Body Care Empties

This post should be called more like deodorant and body lotion empties, because in my family we have common shower gels, that is why I rarely use any of mine up. But that will change now as I moved out now

First bunch of deodorants are Dove Beauty Finish. I like Dove deodorants but this scent isn’t my favorite. I got two because the other one my boyfriend bought for me. Repurchase: no.

Next are Nivea anti-transpirants – Stress Protect and Pearl & Beauty. I’m not a huge fan of them because they stop working towards the end of a day eventhough I don’t tend to sweat that much. I don’t remember the scent of those. Repurchase: no.

Next deodorant is by Hofer cosmetics brand Ombia – it has a clean scent but something made me cough everytime I sprayed it. It protected me well, but it was nothing spectacular. Repurchase: in case of emergency.

Bionsen deodorant on the other hand is a repurchase and one of deodorants that I really like. Again, it has a clean scent, just the way I like it. Repurchase: already have

On to more fun stuff! I used up Victoria’s Secret Passionate Kisses Body Lotion. It smells like cherries and vanilla – yum! I was obsessed with this scent. It was a nice lotion that moisturized my skin well. Repurchase: I would if we had this scent in Slovenian Müllers or if I go again somewhere where it’s sold.

To continue with Victoria’s Secret, we also have Lost in Fantasy Body Butter. It was quite light for a body butter, but this one also smelled great, like brazilian orchid and kiwi. Now that I’m thinking VS is the only one who makes fruity scented products that I really like… Anyway… I liked the scent but I preferred Passionate Kisses, and the product worked well, it moisturezed my skin, but I expected more from a body butter, so I won’t repurchase it.

The product from Balea is their after shave lotion (I already threw the packaging away, so I don’t know the exact name). It was just a basic lotion, really nothing special. Haven’t noticed any less scratching or irritation than I would with a not-special body lotion. Repuchase: no.

Next we have Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam Oriental Shower Oil. It’s a perfect winter scent, so warm… I’m not sure if this is limited edition, because I haven’t seen them in the store recently but this was such a nice shower oil. It’s a bit on a pricey side (for me – I think it was around 10eur), but a little goes a long way because it foams so nicely. Repurchase: probably not anytime soon.

Stenders Feel the Northern Vitality! Hand Cream was a bit of disappointment. Another pricey product, which I wouldn’t mind, but this one didn’t do much for my hands. They felt dry all the time. Repurchase: no.

Also used up The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter. The product itself was amazing, such a buttery texture, perfect for the winter or whenever your skin is dry. It also helped with nourishing my feet. The scent was not my favorite, although I like it in the beginning, but with the time it became annoyingly sweet. Repurchase: another scent (moringa, I’m looking at you!). Click for the full review.

I also used up Jessa and Chilly antibacterial (the lue one) intimate wash. Jessa was ok, but I preferred Chilly. I’m really happy that Afrodita is launching new intimate washes and that I got one as a PR sample at the conference, so I’m using that now.