Folexin Review: Ingredients, Side Effects, Results

Every person who has experienced rapid hair loss or constant hair thinning understands the impact it has on one’s self-esteem. The obvious next step is to go for hair transplant treatments, steroid injections, scalp reduction surgery, immunotherapy, or even tattooing.

However, as invasive as these treatments are, they are also costly. Using hair supplements for a thicker mane, on the other hand, is an even easier way to treat hair loss. 

Folexin, a well-known brand in the hair loss arena, claims to treat and promote hair regrowth through natural elements. The following article will review the efficacy of Folexin and discuss in detail the pros and cons of the product. Let’s get started. 

What Is Folexin

About Folexin pills

Before we get into this comprehensive Folexin review, allow us to explain how hair fall works. While it is relatively normal to lose a few hair strands every day, the real problem arises when the new ones fail to regenerate at the same speed. This imbalance at the follicle causes hair fall, leading to a receding hairline causing permanent baldness. Besides this exchange, genetics, nutrition, age, and gender play a quantitatively important role in hair loss. 

To tackle this, a company going by Folexin has launched a complete dietary supplement exclusively designed to support natural hair growth. The Folexin supplement is manufactured by Vita Balance- a broadly reputed health care brand based in the USA. These natural hair supplements are also manufactured under an FDA-registered facility heeding GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. 

Folexin, formerly known as Foligen, works in multiple ways to assist frequent hair loss while improving skin health and encouraging sebum production. The primary formula of this supplement consists of numerous natural minerals, vitamins, and ancient botanicals to visibly help improve the overall hair quality. While beneficial, some of the listed ingredients are imported. 

Supplements that encourage hair growth are typically saturated with chemicals or synthetic ingredients to showcase quick results. However, Folexin’s natural approach promotes organic growth while building trust amongst its user base.

The manufacturer elucidates that Folexin is a natural supplement that supports the body’s underlying deficiencies and is certainly not a quick fix for hair loss issues. These tablets’ availability is no concern either, as they are widely available over the counter without any prescription.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets, ideal for a month’s worth of regular dose. Customers can also take advantage of their various offers when buying multiple packs or opting for a two-day delivery option. In addition, the formula is vegetarian-friendly with gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.

Given that it’s a natural hair loss supplement, individuals can easily combine it with other topical creams for maximum results. Looking at these indicators, Folexin is a reasonably safe drug. Let’s go over the pros and cons of the product in more detail. 

Folexin Pros

What are pros and cons of Folexin

Some of the major advantages of Folexin include local production and high-grade ingredients. 

High-Grade Ingredients

Folexin is manufactured using quality natural ingredients that are meant to support the natural and organic hair growth process. Its unique formulation comprises an impressive mix of natural ingredients, including a unique blend of Fo-Ti, Folic acid, and Biotin.

With herbal extracts, minerals, and vitamins working synergistically, individuals can see an effectively healthy scalp with new hair growth within a few days. The formula also includes the daily recommended value of Folate, Biotin, B6, B1, C, D3, B5, and Manganese. Furthermore, its 81% Iron, 64% Zinc, and 93% Vitamin E provide a well-balanced nutrient mixture hosting numerous benefits in everyday life.

Produced And Manufactured In The US

This herb-infused hair fall supplement is produced and manufactured in the USA. Additionally, the company makes the capsules in an FDA-registered facility while following GMP guidelines. The ingredients used in the formula are a mix of domestic and imported natural raw materials. At the same time, its third-party testing ensures its safety for consumption without any substantial side effects. 

Trusted Brand

Folexin has been around in the hair fall industry for many years. Due to its promising results using natural ingredients, the company has gained quite a lot of trust, especially in the past ten years. This trust has ultimately allowed them to market their supplements across multiple platforms for a bigger and broader customer pool.  

3-Fold Benefits

The three-fold benefits of Folexin take place by supporting healthy mane, increasing the hair growth process, and supporting the overall health of the scalp and hair. UV rays, chlorine, alcohol, and even smoking can negatively affect your hair. But with these natural supplements, your scalp and hair can regain their strength and quality. Many key ingredients work in unison to support hair growth while Biotin maintains the overall health of the hair and scalp.

