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Do Redheads Have Red Pubic Hair? [The FACTS]

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Published by Aida Turner

Fact checked by Annie

Being a redhead is rare in itself, as approximately less than 2% of the world’s population is blessed with red hair, lighter eye color (brown, hazel, green), and freckles. [1]

As beautiful and one-of-a-kind as it is, the redhead characteristic has tickled the minds of many, pushing them to ask this intriguing question: Do redheads have red pubic hair?

It may be a yes or a no, and all the other different answers within your circle of friends or based on your experiences with other people.

Well, there’s only one way to help you out — we’ll go through all the questions and facts about redheads and their pubes!

Do Redheads Have Red Pubic Hair?

Gingers or redheads have been getting attention for their freckles and hair. Moreover, it’s weird, but some people ask redheads if their pubes have a similar shade to their heads or if they dye their pubes to match colors.

A redhead or ginger, whether with freckles or not, may or may not have red pubes. It will depend on the melanin concentration on their genitals.

Some have more Pheomelanin than Eumelanin, and the other way around. Most importantly, the pigmentation of melanin in your skin and hair also depends on your genetics. [2]

FUN FACT: Besides being rare in population compared to the rest of the world, they also have fewer strands, with an average of 90,000, than those with blonde strands, which have about 110,000 strands.

We will learn all of these and more in the following sections.

Do ALL Redheads Have Red Pubic Hair?

Not everyone with red-colored strands has reddish pubes. Some have blackish pubes, and other redheads have orange pubes. All of these depend on your melanin production.

Melanin produces pigments for your skin, eyes, and strands. Three types of melanin highlight different colors, such as:

  • Eumelanin – black and dark brown
  • Neuromelanin – dark but only in neurons
  • Pheomelanin – reddish-yellow

In a study, experts found that for a redhead, the most melanin production comes from Pheomelanin, as the MC1R gene gets activated, which causes their scarlet netherhair. [3]

What Are Red Pubes Called?

As a redhead, your pubes may be referred to as “fire crotch” in slang terms. [4]

This term has been used since the early 1990s. With this, fire pertains to the hue and the crotch for the pubic area’s hair.

Do Redheads Have Red Armpit Hair?

Some people would say that their redness radiates all around – from the head to the armpit to the genitals. However, some still experience differences in head hair tone and armpit hair tone.

All of these depend on the melanin proportion in each area, such as:

  • Case 1: More Eumelanin than Pheomelanin
  • Case 2: Lesser Eumelanin than Pheomelanin

The first case scenario, having more Eumelanin, will dictate more substantial blackish or brown colors in your armpit despite having a scarlet color for your strands. 

On the other hand, the second case-in-point will tell you that lesser Eumelanin than Pheomelanin will give you a reddish shade for your strands, regardless of where it’s situated.

Why Are My Pubes Black if I’m a Redhead?

Your pubes are blackish even if you have red netherhair because of the differences in melanin proportion on your strands and nether areas.

As previously mentioned, if you have red hair, your Pheomelanin (red melanin) is higher in ratio than Eumelanin (blackish and dark brown melanin). 

On the other hand, your nether region (genitals, groin, buttocks) has blackish pubes because Eumelanin is more apparent than Pheomelanin.

Moreover, experts say that the closest color that will determine the pigment of your pubes is not your redhead but your EYEBROWS. [5]

Why Are My Pubic Hair Two Different Colors?

Some of you might have questions after discovering that your pubes have two different colors. Why is this so?

Of course, as you already know from the previous sections, it’s because of melanin. Melanin makes a lot of differences, as the pigment of hair in your head, eyebrows, chest, eyelashes, and pubic part will depend on how Eumelanin and Pheomelanin are proportioned.

In specifics, as you age with time, some of your pubes may change in hue, while some stay the same because your body will have slower melanin production.

A 1986 study can prove this as they investigated a 50-year-old redhead man; it showed that his once red hair turned into other colors as time progressed, and his pubes varied in orange tones. [6]

What Are Other Known Names for Persons With Red Hair?

A child, kid, teenager, or adult with red strands is often dubbed in many names aside from redhead, like:

  • Carrot Top
  • Ginger
  • Agent Orange

Sometimes, these terms are intentionally used to spread hate and make a scarlet-head kid or adult feel inferior, which we want to avoid.

As we only want to spread the word of love, call them by their names and only call them strand-related monikers if you also have one.

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Final Words

After answering all of the questions you want to learn, or you already knew but wished to confirm, we hope you can be more aware and sensitive.

Be informed of all the things concerning strand colors and why differences arise. It can help you connect and create better relationships with friends or family with red-colored strands!

On top of that, being sensitive also counts! A red-strand person may sometimes be offended when you call them ginger, especially if you’re not one yourself.

Also, they may get uncomfortable when you ask about what color their pubes are or if they dye their pubes to a different hue.

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