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The 18 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Static Hair

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Published by Aida Turner

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Is static hair ruining your day? We understand how it feels to have your hair propelling upwards when the air becomes dry.

If you have tried everything under the sky only to have your hair defying the law of gravity, then you have come to the right place.

Static hair is a result of less moisture, so providing lots of moisture is the best solution. If you are tired of frizzy, dry, and flyaway hair, then we have an answer.

In this article, I’ll share the list of best shampoo and conditioner that will help you to fight frizz and moisturize your hair.

But before that, let’s check out the factors to consider before buying a static shampoo & conditioner.

Best Overall

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Our rating

Brandywine Shampoo and Conditioner

  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Great for both synthetic and natural hair
  • Sparkling hair at the end of the day

Amazon best-selling product B00OYVZ6UA

Our rating

Maple Holistics Store Natural Mint Set

  • Contains argan and peppermint oils
  • Infused with spearmint, wild mint and eucalyptus oils
  • Combats dry, lifeless hair
Best Value

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Our rating

Giovanni 2chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo

  • Moroccan argan oil usage
  • Contains Brazilian Phyto-keratin
  • Suited for all types of hair

Factors to consider before buying anti-static shampoo and conditioner

  • One of the most important factors to consider for static hair shampoo is the pH level

Choose a pH neutral shampoo as chemical content in the shampoos causes more damage to the hair. An ideal product for static hair is one whose pH level is between 5-7.

  • Ammonia is a big no-no if you have frizzy, dry hair

Therefore, when you choose shampoo and conditioner for static hair, make sure it does not contain ammonia.

Ammonia is known to open the hair cuticles, making them brittle.

Also, prolonged use of products with ammonia on the hair will cause a great amount of damage. So, make a wise choice.

  • You have to lay hands on a few products before you choose one.

Compare the results and experience of several products and then stick to one that offers the best treatment to your hair.

Top 18 Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Static Hair

1. Brandywine Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Overview

Can’t you find a suitable shampoo and conditioner to tame static hair?

Try the Brandywine non-static set and say goodbye to frizz. This shampoo and revitalizing conditioner will make your hair better.

Using this set will not only benefit synthetic hair, but it is great for natural hair too.

  • Suitable for all types of hair
  • Great for both synthetic and natural hair
  • Sparkling hair at the end of the day

This duo will leave your hair sparkling. They not only clean and condition the hair, but also make them smooth, soft, and easy to manage.

Get your hands on this hair care set, and you will fall in love with your hair.


  • Deeply cleanses and conditions
  • Makes your hair smooth and soft
  • Keeps your hair easy to manage

The Cons

  • Can get your hair too oily

2. Maple Holistics Store Natural Mint Set

Product Overview

Your search for a pure and natural shampoo and conditioner ends with this duo from Maple Holistics Store. This duo is specifically made to combat dry, lifeless hair.

Made out of essential oils like argan oil, peppermint oil, spearmint oil, wild mint oil, and eucalyptus oil, they penetrate deep into the strands.

  • Infused with argan, peppermint and spearmint oils
  • Contains wild mint and eucalyptus oils
  • Fights dandruff, dry scalp and hair loss

With this duo, you can fight dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss, and many such hair problems.

This natural set will leave your hair moisturized and also control frizz. The revitalizing conditioner will beautifully transform your hair texture and make it more manageable.


  • Makes your hair more manageable
  • Fights dandruff and dry scalps
  • Deeply moisturizing effects

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work great with oily hair

3. Giovanni 2chic Ultra Sleek Shampoo

Product Overview

If static hair is your concern, then this ultra-sleek Giovanni 2chic shampoo is what you should try.

Enriched with dual smoothening agents – Moroccan argan oil and Brazilian Phyto-keratin, this shampoo can bring your dull hair back to life.

  • Contains moroccan argan oil
  • Infused with Brazilian Phyto-keratin
  • Deeply hydrating possibilities
  • Gets your hair back to life

The shampoo helps to clarify, hydrate, smoothen, and volumize your hair. With its moisturizing effects, this product helps to make your hair soft, glossy, and manageable.

This product is suited for all hair types and efficiently fights dry hair, adding nutrients and beauty to the hair.


