TOP 3 types of dreadlocks’ removal products


You’re looking cool and unique in your dreadlocks but now you want to go back to your natural hair.

There are myths about removing dreadlocks, the most popular one is to cut or even shave your head, and let your hair grow back again.

Is that the only way to get the dreads out? There are actually other methods to get dreads out without cutting them.

This article will reveal the truth about dreadlock removal: How long it will take, What methods we should follow, and The removal creams supporting the dreads loosening process.

Can you detangle dreadlocks?

The answer is Yes.

Dreadlocks are basically a mass of knots so to get the dreads out, you can untie the knots with the help of a comb and the removal cream or conditioner.

Although most of the locs detangling process won’t hurt, when you are getting near to the scalp, locs removal might be more painful than just cutting it off.

That’s when the dreadlocks removal creams prove their effect.

What to use for removing dreadlocks?

When it comes to choosing dreadlocks’ removal products, there are 3 main types to consider:

Best Dreadlock Removal Cream

These are the optimal options for dreads picking as they are made specially for dreadlocks removing. 2 of the most popular products are:

Knotty Boy Ultimate Detangler

Extracted from vegan oils such as Apricot Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Rosemary oil and aloe vera, and so on.

This removal cream is famous for detangling hair knots easily while keeping your hair strong and avoiding breakage.

Aunt Jackie’s Knot On My Watch

It aims to give your hair the best treatment: Protect it from breakage and maintain the healthy moisture balance.

This product is not focusing on dreadlocks’ removal. However, it is also a good option worth considering when it comes to loosening hair knots without taking them out.


This is a great supporter for dreads removing. Using conditioner and a rat tail when your hair is wet to loosen the dreadlocks.

Not every conditioner is effective for locs picking, so you can consider it as a quick solution if the removal cream kits are not available.


Different from the other 2 items, you should consider using dreadlock oil for loosening the knots only when your hair is dry.

When your hair is moisture less, oil will do a great job of penetrating the locs so that you can pick the locs out easily.

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How long does it take to remove dreadlocks?

Depending on how long and how thick your dreads are, the process can take several hours or even days to tighten the dreads.

To reduce the time spent on removing dreadlocks, you might consider making the dreadlocks wet and softening them enough before combing them out.

How do you loosen tight dreads?

Following the steps below in order to picking the dreads out with the least effort:

  • Step 1: Trim the end of the dreads for half of an inch to reduce the effort spent on combing them out.
  • Step 2: Soaking your hair into water to soften your dreads for 10 minutes. Then you can shampoo the dreadlocks (this step is optional).
  • Step 3: Saturate the dreads with the removal cream or a lot of conditioner to make it smooth.
  • Step 4: Use the end of the rat tail comb to detangle the dreads one at a time. Remember to have a dreads’ removal cream spray with you to make sure your hair is wet during the knots loosening process. Once one loc is fully detangled, you can comb it using the comb teeth.

Doing these steps over and over again until your dreadlocks are fully detangled.  

Don’t panic if you see a lot of hair coming out when combing. They are just natural shed hair, and they are not the results of dreadlocks removing.

Final Words

After having completely dreadlock-free hair, you should soak it in a lot of conditioner for 5 – 10 minutes. Give your hair sometime to repair after any damage caused during the detangling time.

Also, don’t feel stressed out about your hair condition for some very first days after the removal. You might consider going to a hair salon for hair treatment and a new hairstyle!

Dreadlocks removing might take a lot of time, effort and patience. But at the end of the day, it will be worth it to see your hair grow strongly and look good. Are you ready for the makeover?

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