The 18 Best Hot Air Brushes for Volume 2021

Best Hot Air Brushes for Volume

There are instances wherein you are in a hurry, yet you do not want to go out without styling your hair.

However, we all know that hair-styling takes a lot of time, so we want to speed up the process to save more time.

In those instances, what you need is a hot airbrush.

Hot air brushes can function as your curling iron , blow dryer, and straightener.

This allows you to dry your damp hair and, at the same time, style it with bend, straightness, or smoothness in one single process. Neat, right?

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What to look for when choosing a hot air brush for volume?

There is much to consider when looking for a hot airbrush. It is also highly dependent on how you want to style your hair, hair length, hair thickness, etc.

Below are some of the factors you should consider when choosing a hot airbrush for volume.

  • Barrel Size

Barrel size directly affects the degree to which you can efficiently curl your hair.

So if you’re aiming for intricate curls, choose a hairbrush with thinner barrel size.

Those hot airbrushes with thicker barrels are for producing fewer curls.

  • Bristles

The bristles of a hot hairbrush directly affect its performance on the length of your hair.

The shorter and finer bristles you have on your hot airbrush, the better it is for shorter hairstyles.

Vice versa, if you have longer hair, you should opt for longer and thicker bristles.

Another thing to note is that you should choose a hot air brush whose bristles can withstand the maximum heat setting of the hot airbrush.

Some low-quality hot airbrushes have bristles that melt and cannot withstand the product’s heat.

  • Variable Setting or Preset

For those who are into curls, choosing a hot air brush that provides many presets is a good choice.

A skilled hairstylist can benefit from multiple heat settings and create more stylish and better curls.

On the other hand, for those who aren’t much of an artist and just want to style their hair in the most convenient way possible, a hot airbrush with multiple settings can help you.

This is because you can simply select a preset and just experiment with what preset suits your hair and interests the most.

  • Price

This one is subjective. People opt for more expensive brands because of the features it offers.

Those who prefer full manual hot airbrushes go for less expensive ones, but those who prefer more presets and features would go for those with higher prices.

Overall, the cost of the product should not compromise its quality.

  • Portability

The hot air brush’s size directly affects how easier it is to carry it while on the go. Some women prefer having a hot airbrush in their bags, so they prefer having a smaller one.

However, for those who only want to style their hair in the comfort of their homes, size isn’t something they should consider.

The 18 Best Hot Air Brush for Volume

Now that you know what to look for in hot air-brushes, let’s check out Top 18 most recommended hot air-brushes on the market recently.

REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

This hot airbrush has a unique oval design that is good for smoothing out your hair, while the rounded edges can help enhance your hair’s volume. 

It has tufted bristles and a nylon pin, making detangling hassle-free, and this feature also help bulk up your hair’s volume.

It has two settings for heat and speed, giving you more customization options in styling your hair. 

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Hot Air Paddle Brush Styler

The best thing about this brush is that it is affordable, yet it does not compromise quality. It has two types of bristles that deliver two different purposes. 

It has nylon bristles allowing for stress-free hair detangling, and silicone bristles with heat action add a lot of shine to your hair.

This brush is more affordable than a professional blowout brush, and it gives your hair a perfect finish.

Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

This brush has a lot of features for its low price.

This oval-shaped brush enhances the volume of your hair, while its varied pattern of the bristles gives your hair a distinct definition and texture. 

It also offers good versatility owing to its three different heat settings. Reviews of this product often say that it is effortless to use.

INFINITIPRO BY CONAIR Titanium Ceramic Hot Air Brush

This is good for people with shorter strands because this brush has a smaller barrel and shorter length. However, this does not mean that it is not suitable for long hair. 

Its titanium barrel is coated with ceramic for better heat transmission, and its advanced ionic technology gives your hair a perfectly smooth finish.

This means that you will have better control and avoid damaging your hair by heat.

HOT TOOLS Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer

As the name suggests, this product does have 24 karat gold.

However, this is not just for aesthetics or bragging rights. The gold in this product improves its heat distribution making your styling more consistent. 

The brand also offers Direct ION Technology, which is useful for preventing hair damage.

Furthermore, it has three-speed settings and rotating temperature control, making it more accurate.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

This brush has a rotating action feature, making your hair bouncier and more voluminous.

It is so versatile since you can also switch the direction it is rotating depending on which direction you want your hair’s ends to flip up. 

When you want to go for a smoother, sleeker style, simply turn off the rotating feature, and you are good to go.

CHI Ceramic Tourmaline Heated Paddle Brush

It has 53% more bristles, and thus this hot airbrush can grip hair much more efficiently than others in the market. 

