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6 Easy Steps To Dye Hair With Jello At Home

Dyeing hair has never been boring as you can express your personality via your hair color.

Besides the various hair shades, you also have plenty of options to dye your hair like a store-bought bottle of hair dye, or a temporarily natural one like beet juice or henna.

But have you ever thought about coloring hair with Jello? Will it work and be safer compared to other methods?

This article will answer your questions about using Jello in dyeing hair.

Can you use Jello to dye your hair?

Yes, surprisingly, Jello can be used as a hair color.

Of course this powder Jello will not work as a permanent hair dye and will shade away after a couple of shampoos.

However, this will be a fun way to try out new colors before dyeing your hair with a commercial dye. It is also safer and budget-friendly. What a great choice to color your hair, right?

How long does Jello stay in your hair?

Jello will work as a semi-permanent hair dye, which can stay in your hair up to four to five weeks.

Like any other dyeing method, the color on your hair can fade away soon after a couple of washes if you don’t give it proper care.

How do you get jello out of your hair?

Typically, hair dye from Jello will be gone itself after a few weeks.

However, in case you want to get it out of your hair sooner than intended, you can totally wash it out with a deep-cleaning shampoo several times.

How to dye hair with jello?

Dyeing hair with Jello is great because you can test how the chosen color works on your hair.

These colors from Jello are often bright, which will give you a fresh and youthful look. Below, we are gonna show you how to dye your hair using Jello steps by steps.

Things you’ll need:

  1. A bowl
  2. An old towel
  3. An applicator brush
  4. A shower cap
  5. Gloves
  6. Petroleum jelly
  7. Jello (your favorite color)
  8. Conditioner


  1. To keep you from being stained, apply petroleum jelly to your forehead around your hairline and the temples, and cover your shoulders with an old towel
  2. Mix one or two Jello packets (depending on how long and thick your hair is) with a conditioner in a bowl (or a bit water if needed) to create a creamy mixture
  3. Put on the plastic gloves
  4. Use your fingers or an applicator brush to apply the dye mixture to your hair (entire hair or desired sections for streaks)
  5. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave it for at least an hour (the longer the dye is on your hair, the stronger the color will be)
  6. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water and blow dry it

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Dyeing hair with Jello can be applied in the same way as other store-bought counterparts. If you have brunette or dark hair, you can consider bleaching your hair before dyeing it to result in a better outcome.

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Although dyeing hair with Jello is not permanent, it’s a fun way to try this affordable method whenever you want to look different with a new hair color.

It’s a safe way for you to change your hair color frequently. Just take care of it so your favorite hue will stay longer on your hair. Good luck!

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