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29 Cool & Trendy eBoy Haircut Styles & Ideas

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Key takeaways:

  • The eBoy haircut is typically known to describe medium-length hair with a middle part.
  • The eBoy haircut was first known as the curtain haircut in the 1990s.
  • The eBoy haircut suits any face shape and hair type: short hair, long hair, medium-length hair, straight hair, curly hair, or wavy hair. Check out our 29 ideas to help you choose your next hairstyle!
  • How much you pay the hairdresser depends on the style you want, so it’s best to show them a photo of the exact cut you’re going for. The eBoy haircut is best worn naturally, but you can enhance the look using styling products.

Trends are always a cycle — and one of the trends that are making a comeback is the eBoy haircut.

The style originally appeared in the 1990s, but it wasn’t known as the eBoy hairstyle yet.

It was characterized by its suave appearance. It was a defined center-parted hairstyle on sleek hair that fell around the ears.

The curtained hair quickly made a name for itself thanks to renowned Hollywood celebrities that wore it.

Johnny Depp was one of the first celebrities to get the look with his medium-length hair.

Young Leonardo DiCaprio also had the eBoy hair. He wore it either parted to the side or with M-shaped bangs.

He eventually grew out of the style as he became older, but he’s still associated with the hairstyle thanks to his big roles in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet.

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The trend died down a bit, but it eventually exploded again in 2016 with the coming of TikTok. This time, it became known as the “eBoy haircut.”

Thanks to the platform, the eBoy hair became a staple for the younger generation. With TikTok users pulling off the look, others requested tutorials on cutting, styling, and maintaining the look.

Timothée Chalamet is one of the younger celebrities who are rocking the hairstyle.

Then, of course, there are also some people who never let go of the style.

For instance, Keanu Reeves is ICONIC for his jet-black hair and for never growing out of the eBoy hairstyle. (But we’re not complaining. We can all agree it looks good on the man).

What is the eBoy haircut called?

The eBoy haircut was first called the curtain hairstyle in the 1990s.

It’s still called that sometimes because of its characteristic curtain bangs, although the eBoy hair is more modern.

That’s because the style is now more textured and relaxed, normally with uneven and natural parting. Anyone can pull it off, too, regardless of your hair’s natural texture.

What is an eBoy?

“eBoy” is short for “electronic boy” and can have two meanings:

  1. A person who uses the internet more than most and has a large following on social media.
  2. A person who has a grunge-esque or softboy aesthetic. When referring to this kind of person, “eBoy” can also mean “emo boy.”

In this article, we’ll be talking about the aesthetic — which started on TikTok, as men experimented with alternative fashion choices that let them embrace their more feminine side.

If you’re also interested in trying out a different fashion (or just hair) style, keep reading!

29 eBoy Haircut Styles

The great thing about the eBoy hairstyle is there’s no one way to style it, leading to dozens of variations.

Below are some ideas for your future eBoy hair:

Softboy eBoy Haircut

One way down the traditional eBoy route is the softboy hairstyle. A slightly messy appearance can help you achieve the soft kind of eBoy look.

However, it would be better if you styled it in a way that it looks like someone ruffled your rather than bed hair.

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Grunge eBoy Haircut

For a more CLASSIC grunge aesthetic, you can try to pull off a long, silky straight eBoy hairstyle.

But since we’re in modern times, you can have long, curly or wavy hair too.

Curtain Cut eBoy Haircut

An eBoy hairstyle is already pretty much a curtain haircut. But if you want a style that prioritizes giving you a curtain haircut before any add-ons, below are a few ideas:

Modern Curtain eBoy Haircut

Any variation of the eBoy hairstyle is modern. One way to do this for your curtain bangs is to push them to the side so a few hair strands occasionally grazes your eyes just so.

eBoy Mushroom Haircut

A mushroom cut is a kind of style where your hair is the same length around your head. This is a low-maintenance cut since you don’t need products like styling cream to fix it.

However, your curtain bangs will constantly be grazing or blocking your vision.

Short Curtain Hair

As long as you can do a middle part, and the hair falls to the sides, then it’s an eBoy hairstyle. That means you shouldn’t have a problem pulling it off with short hair.

Dyed eBoy Haircut

Getting colored hair is an easy way to instantly transform your look to make it edgier and cooler.

eBoy Haircut Blonde

Blonde hair looks great if you put it on an eBoy haircut. For a more laidback but still effortlessly-edgy look, go for a messy blonde eBoy hairstyle.

Hot Pink eBoy Cut

Now, if you REALLY want to step out of your comfort zone for an eye-catching eBoy style, then we highly recommend getting a dramatic dye change for your colored hair.

Hot pink will certainly get a lot of attention. But you can also try another vibrant hair color like cyan or platinum blonde.

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Split Color Tone eBoy Cut

The split color style (sometimes called the two-toned style) is another great option for those who want to be more adventurous with their hair. For the best results, use two contrasting colors.

