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Does Short Hair Make You Look Fatter? What Hairstyle Is Perfect For Your Face?

We have all tried different haircuts in our lifetimes.

And I’m sure everyone noticed that some haircuts can make you seem thinner or fatter.

So, can long or short hair make you look fatter or thinner?

Yes, it definitely can. Depending on your face type, how wide your cheekbones are, and whether you have chubby cheeks, a hairstyle can make your face look thinner or fatter.

Well, what hairstyle should I go for? Keep reading to find out!

Does short hair make your face look fat?

The answer is: It can.

To answer the question specifically, we have to look right at some factors of your face to evaluate like your shape and your hairdos.

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There is no fixed answer to this question, and you have to look for the key yourself by finding out your face shape and what suits it the most.

There is a general belief that short hair isn’t suitable for women with round faces, yet they can actually shine in this hairstyle by not adding volume to the sides of the short hair.

Actually, there is nothing to worry about because short hair makes a face look thinner if you have a deep understanding of your face shape and use the right style for your features.

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What Hair Color Makes You Look Thinner?

You can actually use the hair color to compensate for these features.

In most cases, our natural hair color matches perfectly with the color of our eyes.

Yet if you want to experiment to find your best appearance, please try some tips we’re going to give below depending on your skin; you can shorten the time to look stunning in the future.

High contrast skin tone

These are girls who often have dark hair and dark brown or brightly colored eyes.

Does dark hair make you look thinner if you’re the winter type? The answer is yes!

In case you want to dilute the black color, you can add some cool tone red hues.

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Warm skin tone

Well, warm-toned blondes (strawberry blonde, honey blonde, caramel blonde) will flatter you, and you can actually experiment with adding some cool-toned blonde highlights.

Low contrast skin tone

They should dye their hair using the balayage technique in soft blonde tones or cool chocolate brown hues to lower the volume and create a slimming look.

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Perfect short haircuts for every face shape

You will be in love with short hairdos if you know how to choose. We will categorize the hairstyle depending on the face shapes. Therefore you can make a perfect option for yourself.

Oval face

Suppose you have an oval face, congratulations!

This face shape is perfect for all haircuts as long as they suit your personality. You can blow away the question of whether short hair makes your face look fatter or thinner because this is not the case for you!

Short hair for oval face
Short hair for oval face (Source: hairs.london)

Long face

Because the length of your face is already great, you would want to add more width to it with your hair.

The perfect option would be a bob of any length, or ideally a chin-length bob as it creates an illusion of a wider face.

Bob hair for long face
Bob hair for long face

A long bob is also flattering on your face, and you may want to make friends with a bang so it can hide a part of your face length.

Curls and waves are also advisable, or you can wear your short hair a bit messy.

Round face

For a round face, you would want to elongate your face look and make it less round. Therefore, the best length for your hair is an inch or two below your chin.

You can try a long bob that falls right below the chin with gentle layers and wispy, tapered ends. They can reduce your face’s bulk and weight on two sides, and make it look slimmer.

Short hair for round face
The ideal short hair for a round face

Heart face

With a heart-shaped face, pixie haircuts are the perfect option.

Pixie style for heart face
You should choose pixie style for your heart face

To move the attention from your pointed chin to other points in your face, a side-swept bang or brow-grazing fringe.

You may not want to wear blunt-cut bangs or haircuts with choppy layers as they will make your face look like an inverted triangle.

Square and Diamond face

To downplay their angular features, people with square or diamond faces should wear super short, edgy, or shag haircuts.

In addition, the long bob is an ideal choice as it can soften your shapes.

Short hair for square & diamond face
Short hair for square & diamond face (Source: luxyhair.com)

However, try to avoid one-length bob and wide, blunt bangs if you do not want to look like a perfect square or diamond.

In this case, a long side-swept bang would be excellent.


For those who are still in love with the short hairstyle, all you have to do is look deeply into the characteristics of your face; you can successfully choose the one that suits you, no matter how your face shape looks like.

The rumors are real sorely when you do it carelessly, yet with our help, we hope that you can avoid some unwanted mistakes in your hairstyle.

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