  • Adds nutrients and vitamins
  • Makes your hair soft and glossy
  • Brings your dull hair back to life

The Cons

  • Doesn’t help with frizziness

4. L’Oreal Paris EverPure Frizz-defy Set

Product Overview

One of the most effective products out there for static hair is this bundle from L’Oreal Paris.

Infused with Marula oil, this set cleanses hair, deep conditions and controls frizz successfully.

  • Infused with Marula oil
  • Works great with colored hair
  • Leaves your hair shiny and frizz-free
  • Controls frizz successfully

They leave your hair with a wonderful shine and improve their manageability too. Get soft, smooth hair with an aromatic fragrance that blooms.

You can also use them on colored hair, as well as static hair to get lustrous hair that grabs all the attention.


  • Doesn’t use any parabens or other chemicals
  • Makes your hair lustrous
  • Deeply cleanses and conditions

The Cons

  • Has a strong fragrance

5. Garnier Whole Blends Shampoo Set

Product Overview

If static hair is driving you nuts, then the Garnier whole blends shampoo is your savior!

This wonderful product is a rich blend of cocoa butter and coconut oil that leaves your static hair super smooth and soft.

  • Contains cocoa butter
  • Infused with coconut oil
  • Leaves a nice, tropical fragrance
  • Paraben-free formula

The paraben-free shampoo has a velvety formula that helps to control frizz and give you silky hair.

With a burst of tropical fragrance, this shampoo is a gentle product that is perfect for everyday use.

It will give you lovely-looking tresses that smell wonderful too.


  • Controls frizziness
  • Leaves your hair silky
  • Makes your hair super smooth and soft

The Cons

  • Can be to hydrating

6. John Frieda Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Overview

Get rid of frizzy hair with this combo from John Frieda. The frizz ease bundle provides resistance against frizz and makes your hair stronger from within.

The shampoo is infused with coconut oil and has a non-silicone formula that makes your hair smoother. It penetrates the hair fiber and helps to makes its appearance soft and silky.

  • Infused with coconut oik
  • Has a non-silicone formula
  • Makes your hair soft and silky
  • Frizz-free and easy to manage hair

Combining the shampoo with conditioner will give you wonderful results.

Suitable for all hair types, this set will make hair frizz-free and easy to manage.


  • Deeply moisturizes your skin
  • Makes your curls soft and easy to style
  • Removes frizziness and drynes

The Cons

  • Creates little texture

See also: How to make natural hair curly and soft?

7. Biotera Anti-frizz Intense Smoothing Set

Product Overview

Do you prefer smooth, silky hair even in humid weather? Try the Biotera anti-frizz smoothing set, and you will love your soft hair.

Using this shampoo-conditioner set cleanses and silkens the most frizzy and coarse hair efficiently.

  • Contains Camellia flower oil
  • Perfect for highly humid conditions
  • Deep cleansing and moisturizing
  • Smoothing set that fights frizziness

This set is infused with de-frizzing Camellia flower oil that results in soft, smooth hair even in highly humid conditions.

So if you are looking for a shampoo & conditioner for static hair that not only cleanses but also moisturizes the hair, then the Biotera smoothing set is what you need.


  • Deeply nourishes and moisturizes
  • Leaves your hair soft and shiny
  • Gets rid of build-ups and dandruff

The Cons

  • Can maje your hair greasy

8. Nexxus Active Frizz Control Shampoo

Product Overview

Are you looking for a solution for static hair? If yes, the Nexxus active frizz control shampoo is the answer.

This shampoo can help you to tame flyaway hair and provide them with essential proteins.

  • Contains protein and elastin
  • Infused with argan oil
  • Seals oil the humidity and welcomes smooth
  • Helps with cleanse frizz-prone

The frizz-defying shampoo is a rich blend of protein fusion, elastin protein, and argan oil. These ingredients help to cleanse frizz-prone hair and protect them against humidity.

With this product to your rescue, you can bid goodbye to static hair, seal out humidity, and welcome smooth, sleek hair.


  • Provides essential proteins
  • Leaves a silky and smooth hair
  • Seals the humidity out
  • Aenean maximus vestibulum odio.

The Cons

  • Doesn’t have a smell

9. Maple Holistics Store shampoo and conditioner for dry hair

Product Overview

Do you wish a soft and silky hair that doesn’t act weird in humid weather?

One way to get your dream hair is by using this Silk 18 set.

