The 17 Best Curling Wands for Beach Waves 2021

Best Curling Wands for Beach Waves

Every woman loves to style her hair and look gorgeous. And when it comes to creating the beachy waves, we’re sure no women can resist them. They add oodles of charm to the personality and transform your look completely.

But how do you get the perfect beachy waves?

To get the right kind of beach waves on your hair, you ought to have the right curling wand with appropriate features.

There is no one-size-fits-all type of wand to get the desired look. A curling wand for beach waves consists of multiple barrels, a rotating wand, or a wave plate. Alongside these features, you should know the basic techniques of curling too.

Let me introduce some of the best curling wands for beach waves.

A Buying Guide for Curling Wand for Beach Waves

Barrel Size

Every wand comes with different sized barrels that create a unique look. To create the perfect beach waves, you need to choose the barrel size, which is 1.5 inches.


The material of the wand is equally important to achieve the perfect style. Titanium as a material on the wand can hold high heat levels and can heat up quickly. Ceramic/tourmaline distributes the heat evenly and saves the hair from damage.

Heat Settings

 The majority of the styling tools can reach a high temperature which makes them suitable for all hair types. However, it is wiser to choose a wand with adjustable heat settings.

Barrel Shape

Many types of barrel shapes are available in the market. Cone-shaped, straight, double or triple barrels, and spiral barrels are some that you can choose from.

The 17 Best Curling Wand for Beach Waves

Bed Head Curlipops Wand

If you want effortless beach waves in less time than the Babe curling wand is what you can rely on. It consists of 3 ceramic barrels that reduce the curling time significantly.

While styling your hair, you don’t have to worry about damaging them as the wand features an adjustable temperature setting. It can heat up to 450F, and thus it can curl even thick and coarse hair easily.

The ceramic material of the barrel keeps your hair frizz-free and leaves them shining. It also sports a crease-free clamp, swivel cord, cool tip, and many useful features as an add-on.

Babe Hair Curling Wand

This curling wand from Bed Head is a classic, no fancy device that you can use to create the perfect beach waves. Its 1” barrel gives effortlessly tousled waves without a salon visit.

The tourmaline ceramic material keeps your hair frizz-free while also locking shine and moisture. 

The temperature of this wand goes up to 400F, though there is no option to adjust the temperature.

Bed Head Adjustable Waver

Wouldn’t you be glad to know about a wand that gives you complete freedom to style your hair? 

This adjustable wand from Bed Head is one such device that comes with an adjustable waver made with ceramic tourmaline technology.

Thus, you get beach waves along with shiny and softer looking tresses. With this tool, you can control the level of curls and get the perfect looking beach waves easily. 

Its temperature can reach up to 400F. However, you can customize the temperature with multiple heat settings that range between 250F-400F.

Revlon 3-barrel Jumbo Waver

Want to create the most gorgeous-looking beach waves for your thin hair? 

This 3-barrel wand from Revlon is here to fulfill your dream. Boasting a tourmaline ceramic coating, the wand imparts shine to the hair and minimizes the damage.

You can control the temperature of this tool for customizing it according to your hair needs. The highest temperature on this device is as high as 420F, which can perform well even on thick and coarse hair.

Get salon-finish beach waves at your home with this wonderful styling tool. It features a swivel cord and locking ring that make using and storing the wand a breeze.

CkeyiN 5-in-1 Ceramic Curling Iron

Make a worthwhile investment by buying this 5-in-1 wand from CkeyiN. It gives you a wide range of curls to play around with. The 5 interchangeable barrels let you style your hair into tight curls, beachy waves, ringlets, and much more.

It features 30s heat up technology, tourmaline ceramic barrels, temperature settings, and an LED light indicator. 

Its ceramic tourmaline technology combined with the right barrel, will give you beautiful beach waves and leave make your hair frizz-free.

The negative ions from the barrel make your hair smoother and softer. 

Parwin Pro 7-in-1 Wand Set

Welcome to the world of endless styling possibilities with the Parwin Pro wand set. With 7 interchangeable barrels, you can achieve almost any type of curl on your hair. 

To get the dreamy beach waves, just choose the right barrel, and you are ready to rock.

The wand has an auto-off feature, dual voltage, safe lock button, and LCD indicator. 

One of the essential features that a curling wand must possess is adjustable heat settings. And with the Parwin pro curler, you get that too.

Hot Tools Signature Curling Wand

Elevate your hair game the easy-breezy way with this signature curling wand from Hot Tools. The 1.25” barrel is just the right size to achieve voluminous and bouncy beach waves on your beautiful tresses.

The barrel is 24K gold that uses proprietary pulse technology to disburse the heat evenly. This creates the perfect beach waves and instantly adds glamour to your looks.

The device can heat up to 430F and also gives you an option to choose from multiple temperatures. Thus, depending upon your hair type, you can choose the heat level.

It also features a foldable safety stand, rotating cool tip, and soft handle grip. The only feature that’s missing is the dual voltage.

NuMe Turquoise Curling Wand

The 25mm barrel of the NuMe curling wand is just the right size for getting your dream beach waves. With this wand, you can create big, voluminous waves that look enviable. 

The tourmaline ceramic barrel not only gives you the desired curls but also leaves your hair shining and moisturized, thanks to the far-infrared heat.

