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Can I Dye And Perm Hair On The Same Day?

We all want to appear with a youthful and fresh look, especially on special occasions.

Hair is the part that is easiest to change and makes you look completely different. A new color and hairstyle will be ideal in this case.

However, you must be wondering whether it is safe to give your hair a dye and perm at the same time.

If not, what would be the appropriate time to separate these processes? Don’t worry, this article will enlighten you with some facts about this beauty topic.

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Should I color my hair before or after a perm?

The sad news is you cannot hurry to have a beautiful hairstyle by dyeing and perming at the same time. And you won’t want the perming process to nose into your newly fashionable hair color.

So, it is recommended to color your hair after a perm. Please remember that the chemicals from hair dye and perm salts will damage your hair, so it’s time to slow down the process and let your hair relax.

How long after a perm that you can color your hair?

So now we know that coloring your hair after a perm will be perfect, but what is the exact period of time you have to wait? It will depend on the type of hair dye you are going to stick with.

If you are a fan of permanent hair color, you will have to be a bit more patient.

You should wait for seven to ten days, even fifteen days, or after the first wash with shampoo & conditioner for permed hair before having your hair dyed.

This allows the color to be exactly as desired when applying on your hair. Otherwise, you will be disappointed with your new hair color.

It would be safer to shorten this stage if you use semi-permanent hair dye, so it’s your choice then.


Will coloring my hair ruin my perm?

No, it won’t. It sounds great, right? Dyeing hair won’t take your perm away or straighten it. The problem here is actually other damages with your hair.

In fact, many people have encountered the situation of breakage, shedding, or drying-out hair after perming and coloring.

That’s why you need to wait for a while before coloring your hair to minimum the damage on your hair. Anyway, the curls from the perm are always still there so don’t worry.

You can also use coconut oil before coloring to minimize the chemical damage to your hair.

What happens if you perm your hair after you dye it?

It is recommended to dye your hair after perming, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot perm your hair after you color it. However, this works better on colored hair, not highlighted hair.

The reason why they prefer coloring hair after a perm than the opposite way is perming is likely to make your color brighter than intended.

Moreover, the dyeing process already brings a certain amount of chemicals to your hair, perming it might be easier to ruin hair, such as splitting or breaking.

Therefore, you will also need to wait for a couple of weeks after dyeing to perm your hair. And don’t forget to treat your hair and scalp with good hair care products. Eg:

What is the best home perm for color treated hair?

Possessing beautiful curls on your head will rely on the hair stylist’s qualification and the perming products’ quality. Things are more complicated with color treated hair because it is easy to be damaged due to the exposure to chemicals.   

However, today, you can easily find many best-selling home perm products that are not extremely harsh on your colored hair. Below are some of our suggestions:

  1. Zotos
  2. Ogilvie Salon Styles
  3. One N Only
  4. Zotos Acclaim

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In conclusion, perming and dyeing means you are applying chemicals on your hair. Therefore, it deserves to be treated with good products and instructed compliance.



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