Have you ever wanted to dye your hair but are scared about the different chemicals that are used to make a synthetic hair dye?
Well, the Henna hair dye is your best bet. Henna is a type of plant that is used to make all-natural hair dye.
It’s also a great alternative for the chemical hair dye since it not only colors your hair but also makes a great conditioner for your hair, making it even stronger, shinier, and thicker than ever before.
Henna is also known to balance out the pH level of your scalp and hair, making it healthier and reducing the chance of hair loss.

What to Look for When Choosing a Henna Hair Dye?

High-quality henna is very easy to identify; all you have to do is to check whether the henna powder has been sifted a couple of times or not.
Well-sifted hennas tend to be more potent and give out a better result than the cheap ones.
Another thing to look out for when choosing a henna hair dye is how fresh the dye is. Fresh ones that have been stored well in a cold environment will give out the best results.
When looking for an all-natural henna hair dye, make sure that you read the ingredients first before you attempt to purchase one.
This is because not all products are made completely of henna. Sometimes, chemicals are added to create another color.
The advantage of using a hundred percent henna hair dye is that you will be able to dye your hair afterward chemically.
Henna hair dyes are very different from traditional hair dyes that use chemicals. Achieving the right hair color will prove quite difficult with henna.
But at least there are no chemicals applied to your hair that can cause a whole lot of different issues later on. 
To pick a henna hair dye that produces the correct outcome, or at least close to one, you might want to select a henna hair dye color that has a shade lighter than your intended hair color.
This is because henna is difficult to lighten up later on, but you can make it darker little by little with great ease.

Reviews of Top 20 Best Henna Hair Dye Products

Without further ado, here are some reviews of the best henna hair dyes available on the market today.

MINA ibrow Henna Black

This henna hair dye is great for coloring hairs that are somewhat overrun with gray-colored strands since it will cover resistant gray hairs effectively, thus giving a shiny and thick black color outcome for your hair.
You can use this henna hair dye about 25 to 30 times per set. This is also free from any dangerous heavy metals such as ammonia and lead which are very well-known carcinogens.

Auburn Henna Hair & Beard Color – The Henna Guys

If you are looking for an auburn look for your hair, this is the perfect dye for you. This henna hair dye has been made purely out of henna, indigo, and other natural herbs such as False Daisy, Amla, and Neem powders.
This premium-grade henna has been carefully packed in an aluminum foil bag to ensure that it will stay fresh even if stored for a very long time.

Surya Brasil Henna Cream, Black 

No animals were hurt in the production of this dye, so for the vegans, this dye is for you.
The production of this dye also did not use any dangerous chemicals such as ammonia or peroxide that could compromise the health of your hair.
The product is hypoallergenic and has been dermatologically tested to ensure that it is safe for everyone, especially those who have sensitive scalps.

Red Henna – The Henna Guys (200g)

The production of this hair dye is completely vegan and made from pure natural and raw ingredients.
There are no harmful additives in this hair dye, such as dangerous chemicals and heavy metals that prove harmful to the hair and scalp.
This henna hair dye, however, may not work for dark-colored hairs but will make gray hairs into either a shade of red or orange.

Surya Brasil Henna Powder, Ash Brown

This is a non-GMO hair dye that is made completely from the extracts of natural ingredients such as indigo, henna, amla, etc.
This high-quality henna hair dye not only dyes the hair in a rich and vibrant color but also adds anti-oxidants to your hair and scalp.
The Surya Brasil henna hair dye is long-lasting, especially if applied to gray hairs.

INDIGO POWDER – The Henna Guys (200g)

The Indigo Powder Henna hair dye is made of pure natural and raw ingredients. Harmful chemicals and metallic elements were not included in the production of this hair dye.
You can achieve a dark brown or black color result if this is mixed with other pure hennas. This henna hair dye has also been sifted three times using a cloth to prevent any clumsy paste during the hair dyeing process.

Reshma Beauty Henna Hair Color (Burgundy)

Made only from natural plant-based extracts, this henna hair dye provides not only a rich color to your hair but also conditions your hair so that the essential nutrients will be maintained.
This all-organic hair dye is made only from henna, indigo, and other natural herbs, and there are no additives or any other chemicals.
This henna hair dye has been triple-sifted so that it will mix easily with water.

Just Jaivik Henna Powder

The Jaivik henna powder not only provides a great shine and color to your hair but also gives it great conditioning. This henna powder will give a bright auburn color to your hair.
No chemicals or additives have been added to the henna powder, it is all 100% organic, making it safe to use for all ages. The henna powder has been tripled-sifted making the mixture and application a lot easier.