Because it has more bristles, you can easily control your hair when styling, and it has more contact than a standard flat iron.

It also has a frizz-busting negative ion generator. This makes it easy to use on frizzy and curly hair.

Remington Pro 2-In-1 Heated Straightening Brush with Thermaluxe Advanced Thermal Technology

This hot air brush boasts an ionic technology and an anti-static coating making your hair super easy to smooth and gives your hair that perfect sleek look.

It also has a titanium coating, which is excellent for adding a nice shine to your hair.

The result is a stylish smooth, and shiny finish. Other features include three different settings for heat, it heats up for only 10 seconds, and its bristles don’t snag.

Conair 2-in-1 Hot Air Curling Combo

This hot airbrush is recommended for damp or totally dry hair.

This is the go-to product for those aiming for long-lasting, soft, and voluminous waves or curls

It has multiple air vents in both of the brush’s attachments that allow you to dry and style simultaneously with ease.

It also has high and low heat settings making this product extremely versatile.

KIPOZI Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer

This hot air brush has a small and lightweight body, which is good for traveling as it fits easily into a standard woman’s bag.

It is very efficient for drying and styling your hair owing to its multiple heat settings. 

Apart from its performance, it also comes with a unique cleaning tool making it very easy to remove hair strands stuck in the brush.

REVLON Hot Air Brush Kit for Styling & Frizz Control

This product offers an efficient heat distribution and minimizes hair damage done by heating because of its triple ceramic coating.

With this product’s performance, you can quickly achieve greater volume and softer curls. Its power is at 1200 watts making hair drying a walk in the park.

It also has Ionic Technology, which helps minimize hair frizz and adds decent shine to your hair.

LENA Hair Dryer Brush and Volumizer

This hot air brush offers two types of heating systems, the wire-heated air blow and the heated ceramic bristles. This gives you softer styling results that last longer.

It is a versatile product with three styling settings and designed for different hair lengths.

It also has its heat up bristles coated with ceramic, making your hairstyling time much shorter.

JOMARTO Hair Dryer & Volumizer

This brush has an ergonomic design making it super easy to use and handle.

This oval-shaped brush prevents hair from getting tangled up when you use it, and it also helps with styling and makes your hair silky and smooth.

This product has three different temperature settings and two different speed settings, making it versatile for any hairstyle you wish. 

LESCOLTON Hot Air Hair Straightener Brush

This hot air brush has a strong air blowing system making hairstyling for thick hair very easy and efficient.

This brush is designed with a straightening pin, and its bristles are coated with ceramic for easy styling. 

It is also a versatile brush as it has three different heat settings and three different speed settings, making it easy to style hair from any length and at any thickness.

John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

It is another extremely lightweight and small brush that is good for traveling.

This fits easily in your bag, and you won’t need to worry about styling your hair when your not in the comfort of your own home. 

Its barrel is titanium ceramic coated, and it has advanced ionic technology, which provides at least 50% more ions. Lastly, it has two heat settings and a cool setting.

Aibesser Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

This brush has an ergonomic handle design, a small brush head, and a lighter weight.

It has good portability due to its size. Its overall design makes it easy to use on short hair, medium hair, and long hair. 

Its brush head has a unique oval shape making airflow much more efficient and shortening your drying time while its round edges enhance your hair volume.

Chignon Hot Air Brush with Negative Ion

It has a unique cylindrical shape. It is also a relatively small brush making it easy to carry it around as you travel.

Its cylindrical shape has a better straightening function, and with their PTC heating technology, your hair straightening time decreases. 

It has three temperature settings and two wind speed settings. PTC heating technology uses heated ceramic modules, making hair drying and straightening very easy and quick. 

USHOW Hair Straightener Brush

This brush uses an innovative advanced ion technology combined with ceramic coating for easier styling and straightening.

It has a high density, and a straight hairbrush seals the scales of your hair and makes your hair silky-smooth and shiny. 

It boasts four different heat settings making it one of the most versatile hairbrushes for any hair length, volume, and thickness.

It also comes with a pouch making it very easy to carry on your travels.


Many of us struggle with drying our hair with one hand while styling it with the other.

Luckily, hot airbrushes are tools that can do both drying and styling in one fell swoop. It is a convenient tool for anyone who wishes to style their hair with ease and convenience.

Our hair talks a lot about our personality and gives us confidence. It is always handy to have the basic knowledge of styling your hair and having the products to style your hair. 

Of course, just randomly buying a hairstyling product does not work since we all have different hair lengths, thickness, volume, and we have different interests when it comes to style. 

With the options listed above, I hope this article has helped you in selecting the best hot airbrush for your hair styling needs.

Style and dry your hair and go out with absolute confidence.


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