Relatively Affordable

Hair transplants, steroids, or other hair fall treatments can put a massive dent in your pockets. However, Folexin is comparatively affordable and less invasive than all the other hair care treatments available on the market. Furthermore, the supplements are even cheaper than other competitor supplements brands like Hairpin, Viviscal, and Nutrafol. 

Straightforward Use

Other popular choices require you to spend quite a lot of time on topical applications, which can also feel uncomfortable sometimes. The product, however, is relatively easy to use and requires no additional lengthy regimens.

Even individuals with tight schedules can take care of their receding hairline by simply ingesting two daily pills. The capsules are comfortable to digest and are easy to carry during transit. Lastly, men and women can consume these pills as opposed to Rogaine, i.e., specifically formulated for men.

Folexin Cons 

What are the cons of Folexin Usage

Folexin might be an excellent choice for hair loss; however, it has a few disadvantages. Let’s go over them. 

Decelerated Effect

Folexin doesn’t give impressive results overnight; instead, it takes sufficient time. Individuals can start noticing budding effects from the 60 or 90-day mark. The impact of these hair growth supplements is inversely proportional to the vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in the body. With constant use, the capsules will start building up the depleted nutrients necessary for hair growth, further thickening your mane. 

Consumption / Bitter Taste

People who dislike oral medication can have difficulty adjusting to the daily routine of ingesting the supplement. The company’s official website also suggests avoiding consuming it as a powder. Its pungent and bitter taste can make it challenging to eat your food or drink laced with Folexin.

May Contain Allergens

The Folexin formula contains a few common allergens that may flare up a reaction amongst users with sensitive allergies. Each bottle contains trace amounts of soy, shellfish, milk, wheat, tree nuts, eggs, and peanuts. We highly recommend users consult their physician before starting the regimen if they suffer from sensitive allergies. 

The formula is manufactured in the US; however, the company imports a few international ingredients that may or may not work effectively with the digestive system. Although all the ingredients are subject to stringent quality control, we suggest reading the ingredient list to understand its raw materials better.

Negative Remarks

We have encountered several negative remarks from users that claim to have used Folexin for more than two months with zero noticeable results. Thus, the supplements don’t work for everyone or may work quite slowly according to the individual’s nutritional needs. While some reviews indicate that the product did not give the expected results, the increased levels of vitamins and minerals also gave people unexpected gastrointestinal side effects.

Folexin Ingredients

Folexin Supplement Facts Label

Interestingly, Folexin claims to use all-natural ingredients backed by several scientific studies. But does the inclusion of Biotin or Vitamin A help with stunted hair growth? Let’s find out as we analyze the critical ingredients in detail.

Ingredient List:

Contains: Soy, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium Carbonate, Iron Ferrous Fumarate, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, Biotin, Vitamin B5, Magnesium Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Manganese Chelate, Potassium Gluconate, PABA, L-Tyrosine, Horsetail Extract, Fo-Ti, Bamboo Extract, Nettle Root, Peony, Spirulina, Saw Palmetto, Plant Sterols, Alfalfa, Barley Grass.

Folic Acid

Folic acid is one of the primary and crucial ingredients in Folexin’s ingredient list. Water soluble Folic acid is a synthesized version of B9 or folate. Many people experiencing Folic acid deficiency face issues linked to hair fall and early graying. Usually, individuals suffering from poor diet, alcoholism, and malabsorptive disorders are at risk of developing folate deficiency.

Folic acid has been proven to shed positive effects on active cell generation, and the acid works explicitly in cell regeneration in both males and females. Additionally, some research studies suggest that healthy Folic acid levels can highly influence the progression of Alopecia Areata. Therefore, adding this as one of the main ingredients can allow healthy cell growth, thus supporting hair regeneration.


Biotin, i.e., otherwise recognized as vitamin H, is essential for the natural metabolism of fatty acids and proteins. Similarly, a healthy dose of Biotin benefits hair growth. This water-soluble Biotin is a necessary element of the B-vitamin family.

