Folexin Vs. Keeps – Which One Is Better For Hair Loss?

Those who have experienced hair loss know how frustrating it can be to feel like you have to resort to drastic measures like oily growth foams, sticky gels, or even invasive hair procedures just to feel normal again.

However, many people experiencing hair thinning have discovered non-invasive remedies for their shedding, such as Folexin and Keeps. 

Both products are trusted industry leaders that have helped people combat hair loss for years. These vitamins and minerals foster robust development while fortifying the follicles from the inside out.

Keeps and Folexin are both effective hair loss treatments, but in this article, we’ll compare them to discover which is more effective and popular among consumers. We’ll review costs, potential adverse effects, active ingredients, benefits, and drawbacks. Let’s take a look!

Folexin Overview

Folexin small bottle

Formerly known as Foligen, this brand works efficiently to assist individuals suffering from hair loss. This purely dietary supplement is designed to support the body’s deficiencies using the most natural ingredients.

Vita Balance – the parent company, manages to include numerous vitamins, minerals, and potent botanicals to improve the hair’s quality visibly. Folexin also mentions the usage of imported products that undergo stringent quality control for high-quality supplement capsules. 

The company clearly states that this particular product should be used to balance out the body’s underlying deficiencies and should not be considered an overnight miracle supplement. The availability of capsules is no concern, as users can easily order their required amount online without needing a doctor’s prescription.

Moreover, Folexin’s formula is purely vegetarian friendly with no gluten and non-GMO ingredients. The product covers impressive features, but is it as safe and effective as the company promises it to be? 


Some of the major advantages of Folexin include its formula and ease of use. Let’s go over them one by one.

Top-grade ingredients

Folexin is made with high-quality natural ingredients exclusively meant to support the organic hair growth process. The capsule supplement’s formulation comprises a unique blend of ingredients like Fo-Ti, Folic acid, and Biotin.

Additionally, to increase the nutritional value, each capsule is packed with healthy minerals and vitamins like B6, D3, B5, Manganese, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamin E. These ingredients, when combined, create a nutrient-rich supplement base that works with the human body to give desired results.

Easy to use

This herb-infused hair fall supplement requires less time from your daily schedule than other topical and surgical methods. The product is relatively straightforward to use with no need for lengthy regimens. The supplement is ideal for both men and females, making it a more convenient and all-rounder choice for people. Additionally, even the size of the capsule is comfortable to ingest.

Supplementary positives 

These US-made hair fall supplements are excellent for people who have dry skin, hair, and nails. Lower levels of Biotin in the body cause your skin to dry or nails to crack; however, with Folexin, issues related to lack of Biotin will get solved. 

Folexin may also work to protect your abdomen and calm down IBS or digestive problems because of the B vitamins present in the formula. Lastly, the magnesium content in the formulations is at a perfect percentage to act as a natural relaxant. 

Relatively affordable

Hair transplants, topical creams, steroids, or other hair fall treatments can be an expensive way to tackle your hair loss issues with the possibility of being highly invasive. However, despite being laden with natural ingredients, the product is relatively affordable compared to other competitor supplement brands. 


What are FOlexin drawbacks

Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of using Folexin.

Slow results 

The brand mentions in the fine print that Folexin isn’t an overnight miracle solution; instead, the supplement takes a few months to see the results. Furthermore, the budding effects and timeline are inversely proportional to an individual’s deficiencies. Users may start noticing less hair fall or growth of new hair strands from the 60 to the 90-day mark. 

Pill size

Many people following the supplement regimen feel that the capsule size is comparatively big and often causes issues while ingesting. Individuals disliking oral medications like capsules and tablets will undoubtedly face a learning curve adjusting to the daily routine of consuming two daily pills. Similarly, the slightly bitter flavor profile of these supplements makes them unappealing to add to your drinks or food in powdered form.

May Contain Allergens

The Folexin formula incorporates common allergens that may flare up reactions amongst people with sensitive allergies. The label showcases ingredients like soy, milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, and shellfish in trace amounts, making it unfit for many users. 

That said, the product also contains a clever mix of imported ingredients that may or may not suit your digestive system. We highly suggest reading the ingredient list in detail while discussing it with your health care professional before investing in this hair fall supplement.

Keeps Overview

Keeps Overview

Unlike Folexin, Keeps is a comprehensive hair fall solution program with multiple product ranges of different formulas. The brand sells pills and topical creams that cater to people suffering from severe hair loss and baldness. Additionally, the brand gives consultation opportunities to customers who sign up for their three months plan. 

The Keeps hair care system is explicitly marketed towards men undergoing Male Pattern Baldness. The MPB is the second most common reason why men start to lose their hair, further noticing bald spots in their 30s. To ensure each individual gets the correct treatment, Keeps requests their customers to fill out a detailed form related to their lifestyle and hair quality.