This smoothing duo is a perfect way to cleanse and condition your dry, flyaway hair.

  • Contains 18 silk amino acids
  • Perfect for dry scalp and frizzy hair
  • Infused with a special blend of botanicals
  • Maintains healthy moisture levels

A special blend of the botanicals in the shampoo helps to maintain healthy moisture levels in your strands.

It provides essential nourishment to treat dry scalp and frizzy hair.

The conditioner is rich in 18 silk amino acid proteins that strengthen the hair. It also improves hair elasticity, volume, and shine of your hair.


  • Deeply cleanses and moisturizes
  • Provides essential nourishment
  • Leaves a nice, voluminous hair

The Cons

  • Can dry your hair if used often

10. 1KMS Tame frizz shampoo

Product Overview

Want calm and manageable tresses? The KMS tame frizz shampoo is here to give you hair that is healthy and looks lustrous.

The lightweight formula of this shampoo ensures that your hair looks sleek and frizz-free after every wash.

The ingredients of this product include lactic acid and malic acid that helps regrowth. You will also find Glycyl Glycine in it that works to make hair more manageable.

  • Includes lactic and malic acid
  • Contains Glycyl Glycine
  • Makes your hair static-free

Lastly, it consists of Polyquaternium -10 that gives you even hair.

Include this shampoo in your hair care routine to get visibly great hair that is static-free.


  • Makes your hair more manageable
  • Provides a healthy-looking hair
  • Helps your hair regrowth

The Cons

  • Makes your hair dry

11. Herbal Essences Aloe+ Hemp Shampoo-Conditioner

Product Overview

This sulfate-free duo from Herbal Essences is here to free you from static hair.

With a rich blend of aloe and hemp, they hydrate your locks and make them frizz-free.

Using this duo will provide your hair with essential nourishment, increase suppleness, and make them more manageable.

  • Keeps your hair pH-balanced
  • Infused with beneficial nourishment
  • NLeaves a nice scent of citrus and jasmine
  • Deep hydration and cleansing

With a mesmerizing scent of sparkling citrus, jasmine, and clean musk, you will have a fresh-scent-filled shower.

Both the shampoo and conditioner are pH balanced and hence, safe to use every day.

Got colored hair? This duo is still a great option to treat hair frizz and get smooth, silky hair.


  • Hydrates your locks
  • Increases suppleness
  • Makes your hair more manageable

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work with colored hair

12. Catwalk Oatmeal and Honey Set

Product Overview

This haircare duo is packed with the goodness of oatmeal and honey.

This set is not only great for static hair but also perfect for dry damaged hair.

The shampoo consists of wheat protein and vitamin E that revives dull hair and stimulates healthy growth. It cleanses your scalp gently, leaving behind a wonderful smell that lingers all day long.

  • Perfect for damaged, dry hair
  • Infused with wheat protein
  • Has vitamin E
  • Contains oatmeal and honey

Club the shampoo with the oatmeal and honey conditioner to provide deep nourishment to your strands.

The conditioner is infused with wheat proteins along with acacia honey to provide silky, soft, and manageable tresses.


  • Revives dull hair and stimulates hair growth
  • Provides silky and soft hair
  • Deep nourishment for your hair

The Cons

  • Doesn’t get out all the impurities

13. Matrix Biolage Conditioner

Product Overview

Is humid weather giving you hair care blues?

Not anymore, as the Biolage smooth proof conditioner is here to your rescue. With this product, you can tame curly, frizzy, and flyaway hair.

  • Camellia as its main ingredient
  • Works great with color-treated hair
  • Made with paraben-free formula
  • Efficient humidity control

With Camellia as its main ingredient, this conditioner efficiently provides humidity control and tames frizzy hair.

It protects your hair against dry air, helps to detangle it, and makes it smooth too. It is made with paraben-free formula and is safe for color-treated hair.


  • Helps with detangling
  • Leaves your hair nice and smooth
  • Works aganits frizz and dryness

The Cons

  • Can be to moisturizing for oily scalps

14. Giovanni Frizz Be Gone Conditioner

Product Overview

Control your flyaway locks with this frizz be gone conditioner. It is enriched with dual smoothing ingredients like shea butter and sweet almond oil.

This exotic blend conditions the hair and provides deep moisturization to your hair.