These nutrients are needed for various functionings, including healthy metabolism, nerve functioning, and cardiovascular operations. Biotin, when amalgamated with sulfur in one’s body, can play a primary role in the hair growth cycle. You might often see Biotin in various hair, nail, and skin supplements around the market. But these aren’t just theories as the ingredient is scientifically proven to promote hair growth by combating common Biotin deficiencies. 


Fo-Ti is an exotic Chinese medicine used around East Asia for centuries. The other common name for Fo-Ti is Chinese Climbing Knotweed or He Shou Wu. This herb has been an integral part of TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine for ailments featuring hair loss, anti-aging, to graying of hair. 

Various scientific studies have proven that Fo-Ti “wakes up” and brings dormant hair follicles to the active stage. Another study found that Fo-Ti is as powerful and efficient as Minoxidil, a critical ingredient in Rogaine. This herb’s addition as a catalyst in the supplement truly makes the product one of a kind with possibly positive results. Individuals can expect minimized effects of hair loss with increased follicular activity. 


Iron is another key ingredient that allows Folexin to work magically in repairing the tissues responsible for hair and scalp damage. Since hemoglobin is the most crucial component responsible for transferring oxygen to the hair follicles, it adds another layer of usefulness to the formula. Your hair roots need a certain percentage of oxygen for proper, healthy, and active growth of the hair. 

Moreover, Iron shortage can drastically affect your hair’s thickness, gradually making it thinner with a receding hairline. Various studies claim that Iron undoubtedly plays a primary role in patterned hair loss amongst individuals of mature ages. As Iron deficiencies have been correlated with stunted hair growth, adding this ingredient can allow resuming average hair growth.

Other Ingredients 

Other carefully selected ingredients like Saw Palmetto and Vitamin B6 add to the efficiency of the Folexin. Usually, DTH or Dihydrotestosterone is said to be a prime culprit for hair loss which initiates from diminishing hair follicles. On the other hand, Saw Palmetto barres the DTH, ensuring your hair follicles do their job of hair regeneration. 

Vitamin B6 activates numerous chemicals and enzymes that keep the hair protein, melanin, and keratin pumping throughout the hair structure. Other vitamins that comprise a considerable part of Folexin’s formula include Vitamin B5, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin E. In addition, the product also features an assorted mix of Manganese Chelate, Silica, Copper, Zinc, Ferrous Fumarate, Magnesium Oxide, Potassium Gluconate, and Calcium Carbonate.

How Does Folexin Work

how Folexin works

As mentioned earlier, Folexin follows a 3-fold path that helps you revive your hair’s natural health. 

  • The first benefit is that it supports and protects your strong and thick hair. Since human hair is constantly in contact with foreign elements, they are at a high risk of being dry and brittle. Even chlorine from the swimming pool or the sun’s harmful UV rays can affect the quality of your hair to a greater extent. Thus, it provides optimum strength to the existing hair by helping them revive from the inside. 
  • Secondly, it supports the natural growth process of human hair. The key ingredients featuring an array of elements like Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, Silicon, and B-Vitamin complex work synergistically to nourish and encourage hair growth.
  • Lastly, Folexin is a significant contributor to keeping the overall health of your hair at its peak. The Biotin in its formula works with a few selected enzymes to develop essential proteins for strong hair and a healthy scalp.

However, buyers must know that Folexin is not an overnight solution for hair fall. The product is designed to support and escalate natural hair growth. Furthermore, like every hair fall supplement formula, Folexin’s effects vary greatly depending on genetics, age, lifestyle, diet, etc.

Remember that the average hair strand grows only between six to twelve mm or quarter to a half inch per month. Thus, people interested in Folexin must have a realistic idea of what to expect while consistently adhering to the recommended dosage. The company suggests ingesting two tablets, preferably in the morning and afternoon. But ensure that the person including Folexin in their daily regimen is an adult.