Keeps, by default, is a subscription-based company, so you will automatically receive your hair fall treatment at a specific date. The three main products that make Keeps a popular choice are Finasteride pills, Minoxidil topical solution, and Ketoconazole shampoo.

The Finasteride pills work efficiently to block the DHT, while Minoxidil works to improve the hair growth of the crown. Lastly, Ketoconazole reduced inflammation, itchiness, and dandruff. Buyers must note that the Keeps product range consists of prescription-based hair fall supplements.


Here are some of the great things about Keeps. 

Doctor’s consultation 

After 30 days of your treatment, a doctor from the Keeps family shall reach out to you for a detailed follow-up consultation. The consultation’s main aim is to see whether the prescribed treatment is going according to the plan or not. 

Moreover, the staff is available 24/7 at your service, and you get your first consultation free. The recent addition to these perks is the unlimited messaging feature that customers can use at their convenience for one year.

Subscription model

Keeping a subscription-based model is highly convenient; it allows people to stay consistent with their treatment throughout the hair fall journey. This model automatically refills your order every three months, and the package gets delivered to your doorstep without any issues. 

FDA-approved medication

The FDA has approved two medications named Minoxidil and Finasteride, respectively, to help tackle Male Pattern Baldness. This grant makes the brand’s hair fall solution tablets and topical creams FDA-approved following a prescription-based subscription. Buyers can thus be confident that the treatment they are taking is based on scientific studies and clinical trials.


What are potential drawbacks of Keeps

Naturally, there are several drawbacks to using Keeps. Let’s go over them.

State-wise restrictions

Keeps may ask for a written prescription of Finasteride from a doctor in states where telemedicine isn’t readily accepted. According to the state, users must follow the required in-person visit for a Finasteride prescription. People must note that these visits are unavailable through the Keeps hair fall rescue program. On the other hand, Minoxidil can be easily prescribed and shipped to individuals in all 50 states. However, when consulting online, you don’t have the option to choose a doctor; instead, they are appointed based on availability.

Strict cancel and refund policy 

Buyers cannot return or cancel their treatment packages once the order has been processed. Moreover, as the Keeps medication is explicitly prescribed based on the individual’s needs, you will have difficulty claiming refunds. However, Keeps professionally handles the exchange of defective and damaged goods. Lastly, if you wish to cancel your next refill, consider doing it before the product gets processed to avoid getting charged. 

Not for women 

Keeps hair fall formulas are exclusively formulated to treat Male Pattern Baldness. This FDA-approved hair care treatment doesn’t have a particular product range to cure or treat Female Pattern Baldness. 


Users also cannot get the treatment covered under their insurance or take benefits of FSA/HSA. 

Folexin Vs. Keeps Compared

What is the most versatile product for hair loss

Both products aim to relieve hair fall issues; however, their essential ingredients and treatment options cannot be more distant and different. Both brands follow different approaches to treating hair fall issues by using either natural or chemical ingredients. Let’s go over the comparisons.


Folexin has a long list featuring natural ingredients with a herbal base, including a heavy percentage of Vitamin C, Iron Ferrous Fumarate, Calcium Carbonate, Manganese Chelate, Saw Palmetto, Spirulina, Nettle Root, Folic Acid, Magnesium Oxide, Alfalfa, and more.

Out of all these raw materials, the brand’s vital ingredients like Folic acid, Biotin, Fo-Ti, and Iron play a crucial role in developing follicles. Folic acid deficiency mainly contributes to early graying and unexpected hair fall. In addition, Biotin helps to maintain the necessary levels of vitamin B for healthy growth. Fo-Ti is yet another influential ingredient that has played a pivotal role in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On the other hand, Keeps is a purely clinical treatment that uses various lab-produced pills and topical applications for hair fall. The capsules are made of Finasteride, generically called Propecia®. This Finasteride is proven effective in reducing hair loss with a slight chance of stopping it forever. Keeps tablets work on a men’s head’s crown, hairline, and vertex.

After studying the ingredients, buyers must choose between wanting to go natural or relying on FDA-approved pharmacologic agents. If you wish to opt for herbal supplements, Folexin takes the crown.


How effective are Keeps and Folexin

Both hair fall treatments work at their own pace when it comes to effectiveness. Since Foleixn uses plant-based natural ingredients, the results might take a little while to showcase.

On the other hand, Keeps is a pharmacologic agent backed by several clinical trials, and thus the treatment will yield good results in a comparatively shorter time stamp. Moreover, the effectiveness of Keeps solely depends on the specific hair fall treatment and the individual hair loss goals.

As mentioned earlier, Keeps is backed by numerous studies that showcase the excellent results of Minoxidil and Finasteride – two primary offerings from the Keeps brand. Individuals have seen a significant improvement with time when used consistently. Similarly, users have encountered more promising results when combined with other offerings like shampoo, conditioner, and pomades. 