Curly eBoy Haircut

eBoy hairstyles naturally have a kind of messy appearance — which works well for those with curly hair. Just run a wide-tooth comb through your hair to protect the curls.

You still need some length so you can part your hair in a curtain style. But other than that, you can wear it any way you want!

Undercut eBoy Haircut

Pair the eBoy hairstyle with an undercut to contrast the curtain bangs and make them more defined.

It’s a low-maintenance style that you can naturally wear even to formal events, but you’ll need to touch up the sides every other week.

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eBoy Fade Haircut

A fade eBoy haircut is very versatile and offers a more polished look. It’s also a good stepping stone for those who are trying to grow their hair out.

TikTok eBoy Noodle Haircut

Noodle hair features very tight curls. While they’re also not a new style, they garnered much interest thanks to TikTok

To achieve the look, use a curling iron with a thin diameter. Alternatively, wrap your wet hair around hair rollers, curlformers, or bend rods.

If you want permanent/semi-permanent curls so you don’t need to keep styling them everyday, ask the salon for a perm.

eBoy Haircut (Short)

If you have fine hair, it might be better to keep your hair short. That’s because it’s easier to style and makes your hair look thicker.

Asian eBoy Haircut

The eBoy haircut has long been embraced by Kpop artists and Kdrama actors.

If you have thick hair, this is something you can try. Pull it off with ear-length hair that’s parted in the middle or slightly off-center.

Straight eBoy Hairstyle

If you have naturally silky straight hair, you can keep it short to have a more masculine look that’s easy to style. Alternatively, you can have a long fringe that can offer a more grunge aesthetic.

eBoy Haircut (Long) 

If you want to try out a medium-length or long eBoy haircut, then we have options for you too. Just be more aware of split ends that won’t look good on your hair.

Bro Flow

The bro flow usually has a slicked-back look on wavy hair that can make you look more mature.

Just wet your hair, put on some hair mousse, and brush it back with a round brush.

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Wavy Long eBoy

You don’t have to say goodbye to your beautiful and long curly tresses!

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, just part it in the middle.

eBoy Haircut on Girl

If there’s an eBoy, then you bet there’s also such a thing as an eGirl. Similar to eBoy haircuts, eGirl cuts typically have a middle parting. They can also have vibrantly-colored hair too.

eBoy Haircut Middle Part

The eBoy haircut can be parted however you want. But if you really want to have a middle parting, then below are some ideas:

eBoy Wavy Hair Middle Part

Having wavy hair means you can easily get a messy and cool look. It’s really flattering and easy to wear, too, since it highlights your face shape nicely.

eBoy Middle Part with Highlights

Giving your hair some highlights (especially the top and bottom) can emphasize the middle part. It also adds movement and definition to the style.

Layered Middle Part

Layers on a middle part give your hair fullness and body. It works very well, even if the layers are uneven.

Slicked eBoy Haircut

Add some spice to your eBoy hairstyle by styling them in a way that shows a bit more of your forehead.

Swept-Back Curtain Bangs

The typical eBoy haircut has hair strands that fall to the side. A more modern take is to have swept-back curtain bangs.

You can take it heavy or light with the hair gel, depending on whether or not you want some strands escaping the style and falling to the side eventually. Pull your hair upwards a bit as you style them to give them some volume.

Slick Middle Part

Rub wax or pomade through wet strands to get this slick aesthetic.

Fluffy eBoy Haircut

If you’re after the messier kind of eBoy hairstyle, below are some ideas to consider:

Messy eBoy Haircut

To get an effortlessly-messy look, you’ll need to stock up on hair products like hair clay or wax so your messy hair doesn’t look too all over the place.

Surfer eBoy Hair

Nothing screams carefree and laidback more than surfer hair! It can work with any hair texture — just use some sea salt spray for more texture if you need it.

Here, coarse hair frames your face, helping highlight your features.

eBoy Haircut Fringe

If you prefer to add a fringe to your eBoy haircut, here are some options:

Thick eBoy Fringe

Guys with thick hair can have a hard time styling even casual bangs.

But to pull off the thick eBoy fringe, just lightly run some hair pomade or wax through your strands and just let them fall wherever they want. This gives you a more laid-back look.

Side-Parted Fringe

A side part gives your hair more volume. You can tuck one side of your hair behind your ear or slick it back.

Short Fringe

Highlight your features, and don’t worry about hair products by wearing a short fringe. It may look simple, but it makes you effortlessly cool and edgy.

It’s very easy to style and works for all hair textures too.

Swooping Fringe

The eBoy haircut is already quite distinct in itself. But if you really want to make a statement, try a swooping fringe to draw eyes to your face.

It can help soften angular features and hide your forehead if you’re conscious about it.

How to get the eBoy haircut?

eBoy haircuts are easier to style than you might think! There are several ways to style it, depending on the hair product you’re using.