Similarly, avoid exceeding the recommended dose of 2 supplements per day. Pregnant or lactating women or anyone with a strict daily medication regimen should consult a healthcare professional before using the product. Even though Folexin is strictly intended to promote natural hair growth, a few variables like food and lifestyle might influence the speed of the process. However, reviewers on the internet have typically stated that it takes around thirty days to two months to see its effectiveness. Below we have mentioned a detailed week-by-week 4-phase growth chart of Folexin.

Phase 1: Repairing and enhancing

This first stage usually begins around the two-week mark as soon as you start the supplement regimen. At this point, the formula successfully increases your hair’s growth cycle by improving the regrowing strength of the dormant hair follicles. In this particular stage, the beneficial nutrients in the Folexin strengthen the hair while preventing hair loss. Additionally, the amount of DHT is pretty much reduced.

Phase 2: Nurturing 

Folexin may provide all the essential nutrients in the second phase, stimulating healthy growth. The vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts eventually nourish the hair from deep within while allowing it to have a smooth shine and improved texture. You shall be able to see this progress after a month of constant routine. Lastly, your hair strands will feel thicker than they were before.

Phase 3: Activating the protection mechanism  

This phase may create a healthy protective shield against environmental elements that damage your hair. Individuals may feel improved hair elasticity due to better blood circulation around the head. This process will start working at an average two-month mark.

Phase 4: Reviving dormant follicles

The final stage may activate and revive all the dormant follicles that have stopped the new hair strands from growing. That way, the supplement carefully starts to restore the natural hair growth cycle without any side effects. Depending on your genes and lifestyle, you may expect these results by the 3rd or 4th month.

Thus, Folexin, when dosed on a steady and continuous basis, may feature some revolutionary results. In addition, you may also pair various topical products like a shampoo or conditioner to keep the hair healthy and add some more effort into your hair fall journey.

Folexin Vs. Competing Products

Comparing Folexin and other similar products

We’ve intensively researched numerous popular hair loss supplements on the market to draw a quick comparison between them. The main products similar to Folexin are Keeps, Hairprin, and Nutrafol.

Folexin vs. Nutrafol

We think Nutrafol is a worthy competitor to Folexin as many happy customers can vouch for the product. However, in terms of price and result, a significant vote goes to Folexin supplement as it outperforms. 

In addition, Nutrafol is divided into separate products for men and women. Folexin, on the other hand, efficiently provides the same results for both men and women using a single composition.

Folexin vs. Keeps

Our research further established that Keeps is manufactured for male users as it specializes in male pattern baldness. Keeps isn’t the most highlighted brand when it comes to disclosing the ingredients of its products. In contrast, Folexin ensures to educate their customers with the correct ingredient list without hesitance. 

Folexin vs. Hairprin

We found that Hairprin is the most formidable competitor to Folexin regarding ingredients and product originality. However, the product is relatively more expensive than Folexin and might be similar if not less effective than Folexin. 

Customer Testimonials

Folexin Reviews

To find the real customer testimonials, we scouted various platforms that sell Folexin in single and combo packs. It is safe to say that most patrons using this hair fall supplement were happy and content with their purchase. 

Across the reviews on Amazon, we saw an average of 4.1 stars, while their website features even more five-star reviews. Overall, such high ratings indicate that Folexin has had an impressive effect on the receding hairline and significant hair fall.

Customers also reported that following a specific regimen with Folxein was easy to use and habitual as the product comes in capsules. Additionally, the reviews have been collected and calculated from individuals who purchased this product and used it according to the company’s directions. The following is a combined essence of most of the reviews posted by the customers.  

  • An Amazon review by Nakaman states that they were hesitant about ordering the product. However, he was glad to have taken such a decision as the supplement worked for him. It took the customer around one month to start noticing any noticeable difference but soon after repeated use, their hair has grown thicker and more robust with no hair fall. 
  • David Hoffman ( Amazon review ) mentions that they have used Rogaine ( a competitor brand ) for fifteen years. The solution worked great to slow down the balding process but promised no new growth. However, with Folexin, they could notice new hair growth, finally resulting in a head full of luscious hair. 
  • A user named Mary Jo Lacey ( Amazon review ) mentioned that they tried the product on a whim to avoid spending considerable money on big brands. Soon after their first bottle, they could feel their hair getting thick and wavy.
  • A compelling Amazon review from K&C states that they have used these supplements for two years and the product worked great. But as soon as the individual stops taking these hair fall supplements, new hair production stops or takes place at a comparatively slower pace. 