People using Folexin have experienced a satisfying improvement with their hair loss issues by sticking to the schedule of 2-capsules per day. On average, users have gradually started noticing results from 10-15 weeks after their first dose. However, some Folexin supporters have also seen a comparable difference in as little as 7-8 weeks.

Both products are certified to showcase impressive results. The results depend on the plan, the body’s deficiencies, and the products’ usage. Still, we always advocate relying on natural ingredients.

Side Effects

Most people decide on their hair fall treatment based on the severity of the side effects attached to the program. As Folexin’s formula includes natural ingredients, the side effects are rare and few.

Many people might experience an upset stomach because of gas or constipation, but as soon as the body starts accepting these capsules, the result will subside. Other side effects may include a tender scalp. As soon as the body transfers more blood near the hair follicles, it may result in a tender or numb scalp. 

However, you are bound to notice some side effects with Keeps. Users must note that the chances of side effects are based on your body’s ability to handle the treatment. While many may not even feel any issues, a secreted few can experience these side effects to a greater extent.

The most common Finasteride side effects can range from a simple skin rash to more severe facial swelling, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, breast enlargement or tenderness, and an increased chance of prostate cancer. Similarly, Minoxidil is known to cause side effects like chest pains, skin rashes, and dizziness. If you experience the following symptoms, we recommend stopping the medicines and scheduling an appointment with your healthcare provider. Such side effects can soon take a turn for the worse, so paying close attention to the severity must be your priority.

Looking at these severe side effects, we can safely say Folexin has a comparatively milder reaction than Keeps. 


Compared prices on Folexin and Keeps

From a pricing point of view, Folexin is budget-friendly, with one bottle costing $30 on average. Buyers can also use their combo schemes, which usually offer a considerable slash discount plus one extra free bottle over bulk purchases.

Folexin doesn’t require any contract fee, questionnaire answering, or prescription. Customers can pay for the bottles and wait for these capsules to arrive within a few days without doctor appointments or medications. 

On the other hand, Keeps has one of the most competitive prices based on its business formula. The product usually comes with three-month supplies that are automatically renewed and shipped according to your first purchase date. Moreover, the brand will also reduce the price of your first purchase with additional coupons and promo codes. Price-wise, Keeps offers products in the same price range as Folexin. Most of their products start from a $10-$30 price point per month. However, members must pay additional for their doctor’s consultation from the second session.

Both of these hair fall treatments require a considerable amount of time. Thus, we recommend choosing a brand you can afford to use long-term. Keeps might seem like an affordable option but be wary that the doctor might curate a pack with multiple products, thus increasing the final costs. Folexin charges no hidden fees or additional expenses that buyers must incur once they become regular members. Therefore, from a price point, Folexin is the better option.

What Do Customers Say?

Customers opinion about Folexin and Keeps

A consensus states that Folexin will give effective results if the person continues to take the recommended dosage for a few months. Many consumers have noticed a steep decline in their hair fall, while a few started seeing hair growth. People were also impressed with the increased length of eyelashes and the fullness of eyebrows. The natural ingredients in the formula ensure that the body is filled with the right vitamins and minerals, resulting in ideal hair growth. 

We also found several reviews stating a comparatively slower balding process with new follicle development. However, many consumers point out that their growth stops soon after they quit taking these supplements. So if you wish to have a head full of thick hair, we recommend continually using it for the longest time. Likewise, the most negative comments discussed the product’s slow effect-taking process and mild side effects on the gastrointestinal tract.

Like Folexin, Keeps’ customers were happy to choose a route that gave them good results within a few months. Most people started noticing a steady decline in their hair fall after three months. Since Keeps focuses on an individualized customer experience, people opting for the treatment feel great about getting a customized plan instead of a general formula. 

A few negative reviews were from people who were riled up because of the Keeps’ poor customer service. Another issue that people were particularly upset about was the charge even after canceling the product. Most customer testimonials and reviews are positive, however, selected few mention extra costs, poor customer service, and inefficiency.


Let’s wrap it up! Keeps is one of the few brands that focuses on those who are experiencing hair loss and offers pharmacological treatments that have been licensed by the Food and Drug Administration. Every three months, you’ll receive a shipment of the bottles and liquid serums, and you’ll have the opportunity to speak with a doctor individually multiple times. 

Keeps was created specifically to treat male pattern baldness, but Folexin’s gender-neutral nature makes it a good choice for both men and women. In contrast, consumers who opt to use Keeps are more likely to have serious adverse effects, such as depression. However, Folexin guarantees excellent results with manageable side effects. In addition, the abundance of natural ingredients will make you feel revitalized and refreshed by providing your body with more of the necessary vitamins and minerals. 

After weighing all ingredients, potential adverse effects, costs, and benefits, we conclude that Foleixn is the better option. Therefore, we recommend Folexin if you are looking for a low-cost hair loss cure that has a straightforward composition that won’t negatively impact your health. Finally, it is highly recommended that you see your trusted health care practitioner to rule out any severe health difficulties before purchasing any product.