  • Exotic blend of botanicals
  • Enriched with shea butter and almond oil
  • Contains essential oils
  • Deep nourishment and hydration

With this effective conditioner, you can achieve smooth strands, revive vibrancy, and keep your hair healthy.

The essential oil content in the conditioner seals the moisture in your hair and helps to reduce static.


  • Revives vibrancy and hair health
  • Provides deep moisturization
  • Reduces static and frizz

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work with very thick hair

15. Aveda Smooth Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner

Product Overview

It’s time to bid goodbye to static hair with the Aveda smooth infusion set.

No more frizzy hair and no more bad hair days. This duo is a blend of organic aloe, maize, and guar bean.

Its thoughtful formula helps to curb flyaway hair and smoothen the strands. They hydrate your hair thoroughly and reduce the brittleness.

  • Contains organic aloe vera
  • Has maize and guar bean
  • Deeplu nourishes and cleanses
  • Wonderful formula without chemicals

With this product to your rescue, your hair is cleansed well and appears smooth and soft to touch.

If you want to nourish and pamper your hair, then indulge in this wonderful duo, and I bet you will love it.


  • Hydrates your hair thoroughly
  • Makes your hair smooth and soft
  • Makes your hair frizz free

The Cons

  • Not the best smell

16. Biosilk Silk Therapy Duo

Product Overview

Have you heard of a haircare duo that cleanses your hair and also helps to tame static hair? If not, let me introduce you to the Biosilk silk therapy duo.

This shampoo and conditioner set is infused with herbs, botanical extracts, clary, lavender, and peppermint extracts.

These ingredients act as a gentle cleanser to remove build- up from the hair, revitalizing, and rejuvenating your hair. Using this duo will make your hair healthy and leave them shining.

  • Infused with herbs and botanicals
  • Has clary, lavender and peppermint extracts
  • Rejuvenating formula
  • Packed with silk proteins

The silk protein in this shampoo and conditioner penetrates hair to moisturize and condition them.

The UV filters in this duo protect your hair from the UV rays and save them from damage.


  • Provides UV filters
  • Acts as a gentle cleanser
  • Removes build-up from hair

The Cons

  • It makes your hair flat

17. Redken Frizz Dismiss Conditioner

Product Overview

Redken’s frizz dismiss conditioner is a sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free way to tame static hair. The conditioner is packed with Babassu oil that is procured sustainably.

Babassu oil moisturizes your hair, detangles it, and reduces the static too.

Using this conditioner enhances the smoothness of hair and protects it from frizz.

  • Packed with babassu oil
  • Sulfate and sodium chloride free
  • Reduces static and detangles hair
  • Works with humidity and flaunt smooth

With the Redken conditioner, you can beat humidity and flaunt smooth, silky hair without any worries.

Also, it will make your hair manageable and keeps it looking fresh for longer.


  • Cleans your hair deeply
  • Moisturizes and nourishes your scalp
  • Provides all the nutrients for a healthy scalp and hair

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work well with thick hair

18. Pureology Frizz Control Shampoo

Product Overview

Pureology Frizz Control is a cruelty-free shampoo which restores the hair health and makes it increasingly manageable.

It is rich in ingredients like camellia and shea butter and a blend of cocoa, marshmallow accord, and woody.

This shampoo is a 100% vegan formula with no sulfates, paraben, and mineral oil.

  • Rich in camellia and shea butter
  • Contains marshmallow accord
  • Perf

Have colored hair? This frizz control shampoo, while taming static hair, will also protect the color vibrancy.

With this shampoo, you can treat dry hair problems and get silky, soft hair that is lovely to touch.


  • Works great with lifeless hair
  • Reduces breakage and split ends
  • Treats dryness and flakes

The Cons

  • Doesn’t work well with all types of hair


Hope that the above list of shampoo and conditioner for static hair will solve your dilemma of choosing the perfect one for you

Dealing with static hair can be a dreadful task. But with the right products for static, you can transform your hair for the better.

The above-mentioned products not only deal with static but also cleanse your hair and scalp to give your tresses a natural shine.

Best Choice

Amazon best-selling product B00TBX94HW

Our rating

Brandywine Shampoo and Conditioner

Suitable for all types of hair
Great for both synthetic and natural hair
Sparkling hair at the end of the day

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