Some examples include:

  • Using hair gel – Just scoop a small amount and push your strands back. If you just want a firm hold and not a wet look, don’t use too much gel. Harry’s Sculpting Gel is cheap and usually available at drugstores. Despite the price, it has a good hold and is great for hair touch-ups.
  • Using hair mousse – This hair product is great for men with curly hair. Use a dollop on damp hair, then style with a blow dryer. When the mousse takes effect, you’ll get the curly eBoy look. The Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mousse is especially helpful for those with medium to long hair. It’s not cheap, but it won’t leave your hair feeling sticky, stiff, or crunchy.
  • Using hair pomade – If you’re after the breezy and messy kind of eBoy hairstyles, use a blob of pomade on dry hair. If you want fringes, remember to scrunch your hair as you style it. Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade has a strong hold while also offering great texture. It smells fresh too!
  • Using sea salt spray – Sea salt spray is excellent for those who want to improve their hair texture. It’s also your best friend if you’re trying to pull off the surfer look. The BYRD Texturizing Surf Spray will easily give you the classic surfer look. It’s weightless, moisturizing, and protects your hair from UV rays.
  • Using a flat iron or curling iron – If you want a grunge kind of eBoy haircut, use a flat iron (and heat protectant!). Meanwhile, if you want more volume, then use a curling iron to give your hair some curls or waves.
  • Using a round brush – If you want a side-swept style or the 90s curled bang, a round brush and blow dryer are your go-to materials. Flip the ends of your damp hair mousse outward as you dry it.

How much does the eBoy haircut cost at a hairdresser?

There are different kinds of eBoy haircut combinations, so it’s hard to put just one price.

For instance, an undercut style would cost around $20.

Or, if you want to ask for a perm so you permanently/semi-permanently have the noodle hair, the price can be anywhere between $30 and $150.

Because there are many kinds of eBoy hairstyles, it would be best to specify to your hairdresser EXACTLY what kind of haircut you want.

You can simply say you want a curtains hairstyle, or you can show some photos so the hairdresser completely understands what kind of style you’re going for.

They may even give suggestions on which style will be best for your hair type and face shape.


What started out as the curtains hairstyle in the 90s has evolved into so many variations today.

To help you make the most of your eBoy haircut, we’ve answered a few questions below:

How Can I Maintain the eBoy Haircut?

Styling the cut is easy — and so is maintaining it! Here’s how to maintain the eBoy haircut so you always have that effortlessly natural look:

  • Watch out for split ends – If you’re wearing medium to long hair, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t look brittle and damaged. Use good products (such as hair oil, conditioner, and shampoo) to nourish and strengthen your hair. Getting a trim every three weeks would be a great help in reducing the chances of split ends too.
  • Wear it naturally – Minimal styling will also make sure that your hair stays healthy. If you’ve made it a habit to brush out your middle part (or side part), then your hair will already hang naturally. That means you wouldn’t really need to use hair products unless you still want to. If you’re going for a wet look, comb your hair with wax or pomade from the part. But be aware that the wetter your hair looks, the less of a natural eBoy haircut it looks too.
  • Complement it with an undercut or fade – We told you that the eBoy haircut is low-maintenance — and it is! It’s just natural for hair to go through an awkward phase while growing. If you don’t have the time to keep going back to the salon to get your cut fixed, pairing it with an undercut or fade in the first place won’t make your style look awkward as your hair keeps growing. Another thing about this is an undercut or fade will naturally add some edginess or sophistication to your style.

How Else Can I Pull Off the eBoy Look?

If you’re trying the eBoy hairstyle, why not try eBoy fashion too?

It’s an alternative fashion that has a look inspired by various cultures, such as:

  • KPop
  • 1990s skateboarding
  • 2000s goths
  • Punk music

This allows for a lot of individualization.

Some like the grunge aesthetic that goes with black nail polish, leather jackets, and fitting pants.

Meanwhile, others prefer the softboy fashion with a minimalist color palette — usually grays, blacks, and whites.

Image Source

For men who are confident that they can rock a full beard, the contrast between your soft locks and the scruffy beard can make you look masculine and rugged.

Just make sure your neckbeard always looks clean.

Image Source

What’s the Difference Between an eBoy Haircut and Mop Top?

An eBoy haircut, or curtains haircut, is best worn naturally.

Meanwhile, a mop top is neater and glossier and has a firmer hold. For this style, you’ll need hair gel and heating tools (like a flat iron) to fix it.

The gel will give your hair a greasy texture, while the heating tool will help you perfectly align your hair.

A mop top is basically what The Beatles were rocking in their prime:

Final Thoughts

The eBoy haircut, sometimes known as the curtains haircut, has evolved into so many variations since its height in the 1990s.

It suits different hair textures and lengths and can be worn with a side or middle part.

It’s very easy to style and maintain — it’s even possible to NOT use styling products to pull off an effortlessly laid-back look!

To complement your new curtain haircut, you can jump into the eBoy style too. This fashion is very flexible and easily customizable to suit your tastes.

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