Do you know that brunettes go through the motions of waking up on random days to see their hair look a bit more fiery orange than a cool chocolate brown?
It happens whether you have natural brown hair or had your stylist color it that sultry, deep color.
Luckily, many shampoo brands acknowledge that brassiness is a problem for brunettes too.
Blue shampoos were eventually designed just for brunettes who deal with darker warm tones, like orange and red hues that cut through their luscious strands.
Why brunettes need blue shampoos and what are the best blue shampoos for brunettes? I’ll tell you right now!

Getting rid of brassiness in your brown hair

Brassiness is an issue for both bottle brunettes and those with virgin hair, but it’s ridiculously noticeable in chemically colored hair.
You can see warm tones enveloping your hair whether you chanced your entire base color to brown or put in some highlight sin your naturally dark hair.
Over time, the bleach and color chemicals in your hair start to fade slightly, and it ends up with warm undertones that weren’t there before.
It leaves your hair looking less natural and more of a burnt sienna color than a deep and rich brown.
Sun exposure is one culprit of brassiness, but it can also be because of oxidative stress from your environment. Whatever it is, the result is never pretty.
Fortunately, blue shampoos can neutralize these warm tones and remove brassiness from your locks altogether.
It’s formulated with blue pigments that “color” your warm tones, essentially correcting the color and bringing it back to a cool or at least neutral undertone.
Because brown hair is usually pretty dark, you get the advantage of using blue color-depositing dye shampoos to tone your hair as well. 
These shampoos are designed to gradually color hair, but because your hair isn’t as light as blonde hair, you can get away with using blue variants to eliminate brassiness.
One last thing: Shampoos with pigments are known to be clarifying and drying on the hair, so make sure you replenish the moisture in your tresses by following up with a hydrating conditioner or a hair mask with coconut oil or shea butter.

Why brunettes should use blue shampoo instead of purple shampoo?

As soon as someone says “brassy tones” purple shampoo is probably the first thing on everyone’s minds.
But while they’re more popular than any other colored shampoos, blue shampoos are arguably a lot more helpful for brunettes.
Brown hair is dark, so even if it reflects unwanted yellow tones, the warmth won’t be as prominent as in blonde hair.
What you will see, however, are deeper warm tones in orange and red hues, which need something more intense than purple pigments—and that’s where blue shampoo comes in.
Do a quick internet search to pull up a color wheel. As you can see, purple sits opposite of yellow, the same way blue does with orange. These are the colors purple and blue pigments cancel out. 
If you’re a brunette, you’re likely dealing with orange and red tones instead of yellows. Blue shampoo is perfect for you because it counteracts that deep warmth that makes your hair pull more copper than brown.
It would be best if you remembered that blue pigments stain a lot more than purple ones, so you have to be extra careful in handling blue shampoos in the shower.
Try to use gloves when washing with blue shampoo, and avoid white towels at all costs when drying your hair.

The 15 Best Blue Shampoo for Brunettes Reviews

MATRIX Total Results Brass Off Color-Depositing Blue Shampoo

If you have a lighter brown shade or have brown highlights, this is the perfect blue shampoo to use to maintain a cooler, ashy brown tone instead of one that looks too orange.
It cleanses your hair and scalp properly while neutralizing warm tones that could take away from the richness of your brown hair.
Results are noticeable in as fast as one application so that you can remove those unwanted orange streaks in a snap.
The sweet and fresh vanilla rose scent it leaves your hair is just the cherry on top of this fabulous formula.
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Joico Color Balance Blue Shampoo

This Joico shampoo has what they call “true blue” pigments, so it has a neutral tone without making your hair look too ashy and pale.
It instantly eliminates any brassy and orangey tones in your hair to get you back to your cooler undertone.
If you’re using this for chemically colored hair, you’re in luck.
This shampoo keeps 89% of your brown color or highlights from fading, extending longevity for up to eight weeks.

Fanola No Orange Shampoo

For brown hair that’s susceptible to brassiness, orange is the enemy.
That’s what Fanola takes to heart with this blue shampoo designed to completely annihilate any trace of orange or red in your brown locks.
It’s also terrific for restoring moisture in your hair, thanks to coconut oil that softens and conditions strands.
When paired with tiare flower extracts, it also helps add shine and smoothness to the hair.
It’s a fantastic replacement for a toner or an expensive lightening treatment at the salon. Use it regularly to maintain your orange-free brown hair effortlessly.

Redken Color Extend Brownlights Blue Shampoo

This Redken shampoo was made just for brunettes like you.
If you aren’t a natural brunette, it protects and helps extend your color vibrancy and lifespan for a few extra weeks.
The formula tones and corrects the color of your brunette hair if it’s pulling more on the red and copper side than the rich, luscious chocolate or mocha color you love.
Kiss brassiness goodbye in just a couple of washes.
This shampoo is formulated with no sulfates, so it’s gentle on the scalp and hair. It doesn’t strip it of natural moisture that keeps the hair shiny and healthy.

Fudge Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Shampoo

All it takes is one wash with this blue-toning shampoo by Fudge Cool for your red and orange tones to be immediately erased from your otherwise pristine brown hair.
It’s infused with maximum strength micro-pigments in a rich blue, which combats brassiness and neutralizes warm tones in your hair efficiently and quickly.
It’s also designed with a unique Opti-Plex technology that repairs and reconstructs the bonds of your hair, keeping it healthy and more resilient to damage.