Hair Color for All Natural Hair Dye, Auburn Reddish Brown

This all-organic henna hair dye provides a luscious color to your hair making it shine with rich colors. Free from any chemicals, this henna hair dye is perfect for people that have sensitive scalps and hair.
You can mix this henna hair dye with any other color to create a unique shade.
The henna powder has been triple-sifted to ensure that the mixing process and application are easy.

MB Herbals Henna Powder – Rajasthani Henna

The MB Herbals henna powder is perfect for people wanting a shiny natural orange-red hair color. The henna powder has been triple-sifted to make the mixing process easier.
This product does not contain any harmful chemicals such as ammonia and other dangerous additives.
This henna powder is made purely from the leaf of the highest quality henna plant that is distinctly grown in the Pali district of Rajasthan, India.

Zenia 12 Pack Hair Dye Cones Reddish Brown 

With the Zenia 12-pack henna paste, you don’t have to do any mixing at all. You can easily apply this henna paste to your hair without any further steps to take.
This henna paste is guaranteed to be fresh at all times if it is stored with the utmost care. There are no chemicals, making it safe for all ages to use and for people with allergies and sensitive skin.

Hannah Natural Henna Powder

The Hannah Natural henna powder is made wholly from henna leaves. There are no chemicals added to this henna powder whatsoever. 
This henna hair dye makes a great conditioner because it is made from a type of henna plant that can only be found in some parts of India.
Since this henna powder is 100% pure henna, you can also use this as a henna tattoo ink.

H&C 100% Natural and Pure Henna Powder

The H&C henna powder makes a great hair dye since it not only recolors your hair but also conditions it to have that luscious shine. 
This henna powder is made entirely of henna leaves that have been harvested organically. This does not contain any sort of chemicals that is harmful to your hair.
As this is made from pure henna leaves, this will be safe to use for all ages.

12Pack Ready to Use Henna Paste 

The henna paste that you can get from SaVvam is a chemical-free henna hair dye that is hassle-free. The thing that makes this henna paste great is that you don’t have to go to the trouble of mixing the dye with water. 
You can easily use this dye by just cutting the tip of the hair dye cones and applying it to your hair.

Rainbow Research Henna Botanical Hair Color and Conditioner, Persian Blonde

The Rainbow Research hair dye makes a great hair color and conditioner. It will not only give you’re a Persian blonde look, but it will also condition your hair to give it a smoother and shinier look.
Used mainly for special effects, this henna hair dye makes a great cover-up for your gray hairs and will give it an overall improved texture.

100% Natural Organically Cultivated Henna Powder

This triple-sifted henna powder offers a smoother paste when mixed, making it easier to apply to your hair.
This henna hair dye is made completely from a type of henna plant that is only situated in Sojat, Rajasthan, India, where most of the highest quality henna plants are grown.
It is very safe to use because there are no chemicals that have been used in making this henna hair dye.

Jamila Henna Powder

The Jamila Henna powder is an amazing hair dye that has been meticulously sifted to ensure a smoother paste when mixed with water. This is one of the finest henna powder available on the market today.
If applied to your hair, this henna powder gives a perfect gorgeous dark result. Due to how you find the powder, you can make use of this as a henna tattoo ink.

Indus Valley Auburn Henna Hair Color

The Indus Valley henna hair dye is made from a mixture of henna, indigo, and colorless henna.
The ingredients used in the making of this hair dye will not only give you a bright auburn-colored result but will also improve the health of your hair follicles, thus giving you thicker and bouncier hair.
This henna hair dye is perfectly suited for people with allergy problems or sensitive scalps. 

Nupur Henna

The Nupur Henna is made with 9 different herbs that will not only color your hair with a Mehendi shade but also provide rich nutrients that will help in nourishing your hair.
If you have any problems growing hair, this dye will be perfect for you because it will help your hair grow faster. Problems like shedding or breaking can also be solved by using this particular henna hair dye.

Vatika Henna Hair Dye – Natural Brown

With Vatika henna hair dye, you will be given a wide variety of colors to choose from. This henna hair dye will also make a great natural hair conditioner that strengthens the hair.
There are no chemicals, such as ammonia, used in the making of this hair dye.
If you have any problems with gray hair, this is the right dye for you since it has 100% gray coverage.


Chemical hair dyes may give you the perfect hair color you are looking for, but your hair will suffer various damages in the long run.
Henna hair dyes make a great alternative to the chemical ones since it colors your hair without any severe future damages. 
Not only does a henna powder give you more natural hair color, but it also improves your hair and scalp’s overall health. It strengthens each hair strand that you have.
So, if ever you are looking for a healthier and safer option for dyeing your hair, why not give the henna hair dye a chance.
You’ll be able to enjoy the wondrous result for your hair. There are plenty of colors for you to choose from, so selection won’t be a problem.