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5 Best Synthetic Hair Brands For Braiding

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Published by Aida Turner

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Who doesn’t want a perfect hairstyle, right? While dyeing and curling can bring you a totally new look, these processes can cause damage to your natural hair, especially when you don’t have a proper hair care routine.

So instead of putting a lot of chemicals on your hair, why not braid it to change your appearance?

Braiding is a great way to turn your tedious strands into a beautiful hairdo. Today, you can still achieve this hairstyle even if your hair is not long enough with the support of braiding hair extensions.

Human hair wigs are more real and better, so they definitely cost you a bunch of money.

Therefore, people tend to stick with synthetic braiding hair, which has a more reasonable price with a quite similar to human hair texture.

In this article, we will show you some pros and cons of synthetic braiding hair.

Thereby, you can make the wisest decision when buying this hair supportive agent.

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Is synthetic braiding hair toxic?

To some extent, synthetic braiding hair might be toxic. Why do we say that? The reason is synthetic braiding hair extensions are generally good, but they turn to be harmful when being burnt.

These artificial hair extensions are actually made of fine plastic fiber and low-grade acrylic, which is heated and tied up into strands to mimic human hair. 

When this substance is ignited, it causes extreme poison, which is toxic to both humans and the surrounding environment.

Due to the chemical ingredients, synthetic braiding hair might lead to scalp and skin irritation for those who have really sensitive skin.

However, in fact, it’s quite rare to have a chance that your hair is exposed to the flame.

Just be careful when using hairdressing tools like a flat iron under high temperatures.

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Does synthetic braiding hair burn?

Generally, synthetic braiding hair can burn, but unlike human hair.

Natural hair will easily ignite when directly contacting the flame. The result will be a tiny curly hair ball and a specific burning smell.

On the other hand, synthetic braiding hair tends to melt when being exposed to heat.

Although many hair manufacturers produce synthetic hair with a fire-resistant ability, some low-quality brand is flammable. It burns and smells like rubber with black smoke.

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Can synthetic braiding hair cause scalp irritation?

Yes, synthetic braiding hair extensions can lead to irritation to your sensitive scalp. Since the skin on your head is very vulnerable to strange chemicals.

If you accidentally low-quality synthetic hair that is made of cheap plastic fiber, you have more chances to be allergic to these artificial extensions.

Therefore, always be careful when using synthetic braiding hair in case your scalp is very easy to react with unfamiliar materials.

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Does synthetic braiding hair feel real?

The answer will depend on how good the synthetic braiding hair is. Basically, people are likely to produce artificial hair which has the closest look and feel like human hair.

Human hair wigs will be considered to be the most realistic copy of natural hair.

However, it’s actually hard to differentiate the slight distinction between human hair wigs and synthetic hair in the fee and appearance.

In short, the higher quality the synthetic braiding hair is, the more real it feels.

What is the best brand of braiding hair?

As already mentioned, low-quality synthetic braiding hair might pose some risks on you. So let’s accompany us and figure out some best brands of braiding hair to stick with.

X-pressions Hair

This hair brand is technically compared to Kanekalon. However, it is considered to be softer, smoother, and also more expensive.

Kanekalon Hair

Kanekalon is a very common brand for those who use braiding hair extensions. It has a reasonable price and perfect for any braiding hairstyle.

Marley Hair

Besides Kanekalon, Marley hair is also popular among people with Afro hair texture. Therefore, this brand will be more suitable for a twisted hairstyle.

Spectra EZ Braid

This pre-stretched braiding hair brand is versatile in colors and inexpensive.

It is soft and super smooth, that keeps your hair from being tangled and knotted. The Spectra brand is also perfect for those who have sensitive skin and scalp.

SHAKE-N-Go Freetress Que Remy Touch Brazilian Soft & Volume Braid

The plus point of this braiding hair brand is its price. Though the feel isn’t that super real like human hair, in general, it’s acceptable with this cost. As the name implies, you will have more hair and get voluminous braids compared to other brands.

In a nutshell, synthetic braiding hair is a life-savor for people who are fans of braids. It won’t cause any severe problems or even be good if you opt for a high-quality brand.

If you want to possess this beautiful hairdo, come to a somewhat local beauty store or go shopping online to buy one of the aforementioned suggested braiding hair brands. Good luck with your choice!

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