Folexin Side Effects

Side effects of Folexin

After researching many positive customer testimonials, we also wanted to inspect and include all the possible side effects that Folexin’s users report. In addition, we also studied the critical ingredients in Folexin’s formula to identify potential side effects.

One significant side effect that numerous users mentioned was slight stomach bloating. The users followed the recommended dosage of 2 capsules per day; however, by the end of the second day, many started feeling an uneasy sensation affiliated with stomach bloating. 

Another chunk of users encountered constipation or diarrhea after starting their journey with Folexin. We reckon that the upset stomach issues may be directly related to the B vitamins in the supplement’s formula. One easy way to avoid such future bloating is to take the capsules with your food. You can have a considerable gap between both doses to allow ample time to absorb each tablet’s constituents.

Moreover, a few users noticed that the product is not the most suitable for users suffering from borderline hypertension or constantly fluctuating towards high blood pressure. You may see a slight increase in the blood pressure level after being under the supplement regimen for a few days. 

Depending on the choice, this may not be a harmful side effect, but Folexin users have noticed surprisingly fast-growing nails and eyelashes. The reason behind that acceleration traces back to the tightly packed vitamins, minerals, and other botanical ingredients featured in Folexin. These ingredients improve all the keratin-based areas, including eyebrows, eyelashes, body hair, and nails. 

Another critical side effect that many people have noticed is a comparatively tender scalp. Not many Folexin users felt the change in their scalp’s tenderness, but a selected few noticed the skin getting more tender and irritable at the beginning of the Folexin’s hair fall course. This phenomenon is mainly seen because of the increased blood circulation to the scalp. This sudden increased circulation may sore the scalp while working toward its goal of increasing hair growth. 

The last striking side effect we wish to add is the potential fear of liver damage. Currently, no user of Folexin has mentioned any signs of liver damage. However, we wanted to include this specific point because Fo-Ti is their key ingredient. High doses of Fo-Ti beyond the recommended limits might be highly toxic to the liver and may even damage its functioning.

Folexin users shouldn’t worry as the Fo-Ti levels in the formula are under the safe limits (25 mg). Studies have indicated that humans can consume Fo-Ti up to 250mg daily without causing drastic effects on the liver. Thus, consuming 50mg Fo-Ti is safe, but be wary and avoid overdosing on these supplements.

Final Verdict

It is no surprise that hair thinning or loss can be a frustrating experience for men and women worldwide. The simple solution is often far away as people embark on invasive hair treatments such as hair transplants or scalp reduction surgery.

People now have the tools to treat thinning hair or baldness with natural, non-invasive therapies. Folexin is one such supplement solution that provides consistent results. While it is not a miracle cure for hair loss, people who use it can see good results after a few weeks. 

To help you understand if Folexin is the right way to go for your thinning hair, we’ve created this review and guide. Of course, just as there are plenty of benefits, there are also drawbacks. Still, it’s stafe to say that Folexin works naturally to strengthen your hair follicles. Users should also be aware that the outcome varies depending on the severity of the baldness and the timeframe. 

Folexin uses unusual ingredients, comes at a relatively low price, and mostly guarantees positive results. Keep in mind that currently, it’s not available in stores or pharmacies in the United States. However, interested buyers can order them online and benefit from fast shipping and excellent customer service. 

Finally, we recommend that our readers consult with their respective healthcare providers before beginning Folexin, especially if they have any underlying issues that contribute significantly to hair loss problems. Furthermore, we recommend that people consider the severity of their allergies.

People with sensitive soy allergies should consider steering clear of the supplements, while people who aren’t sure can always research their labels before beginning. Similarly, if you’re in good health and notice early signs of hair loss or hair fall, Folexin can be an excellent tool for rebuilding the strength of your follicles and, as a result, thickening your hair.