such an expensive price point, customers aren’t willing to invest in the brand.

Lastly, many customers are vocal in their testimonials about the side effects of both products. Many Folexin users suffered minimal effects like digestion issues, while a few Nutrafol buyers showcased side effects like brain fog or body pain.

Verdict: Folexin is the clear winner

Both of these widely-recognized, top-selling brands of hair supplements are made in the USA and provide convenient online shopping and shipping. When deciding between two supplements, comparing their contents, cost, time to work, and potential adverse effects can be helpful.

Excellent results can be achieved in a shorter period with Folexin, and the brand has less severe side effects due to its use of more natural substances. Nutrafol, in a similar vein, states that its effective percentage of superior raw components sets it apart. However, the price is somewhat high, and the six-month wait time for results has serious negative consequences. 

Nutrafol is more expensive than standard hair supplements, while Folexin is on a level with or below the market average in terms of cost. Suppose you’re looking for a low-cost supplement. In that case, you may want to investigate Folexin due to the striking similarities between its components list and Nutrafol’s, but if you prefer a brand name, you can always go with Nutrafol. Finally, Folexin is the best option for those who want to try out hair loss pills. 


To sum up, spending $25 on a bottle of supplements is more manageable than $100. When comparing Nutrafol with Folexin, it is evident that the latter is the superior product due to its components, higher ratings, lower risk of adverse effects, and lower price. 

We’d want to wrap up our comprehensive comparison evaluation with that conclusion. Remember that hair loss supplements are not a quick fix, we advise all potential buyers to do their research and fully grasp the range of each product. Similarly, before beginning a new hair care routine, it’s wise to talk to your doctor or other medical specialists first.

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