It reaches a temperature of 410F in a matter of seconds to style even the thickest strands of hair. A swivel power cord, dual voltage feature, and clip-less design make it one of the best tools on this list.

The only feature that we missed on this device is the temperature setting. With this styling tool in your kit, you can skip your salon visits and style your hair all by yourself.

Conair Beach Wave Wand

The conical barrel of this curling wand is appropriate for creating the perfect beach waves for your hair. 

It also consists of ceramic tourmaline technology that adds shine to your hair and also eliminates frizz.

The temperature on this wand can reach up to 400F. This ensures that even the thickest and most coarse hair can be curled to perfection. You can adjust the temperature with 5 heat settings to suit your hair needs.

Bestope Curling Wand Set

The Bestope wand set opens a plethora of options for curling your hair. It consists of 5 interchangeable barrels that can give you many different curling patterns to make. The barrel size ranges from 0.35” to 1.25”.

You can have plenty of them, from beach waves to tight curls and soft curls to spiral waves.

The wand comes in a user-friendly design, and hence, you don’t have to worry much about using it correctly. There is also a 60-minute shut-off option that adds up as a safety feature.

The tourmaline ceramic barrels are soft on your tresses and cause the least damage. Thanks to the dual voltage feature, you can carry the tool almost anywhere.

Remington Pearl Ceramic Wand

If you are concerned about heat damaging your hair, then you can elect this wand from Remington. 

The ceramic barrel of the tool facilitates even heat distribution while the infused crushed pearls add shine and luster.

The tapered 1”-1.5” barrel makes it perfect for styling your hair into beautiful beach waves. It heats up to 410F to style all types of hair efficiently.

With the digital control feature, you choose from 9 heat settings as you desire. There is also an auto-off function that adds to the safety of the tool. A swivel cord makes the device tangle-free and easy to maneuver.

T3 Whirl Trio Styling Wand

This rose gold accented beauty is sure to sweep you off the feet with its looks and performance. 

It comes with interchangeable barrels of 1”, 1.25”, and 1.33”. You can create many different curls with these varying barrel sizes like naughty beachy waves, tight curls, or spiral waves.

The barrels are made with ceramic, and thus they emit negative ions. They seal the cuticles fast and help to retain moisture in the hair. 

The lowest and highest temperature of this wand is 260F and 410F, respectively. This wide range allows you to choose a heat level that is most suited for your specific hair type.

GHD Creative Curl Wand

The GHD curling wand has a tapered barrel that allows you to create playful beachy waves and bouncy curls effortlessly. The barrel measures 1.1”-0.9”, and hence it gives you the freedom to create a variety of styles.

The wand features a unique ultra-zone TM technology that maintains a constant temperature at all times. 

A protective cool tip, 2-year manufacture warranty, swivel cord are some of the additional features of this styling tool.

Though there is no heat control setting in this device, an optimum temperature of 365F ensures you get the desired curls.

InfinitiPro Rose Gold Curling Wand

Get all your favorite curls with this styling wand by Conair. The rose gold titanium barrel measures 1 ¼”- ¾” and glides smoothly over the hair without causing any damage.  

With this tool, you have the freedom to style your hair into tousled beachy waves and flaunt them with pride.

The advanced heating technology eliminates hot spots on the barrel to save your hair from any damage. Though the highest temperature on the wand can reach 400F, you also have an option to customize it with the heat settings.

An auto-off feature, a cool safety tip, and a 5-ft. swivel cord are additional features of the wand.

Conair Mini Waver Wand

With this mini waver, you can ride high on the beach waves. If you love beachy waves on your hair, then this wand will become your go-to styling tool in no time. Just like its name, this wand is a mini tool that is travel-friendly and easy to wrap.

The wand heats up quickly to give the best results and can reach a temperature of 375F.  

Thanks to the ceramic contoured barrels, there is even heat distribution with no hot spots and hair damage.

Revlon 3/4” Waver

If you are in a hurry and want to get quick beachy waves on your hair, then this wavers your savior. A ¾” groove barrel performs highly to give you the most alluring waves.

Coated with tourmaline ceramic, the barrel helps to reduce the frizz and smoothen the hair too. You can control the temperature with the customizable heat setting to match your hair type.

The highest temperature reaches 430F, and this gives you quick waves. A lock function, swivel cord, and power indicator make it a highly desirable device out there.

Ohuhu 5-in-1 Curling Wand

Welcome to a whole new realm of hairstyling right inside your home with the Ohuhu curling wand. 

This 5-in-1 curling wand has different wand sizes that let you make different curls and waves on your hair.

The ceramic tourmaline barrels produce negative ions that reduce the frizz in the hair and make it shiny. You can adjust the temperature from 180F- 453F with the help of the heat setting control.

A global voltage feature lets you travel the world with the device. Additionally, you will also find an LCD indicator, auto shut off feature, 360-degree rotation cord, and 60s quick heat up.


Though beach waves seem like an easy hairstyle to flaunt, a lot of nuances are hidden behind its creation. But if you get your hands on the right styling device, then you can achieve the most beautiful waves.

This list of the most efficient and highly performing wands will help you pick the best one. So wait no more. Get your wand and get styling.


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