Not Your Mother’s Triple Threat Brunette Shampoo and Conditioner

This vegan blue shampoo by Not Your Mother’s uses blue tansy oil in place of harsh pigments to neutralize brassiness in your brown hair while adding some hydration and shine to your locks too.
It doesn’t contain silicones, sulfates, parabens, and other irritating ingredients that can be harsh as you cleanse your hair and scalp.
This pack comes with a matching conditioner, which helps soften and moisturize the hair after you wash it.
It’s best to use the shampoo and conditioner in conjunction with each other to get the full effect of the Triple Threat Brunette line.

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner in Blue

While this two-in-one shampoo and conditioner were designed primarily for gradually dyeing your hair gently, brunettes can use this blue variant to tone their hair and eliminate orange and reds in their locks.
It’s also formulated with conditioning agents to soften and protect your hair color.
There’s also keratin in the formula to help strengthen your hair.
The result is perfectly toned, strong brown hair you’ll finally feel confident in.

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo

Aveda always uses natural essences from botanicals and flowers to enhance the natural beauty of your hair.
In this blue shampoo for Brunettes, they use blue malva to help eradicate warm tones that can distract and bothersome in your brown hair.
It’s the perfect shampoo to use if you want a super-cool tone in your hair because it provides a subtle sliver of brightness to your hair. 
It also leaves your hair smelling fresh and minty, thanks to ylang-ylang and eucalyptus essences.

Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Keratin Purple and Blue Shampoo

This shampoo for Brunettes combines the power of purple and blue pigments to get rid of all undesirable warm tones, whether it’s yellow, orange, or red. 
It’s also quite luxurious because of its moisturizing and strengthening ingredients. Keratin smoothens the hair while repairing it from damage.
Meanwhile, Moroccan argan oil makes your hair soft and moisturized, adding gloss as well. It’s perfect for dry and damaged hair.

dpHUE Cool Brunette Shampoo

This nourishing shampoo does more than correct the tone of your Brunettes hair—it replenishes your locks with much-needed moisture too!
This product is also the favorite one for gray hair to eliminate brassiness.
The gluten-free formula uses blue pigments to neutralize brassy tones as you wash your hair with its rich, satisfyingly creamy lather.
Silk proteins and hibiscus flower extracts work together to soften your hair and add a gorgeous shine that will make your hair look glowy and healthy.
It also adds brightness to your color and strengthens the hair shaft.

Celeb Luxury Viral Color Depositing Colorwash in Denim

Here’s another coloring shampoo that dark brown hair can use as a toning shampoo.
Just make sure not to leave this shampoo in your hair for too long, or else you’ll find actual blue streaks in your locks!
Cancel out those yellows and oranges with this blue shampoo, so you can flaunt cool brown tresses that don’t make you look too warm.

Punky Bluemania 3-in-1 Color Depositing Shampoo & Conditioner

This one is another color-depositing shampoo originally formulated for dyeing hair.
But because of its blue pigments, it can be beneficial for neutralizing brassy tones that are super warm and can’t be eliminated in one wash of ordinary blue shampoo.
What’s great about this shampoo is that it has rich nourishing ingredients to moisturize the hair, such as shea butter.
It also has strengthening ingredients like keratin, amino acids and vitamin B.
These all improve your hair’s elasticity and strength, giving it more bounce and shine as well.

DevaCurl No-Poo Blue Anti-Brass Zero Lather Curl Cleanser

Curly ladies with brown hair tend to stay away from color-depositing shampoos because it can dry their hair out.
But even if you have a no-sulfate rule, you can use this no-poo formula by DevaCurl, designed to wash out brassiness in brown, curly hair.
It gets its blue hue from blue lotus flower, which is essentially what gets rid of the brassy tones that leave you looking a bit disheveled.
This cleanser works to wash your hair gently while uniformly toning your brown hair.

Pravana The Perfect Brunette Toning Shampoo

According to Pravana, perfect brunette hair means gorgeously toned locks with no brassiness as a distraction.
This blue-green shampoo works to counteract orange and red tones in your hair so you can regain that naturally cool and dark brown color.
The vegan, sulfate-free formula includes cocoa butter and coconut oil to nourish your hair and make it softer, smoother, and shinier.

HASK Blue Chamomile & Argan Oil Shampoo

This product is a shampoo was originally designed for blondes, but who better to benefit from its blue tint than brunettes suffering from brassiness?
This sulfate and paraben-free shampoo have blue chamomile to eliminate unpleasant warm tones that ruin your original brown base color or highlights.
It also brightens your brown color, especially if it’s on the lighter, more ashy side. It also has argan oil to nourish the hair, adding hydration and luster back.


Brunette hair is relatively easy to maintain, but once in a while, even healthy brown hair can have a few episodes of brassiness.
Whether your hair is a glowing caramel or a rich, deep chocolate color, it deserves to glow—it just needs a hand sometimes.
Zap away those red and orange tones that take away from the gorgeous glory of your brunette hair with any of the blue shampoos for Brunettes on this list.
They’ll help you bring back the cool undertone that makes your brunette hair the most sultry and stunning it can be.