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Do Box Braids Damage Your Hair? 4 Questions You May Need To Know

If you’re looking for and chasing a new hairstyle, stylish, and protection, look no further than a box braid.

It was one of the most beloved hairstyles of the 90s. It has returned once again; and it is looking better than ever before.

Whether wearing big or small, long or short, the box braids still give you seriously chic and on-trend.

But do you wonder if this hairstyle will damage your natural hair? Which hair care products should be used?

Or should it be kept in the hair for how long? Let’s start exploring our articles for answers.

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Do box braids help your hair grow?

Like our skin, the health of our hair depends on many factors. Therefore, in order for your hair to grow faster, they need to be healthy and provided adequate nutrients.

Braiding can affect hair growth by giving it a more stable structure. However, it’s important to note that too tight a hairstyle will have the opposite effect of irritating the scalp or lead to breakage.

In fact, the braids are not very helpful in hair growth, as they can naturally elongate regardless of whether you style it or not.

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Do box braids damage your edges?

While box braids can help protect your hair from external environmental elements, they often tend to put extra stress on the edges of your hair. Over time, it can lead to damaged, broken edges.

Sure, none of us want a self-inflicted receding hairline, but fortunately, the box braids and thin edges don’t have to go hand in hand.

Therefore, you are completely free to wear box braids without damaging your hair. Notably, don’t braid it too tightly if you don’t want to be annoying.

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How do I stop my hair from breaking into box braids?

Like other braids, a box braid is also considered to be great protection because there’s no thermal heat on the hair, meaning your hair won’t have any issues growing.

However, if the braids are not worn properly, they can damage and break your hair, as they can be too heavy or left on for too long.

So what needs to be done to prevent breakage in the braid?

To avoid this, make sure you handle your hair properly before and after braiding, and at the same time keep your hair nourished at night and avoid leaving the box braids in your hair too long.

You can apply conditioner evenly to the braids to begin cleaning your hair and rinse gently in the shower. If your hair is loose, wash it gently to avoid hair loss.

In addition, it is very important to moisturize real hair and scalp by regularly spraying a moisturizing mist.

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How long should I keep box braids in my hair?

It’s a pity to say that experts have recommended that we should not leave braids for more than eight weeks.

On average, they should be kept for no more than six to eight weeks as new hair will grow out, cause matting and tangles, and lead to damaged hair.

If you wear mini braids with more packs of hair on your head, they will be heavier and will require maintenance sooner or later.

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What gel is good for box braids?

When you’re trying to make box braids better hold, there’s no better choice than a kind of gel.

There’s no denying that the gel is a great product to use on your box braids in case they need to be held in place.

Among our extensive range of hair gels, we have explored the needs of our customers and suggested using Ampro Pro Styl Shine’n Jam Conditioning Gel.

This gel is not too expensive, for about $ 3 you can own 1 bottle of this wonderful gel.

You can apply a sufficient amount of gel at the root of your scalp after dividing each braid for a better grip on the hair.


In recent years, box braids have appeared everywhere from red carpets to social media sites.

This very versatile low-maintenance and protective hairstyle is now considered “more acceptable” than it used to be.

Basically, box braids do not damage your hair if you follow the correct techniques, pay attention to your hair care, do not braid too tightly, and do not leave them for too long.

Now, experience the hair-keeping gel that we provide to see the great effect on your box braids.

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