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Do Blondes Have Blonde Pubic Hair? How to Spot Fake Blondes?

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“Do Blondes Have Blonde Pubic Hair?” – The question might sound weird, right?

But to be frankly, sometimes those ridiculous question immediately pops up in your might out of nowhere, and you keep wondering for a long time because of it.

To find the answer, unless you have a best friend, asking another blonde person for this sensitive question is quite embarrassing right?

So in this article we will resolve that mystery for your concern. 

What color pubic hair do blondes have?

If you see a person with light blond hair (to the roots), blond eyebrows and blond hair on their arms (and legs) there is a good chance they are a natural blond.

Natural blonds are relatively rare in because blond is recessive. And if you are 100% sure they are natural blonds, the answer is that their public hair color actually matches their hair color.

However, typically the public hair color is darker than the blonde. It’s sort of like men’s beards.

When men grow facial hair, their beard will normally be darker than the hair on their heads but the same color otherwise. Not 100% of the time, but usually.

Why is my pubic hair black when I have blonde hair?

Just as with skin, the color of hair is determined by the amount of melanin in the outer layer (cortex) of each hair. Melanin is a protein that has color.

Black hair has the greatest amount of melanin. White hair has no melanin. Hair gets its color from the two types of melanin that create the variety of hair colors we see.

Melanin is produced by a group of specialized cells called melanocytes. These cells are located near the hair bulb. They collect and form bundles of a pigment-protein complex called melanosomes.

The size, type, and distribution of the melanosomes will determine the type of melanin produced and in which ratio. The type of melanin of a person’s hair is inherited.

Melanin also varies in the hair of different parts of the body. This is why pubic hair is sometimes a slightly different color from hair elsewhere.

The absence of melanin later in life causes white hair. White hair may appear on some parts of the body before others because there is variation in this too.

How to spot fake blondes?

If you’re sufficiently delicate, you’ll find out whether blondes are fake or not by using the trick below, which all of these are just observations.

Look at the roots

Are they much darker than the rest of her hair? If so, then the last dye job was some weeks ago.

If it was done recently, it’s hard to tell. 

Look for natural weathering

Are there small streaks of hair around her face that are slightly lighter than the rest? Is the hair growing on top of the head lighter than the hair growing at the nape of the neck? Are the ends slightly lighter than the roots?

Then he/she is most definitely naturally blond.

This natural bleaching happens due to sunlight, it’s usually quite visible in naturally blond hair, and it’s still near impossible to reproduce with hair dye (or it’s not wanted when coloring, especially the lighter-ends bit).

(This is different from self-bleaching hair blonde)

Brown hair turns lighter from sunlight too, but the color shifts more into orange, while blond hair becomes yellowish-white in the sun.


“Fake” blond hair is impossibly difficult to maintain, it yellows quickly and it’s not a pretty kind of yellow.

So, if this is someone you meet often, try to observe if her hair becomes yellow and dull over time and then regularly appears fresh and “new” again.

Look at the eyebrows

Are his/her eyebrows black? Don’t jump to assumptions, though. Eyebrow hair almost always appears darker than the natural hair color, so even a natural blonde can have “brown” eyebrows.

Naturally, blond people often have brown eyelashes, sometimes with blond tips, sometimes even entirely blond eyelashes.

But, since you’re asking specifically about women, this might be hard to tell since many women use mascara to darken their eyelashes.

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So we just answered all of the spontaneous questions in your mind.

Hair color is determined by genetics, the difference of color only varies on a different part of the body, but the tone remains the same.

In the end, we hope that you will have much more knowledge about such a field after reading the article.

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